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Investigative Genomics

Journal of Investigative Genomics (JIG) is a multi-disciplinary internationally acclaimed and peer reviewed Open access Journal which deals with the evolving of genes in Homo sapiens and other organisms. It aims towards providing information on human genes from medical, biological and several other perspectives. This journal's scope includes but is not confined to the information on DNA, protein interactions, RNA, molecular pathways, bone marrow transplants and methods of manipulation of the genetic material of a living organism using technological procedures. JIG invited to submit research, reviews, short communications, case report, lab reports and opinions in the field of genomics.

Latest Articles

Mini Review Open Access

Freeze tolerance in wood frogs

Pranab Roy,1 Prittam Goswami2

Journal of Investigative Genomics - January 16, 2019

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Review Article Open Access

NMD in disease and potential therapies

Young Jin Kim,1,2 Mohammad Alinoor Rahman2

Journal of Investigative Genomics - November 16, 2018

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Review Article Open Access

Genetic modification of sorghum for improved nutritional value: state of the problem and current approaches

Lev Elkonin, Juliya Italyanskaya, Valery Panin

Journal of Investigative Genomics - October 10, 2018

Book Review Open Access

Letter to Editor Open Access

Genetically modified Mosquitoes-blessing or curse

Nidhi Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar Jain

Journal of Investigative Genomics - August 15, 2018

Research Article Open Access

A heterozygous mutation of the elastin gene (eln:p.val154met) fully co-segregates with classic marfan phenotype in a sardinian family: a possible novel disease-gene?

Nicola Marziliano,1 Caterina Gaddeo,1 Valeria Orrù,1 Paola Berne,1 Valerio Carboni,1 Pierluigi Merella,1 Giovanni Lorenzoni,1 Giovanna Piras,2 Rosanna Asproni,2 Antonella Uras,2 Maria Monne,2 Mariano Intrieri,3 Gavino Casu1

Journal of Investigative Genomics - February 26, 2018

Mini Review Open Access

Human genetic association studies: genomic association data and its discloser for public access, barrier to human privacy and protection

Fahmida Khatoon,1 Farhan Essa Abdullah,2 Zahid Balouch3

Journal of Investigative Genomics - February 2, 2018

Case Report Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Association between genetic inbreeding and disease mortality and morbidity in Saudi population

Saleh AS AL Abdulhadi

Journal of Investigative Genomics - January 12, 2018

Mini Review Open Access