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Articles In Press - Volume 6 - Issue 1 - 2017

Case Report

Elsayed Amany A1*, El-Atawi Khaled M2, Elhalik Mahmoud S3and Bastaki Fatma A4

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care - 2017
Mini Review

Sunita Singh1*, Jiledar Rawat2, Niraj kumar srivastava1 and Intezar Ahmed3

Sunita Singh1*, Jiledar Rawat2, Niraj kumar srivastava1 and Intezar Ahmed3Jiledar Rawat2, Niraj kumar srivastava1 and Intezar Ahmed3mit Manuscript |
Wilms’ tumor (WT)/ Nephroblastoma is the second common abdominal malignancy and most common malignant renal tumor in children [1]. Twelve % of WT patients have metastases at initial presentation [2]. Common hematogenous metastatic site of WT include the lung, liver, and contralateral kidney. Less common sites include the bone, skin, brain, and orbit [2]. The lung is most common hematogenous metastatic site. The lymphatic spreads to lymph nodes are the most common. The rare site of metastasis are mediastinum and testis [1-12].
In adults most frequent primary tumors metastatic to spermatic cord and epididymis are carcinomas from the stomach, prostate, colon, pancreas, appendix, and renal (renal cell carcinoma) [13,14].
It is utmost important to evaluate the genitalia in pediatric patients presenting with renal lump, as there may be syndromic association, (cryptorchidism, pseudohermaphroditism), vericocele (tumor compressing testicular veins) hydrocele (subclinical metastasis having reactive hydrocele ), patent processes vaginalis etc [15-16]. To the best of our search (all languages, both indexed non indexed journal) with the key words testicular metastasis, paratesticular metastasis, metastatic Wilms’ tumor in the literature from 1928 to 2016, we found 12 cases of testicular/ paratesticular metastasis of WT [1-12]. We excluded the cases of extrarenal scrotal WT (scrotal WT without primary renal involvement) arising from heterotropc anlage [17]. Author here reported a rare case of WT with synchronous epsilateral testicular metastasis, with discussion of diagnostic and therapeutic approach for children presenting with renal lump and testicular mass.
Case Presentation
Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care - 2017
Research Article

Surender Rajasekaran1, Matthew Halanski2, Jeffrey Cassidy3, Chi Braunreiter4, Allen Shoemaker5, Deanna Mitchell4, Akunne Ndika1 and Nabil Hassan6*

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care - 2017
Review Article

Sathyaprasad Burjonrappa1*, Amanda B Sosulski2 and Lily Hsieh2

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care - 2017
Research Article

Amadi HO1,2,3*, Adesina CT1, Olateju EK1, Omokaro S1, Okechukwu AA1, Alabi P1 and Haruna AS1

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care - 2017
Case Report

Khan Niyaz A, Jhanwar Praveen*, Yadav Partap S, Muffazzal Rassiwala and Pinaki R Debnath

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care - 2017
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