What is meant by Open Access?

It is a superior platform to all for submitting their manuscripts and research papers to the respective Journals. Through this Open Access, anyone visiting our website can go through your content and see your work. Primarily it will utilize to many of the young researchers and scholars for their research work.

If anyone have an article which needs to be submitted. How can they do it?

You can do that by visiting the Journals page of the website and have to send it to the relevant email id. You can also go for "Online Manuscript Submission" through Submit Manuscript. Here you can directly submit the manuscript in our online portal. So that it will arrive to the concerned person of the Journal.

What do we mean by Peer Review System?

Peer Review System is the process by which highly sophisticated people who are professional in the same field of education will review your manuscript, before it is checked by the Editorial Board or prior to publishing.

Do we really go through all the contents?

Yes, we do. At MedCrave, we believe that every individual has some knowledge and we really appreciate your effort of submitting contents to our website.

How do you know if your Manuscript was accepted or rejected?

We know how hard you have been working and how much valuable time that you have spent with the manuscript. Hence, even if we reject your work, you will receive an email from us explaining why we rejected your content. Also we will accept it, if you made some amendments according to Reviewer/Editor comments.

How do we choose editors and reviewers?

We look for people who are educated and experienced in several fields as well as scientists who have broad knowledge in subject. At the same time, we ask other members off the website who have specific knowledge in the subject to go through the contents you have submitted. This process is known as peer review system.

How long do we take to publish a manuscript?

This depends on a variety of factors such as the subject material, the Editor Availability and length of the journal. However the maximum time for publishing manuscript is 7-9 days from the date of submission. If revised manuscript is not obligatory.

What benefits will we offer you, if anyone joins as a Reviewer?

When you join as a Reviewer in MedCrave, you will be provided with a certificate. At the same time, if you do a good work with us, you will be eligible for certain awards preferred by the Editor- in-Chief.

What is the word limit for manuscript submission?

There is no word limit for manuscript submission.


MedCrave journals providing ORCiD id to all accepted manuscripts

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Plagiarism checking

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MedCrave journals uses iThenticate to check all submitted manuscripts for plagiarism

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"Quite by accident, I got a chance to be a part of the initiative as the first author published in the first issue of Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research (JOENTR). It inspired me to have more chances to collect my long-dormant thoughts about principles of Otolaryngology. Considerate review, faster publication and free access for everyone. The ic....

Hee Young Kim

I found MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology journal quite scientific and open to new ideas. Very professional with the authors and the reviewers. The Journal is beacon to readers with new knowledge and information.....

Araz Massraf


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