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    Leon James, USA
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    Skip Stein, USA
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    Attapon Cheepsattayakorn, Thailand
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    John Martin, USA
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    Hunain Alam, USA
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    Pam Skinner, USA
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    Shu Li, USA
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    Caio Pinho Fernandes, Brazil
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  • I salute your work and I feel that as the time goes by, the Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry will find its position among the most respected scientific journals. Your site is well organized and I was given the impression that your team keeps high standards of editing in the area of psychology and psychiatry. I am willing to help your organization by providing advise/consultancy in the area of Clinical Psychology and research.
    Katerina Karapanou, Greece
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    Kosi Gramatikoff, USA
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    A Hemantaranjan, India
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    Sami El Shimi, Egypt
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    Francisco R Breijo-Marquez, Spain
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