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Peer Review System

Peer review is the checking and scrutinizing process by which an article, content or a manuscript submitted by an Author is checked by the members of MedCrave who are specialist in that field of study. The content which is submitted to the MedCrave Open Access has to go through double blind peer review in order to be checked and published in MedCrave. Peer Review system provides the contributors with an advantage where their content is checked without any cost by the colleagues to check if the contribution has met the specific standards.

Peer review procedure provides you with some advantages which include enhancing the quality of your content and manuscripts, checking out the loopholes in your content which might have been missed by you, authenticating the fact that your journal or manuscript is not plagiarized and is the end product of your efforts only. Thus, the double blind peer review system actually polishes your manuscript and makes it more presentable to the scientific society.

Peer Review System Flow Chart

Published Articles

2 2 7 6 9

Published eBooks

7 5

Rejected Articles

1 9 2 0

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2 4 1 5 4



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