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Neurology & Stroke

Journal of Neurology & Stroke (JNSK) is an international peer reviewed multi-disciplinary open access journal which deals with the study and development in the field of neurology. Neurology is that part of medical science which deals with staging, symptoms, treatment of neurological problems. It also deals with any other aspect concerned with human brain. The scope of JNSK is vast in nature and hence, it accepts well research articles, reviews, rapid communications and editorials from scholars or researchers of this field.

Latest Articles

Case Report Open Access

Exploring fibromyalgia: insights from generative reprocessing therapy (TRG) for a comprehensive understanding of treatment and management

Annamaria Gomes Pereira, Juliana Bezerra Lima-Verde, Jair Soares dos Santos 

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - March 1, 2024

Case Report Open Access

Jeavon’s syndrome: a case report

Cristina Pozzi, Rafael Bertoldi Torres, Pamela Emilyn dos Santos, Luiz Alfredo Lonzetti

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - February 27, 2024

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Case Report Open Access

Spontaneous acute subdural hematoma: a case report and literature review

Ibrahim Issa Assoumane,1 Mèhomè Wilfried Dossou,1,2 Kpègnon Nicaise Agada,1,2 Laté Dzidoula Lawson,1,2 Abdoul Wahabou Amadou Moussa,1 Ousmane Issouffou Hamma1

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - January 18, 2024

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Case Report Open Access

Takayasu arteritis - a case report of neurological clinical manifestation in an elderly patient

Fabiana Gouveia,1 Sofia Dinis Ferreira,2 Cláudia Lemos,2 João Tiago Loja,1 Mónica Caldeira,1 Diogo Raposo André,1 Rafael Nascimento,1 João Miguel Freitas,1 João Gaspar,1 Duarte Dória Freitas,3 Miguel Homem Costa,1 Teresa Faria1

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - January 9, 2024

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Case Report Open Access

Primary hydatid cyst of cerebellar vermis: a pediatric case report with updated surgical management

M Hammoud, NK Alaoui, M Benzagmout, K Chakour, MF Chaoui

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - December 28, 2023

Short Communication Open Access

EBV and quantum medicine

Ivanka Djuricic,1 Milena Ljujic2

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - December 14, 2023

Opinion Open Access

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the smartest neurologist of them all?

Nitin K Sethi MD

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - December 1, 2023

Review Article Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Efficacy of remote ischemic conditioning in acute ischemic stroke patients receiving thrombolysis and thrombectomy: a meta-analysis

Maria Kim C Hernandez, Joyce Angelie S Tee, Dan Neftalie A Juangco

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - November 2, 2023

Case Report Open Access

Embolic stroke due to atrial myxoma: about a case

Fabiana Gouveia, Diogo André, João Tiago Loja, Rafael Nascimento, João Miguel Freitas, Patrício Freitas, Diogo Rijo, Nuno Jardim, Miguel Homem Costa, Rafael Freitas, Teresa Faria 

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - October 30, 2023