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MedCrave Online is an Open Access organization dedicated to bringing crucial research and insights from the sciences and humanities to readers all around the globe.

What type of work does MedCrave publish?

The MedCrave network of Open Access Journals publishes works on topics from medicine and technology to the arts and humanities. Types of articles we publish include:

  • Letter to the Editor - A response to a paper or article we've featured in our journal.
  • Opinion - An essay presenting a hot take on a problem or concept, a new hypothesis on existing theories, or possible implications of a new discovery or invention.
  • Short Communication - A press release for truly groundbreaking results or radical opinions, especially useful for publicizing a forthcoming new study or ebook with us.
  • Review - A summary of the current state of knowledge of a topic, presenting conclusions from a number of research papers rather than original research. In the humanities, a critical look at a body of work by one person or group.
  • Mini Review - A review paper that focuses on a set of recent advances or one particular issue within a field. In the humanities, a critical look at a single work or a few related works.
  • Case Report - A close look at an individual subject, be it a person, object, or incident.
  • Research - A study deliberately carried out to test a hypothesis or gather information on a specific population of subjects.
  • Ebooks - Whole dissertations, textbooks, in-depth subject reviews, multi-study research projects, collections of essays, and other comprehensive or lengthy manuscripts may be suited for individual publication as an ebook.
What is MedCrave's peer review system?

Each paper we publish goes through a double-blind peer review process. Panels of over 6,000 Editorial Board members, each one an established expert in their field, provide thorough comments on the quality of the writing, research, and ideas. Our Editorial Analysts then work together with the authors to revise and improve every manuscript before it is published.

How do I submit an article?

You can submit any type of article to any of our journals through our online submission form. Please format your submissions in .doc or .docx. Our Editorial Analysts will let you know when your submission has been received and approved, and will keep in touch with you throughout the publication process.

What about submission fees?

There are no submission fees or reading fees for any of our journals. We will never ask a fee for something we have not already agreed to publish.

What are the benefits of joining as a peer reviewer?

Peer reviewers and members of our Editorial Board help us maintain the quality and integrity of the work we publish in our journals and e-books. These valued associates are eligible for a certifying letter of membership acknowledging their contribution, as well as a public listing on our website, advance notice of paper calls for special issues, and more.

What is an Open Access journal?

Many traditional academic journals and databases charge subscription fees or reading fees for individual papers. Open Access means we'll never hide our content behind paywalls or require a fee for readers. Everything we publish is free to read for researchers, journalists, and interested parties all around the globe.

There are different types of Open Access. Here's what we believe in:

  • Gold Open Access - Gold Open Access means authors don't have to archive their own works. We host papers and ebooks on our own servers to ensure that they're always available.
  • Libre - Libre Open Access means that not only are you free to read every paper we host, but you are also free to cite, quote, share, and transform the work.
  • Creative Commons - Everything we publish is licensed under a Creative Commons copyright.
How are Open Access Journals funded?

Open Access journals do not charge subscription or access fees to readers for funding. As a result, many Open Access journals rely on financial contributions made by authors in order to cover the costs of processing and hosting manuscripts.

MedCrave relies on two tiers of donations to cover these costs.

  • Publication fees: Authors publishing individual articles or manuscripts are asked to contribute in accord with the type of work being published.
  • Memberships: Ideal for prolific researchers or organizations. These memberships support financial aid and research as well as publishing costs, and allow members to forego additional fees for the length of the membership.
Can I get funding or a waiver?

MedCrave's publication fees are some of the lowest in the Open Access movement. Here's how we help authors manage these costs:

  • Grants - Many universities offer funds to their scholars to cover Open Access publication fees. Independent researchers seeking grants for publication from outside organizations can be assured of our complete support and cooperation in applying for any funds.
  • Memberships - MedCrave offers memberships to institutions and organizations. Members of participating organizations will be able to publish their manuscripts with MedCrave without any fees for the length of the membership.
  • Waivers - We recognize that not all authors have equal access to funding. Hardship waivers are available to researchers who are unable to receive additional funding, or who are working in hardship countries. Waivers are provided on a case-by-case basis.

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