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Editor Guidelines

An Editor is responsible for overseeing the style and content of a journal publication. Each Editor will be a member of an Editorial Board in his/her area of expertise.

MedCrave Online Publishing Group recognizes the importance of an Editorial Board. The Editorial Board serves an important role in the process of open access publishing at MedCrave. The Editorial Board consists of Editors who are experts in their respective fields. These Editors make huge contributions in maintaining the quality, integrity and content of journal publications. The MedCrave Editorial Board follows a strict set of guidelines. These guidelines help to ensure that each Editor on the Editorial Board follows the same principles.

Editor Responsibilities

MedCrave aims to keep the process of editing and peer reviewing efficient and confidential. The MedCrave Editorial Board will respond promptly and is expected to help minimize delays in the process from the time a manuscript is submitted until the time of publication. Here are some points for the MedCrave Editorial Board to follow during the evaluation of a manuscript:

  • The MedCrave Editorial Board is responsible for the quality of the content published in the journal. They also must strive to set higher standards for the journal, whenever possible.
  • Editors must ensure the quality of each manuscript. This includes, ensuring that the content is original and scientific facts are valid.
  • Editors must ensure that the work rendered meets internationally approved ethical guidelines. There must be proper citation and the original source of the content should be named.
  • The MedCrave Editorial Board will protect all confidential data regarding manuscript submissions. If the author has used information involving human subjects, the Editorial Board must ensure that the author obtained written consent.
  • If the MedCrave Editorial Board suspects any misconduct or misuse of the rules or data, the board will delay the visibility of the published or the unpublished manuscript until the issue is satisfactorily resolved.

The policy of the MedCrave Editorial Board

MedCrave strives to safeguard the reliability and the integrity of open access journals while maintaining content quality and relevancy. The Editorial Board must work to satisfy the interest of the readers. The Editorial Board has full freedom to determine the process for manuscript subscription evaluation, along with the content published to each journal. There will be no changes or interference of any sort regarding the final decisions of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board will continuously strive to maintain all research ethical standards. They will protect copyrights and confidential data. Each member of the Editorial Board will adhere to a proficient peer reviewing process. Each member will also complete assigned editing work in a timely manner.

The decisions of the MedCrave Editorial Board must never be influenced by any external factors, (i.e. the origin, nationality, race, gender, ethnicity, religion or political views of the author). The validity and the quality of the content presented are the only grounds for evaluation.

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