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Nutritional Health & Food Engineering

Poetry Special Issue Nutritional Health I

Nutritional health: pool and plunger 

Akbar Nikkhah

Department of Animal Sciences, University of Zanjan, Iran

Correspondence: Akbar Nikkhah, Chief Highly Distinguished Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Zanjan, Foremost Principal Highly Distinguished Elite-Generating Scientist, National Elite Foundation, Iran

Received: October 01, 2015 | Published: October 5, 2015

Citation: Nikkhah A. Nutritional health: pool and plunger. J Nutr Health Food Eng. 2015;2(5):161-162. DOI: 10.15406/jnhfe.2015.02.00069

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To optimize lifestyle,
We must firmly restyle
Nature as a fit model,
We must do it old style

Eating, resting, exercise,
Are what we need harmonize
To get balance of three,
We must move and activize

For each meal and every day,
Needed working no delay
Running panting in sweat,
Is what not to keep away

No weekly or the longer,
Work out to cease the hunger
Do exercise every day,
Become pool and plunger.1‒23



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