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Nutritional Health & Food Engineering

Perspective Volume 8 Issue 2

The raw truth that’s fit to print

Robbie Raugh

Board Certified Integrative Nutritionist, USA

Correspondence: Board Certified Integrative Nutritionist, 8469 Sheridan Dr, Buffalo, NY 14221, USA

Received: April 09, 2018 | Published: April 19, 2018

Citation: Raugh R. The raw truth that’s fit to print. J Nutr Health Food Eng. 2018;8(2):216-217. DOI: 10.15406/jnhfe.2018.08.00272

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With over 30+ years experience in the industry I am grateful to do what I love and feel that it matters. But I have seen other people who have been struggling for years. People who worked out 7 days a week, killing themselves in the gym, but never change the shape of their body because they think they can out–exercise a bad diet.

We know “diets” don’t work

But listen you cannot out exercise a bad diet. And you can’t have a million dollar body or clean bill of health eating from the dollar menu, a box or a window! If it has a long shelf life it will give you a short shelf life! To get fit and stay healthy it takes the Right exercise, and it takes eating right! I’ve seen over the last 30 plus years in the industry that the confusion lies for most with the “eating right” part. There is way too much misinformation! Even our government tells us untruths!

You may know as an RN and Board Certified Integrative Nutritionist, I don’t really agree with a lot of the FDA guidelines. Why was aspartame and artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and food-like ingredients approved, but stevia was an issue? Why do we allow GMO’s and why aren’t we informed which foods have them? Why were we told we needed dairy for calcium or that tums was good for our gut? Why was our government subsidized (paid) by certain industries to tell us some foods were healthy for our bodies when clearly they were not? I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach the Real Raw Truth, and help people change their bodies, change their health and change their life!

After working in “health care” as an RN for decades, I realized it was really sick care

That’s when I switched over to preventative Nursing and became an Integrative Nutritionist. Doctors have not learned how to apply Nutrition in Med school to prevent and reverse disease. They have learned nutrition at the molecular level. I know this because I’ve worked so many over the years, I also have many patients as Doctors, I teach my Raw Truth Recharge classes at Medical Practices, and my daughter is in Med School right now!

Even RD’s have learned and promote what the FDA wants them to learn/promote, which is subsidized, it’s not based on whole foods to fuel and feed our body, and that’s certainly not health care! Do you remember when our government told us we need 6-11 servings of grains per day? No wonder we have an obesity problem! Do you know that pop leaches calcium out of our bones? Do you know where hydrogenated oil came from and why it was produced?

I prefer to focus on health care rather than sick care

The fact of the matter is Pharmaceutical Companies run the health care system. There is nothing that makes me happier than to see people get off of their medications, and not only prevent disease and foods that are making us sick, thick and tired, but actually reverse disease! Each and every time one of my patients changes their health, loses weight and changes their life I thank God for another day, another opportunity to make a little bit of difference in someone’s life no matter how small or big.

If you want to lose fat, increase muscle, help prevent and reverse disease, a detox is paramount!

When toxins build up in your body from the air food water and soil, we cannot digest or absorb nutrients properly. Proper digestion and absorption is needed for weight loss, health, energy and vitality. It definitely is the key to maintaining your weight. If you can’t lose weight, feel bloated or you have poor energy, digestion and health no matter what you do, it’s a good sign you need to detox. I have 100 different detoxes in my tool kit, and this summer detox has produced amazing results for my private patients, and we are now offering it in a group class. It will flush out toxic wastes and cut cravings allowing you to get results and ditch diets forever. You’ll be amazed at how your body feels and looks once you detox on this new program. 80% of your immune system is also in your gut so you’ll get healthy at the same time as losing weight!

More benefits of detox

  1. Aids in weight loss
  2. Cleanse the liver and entire digestive system and removing toxins from the body.
  3. Decrease inflammation and related pain
  4. Improve and clear up skin
  5. Boost metabolism and increase energy
  6. Boost your immune system
  7. What does a mean? It doesn’t mean having food shipped to your door, drinking just juice or water for a week, or following some crazy diet that causes you to stay in bed for a week. It does mean crowding out foods that are harmful and bringing in those that cleanse fuel and feed your body.

You need to reset your metabolism

Like you are resetting your phone or computer. A detox will do that as well as cleanse your digestive system. If you are eating healthy and still have cravings or not seeing results, you should be a medically sound detox under the care of health professionals like my team and I. Don’t do a detox’s that your friend is doing, or that you read about on social media. Certainly if you are on certain medications or you have certain health problems you shouldn’t be doing some detox’s which contain lots of greens etc.

As a Nutritionist I am armed with about 100 dietary theories and detoxes and one size does not fit all. As a RN, I can look at your goals, health history and your medication and determine what is best for you.

To lose weight, get lean, increase your muscle mass, decrease your body fat, it’s not just about calories and in calories out. If that were true than everyone killing themselves in the gym right now would be mean and lean. It’s about the way that food impacts your body! A high glycemic diet will flip on a metabolic switch that signals your body to store fat particularly in the midsection, which is a health hazard! And you can be skinny fat! You can look lean and fit and have high body fat and the risk for heart disease, cancer and other heath conditions just like someone who looks obese! The key is eating nutrient dense whole foods that you don’t need to read a label on!


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