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Biology and Medicine

MedCrave Online Journal of Biology and Medicine (MOJBM) is an internationally acclaimed peer reviewed multi-dimensional journal which aims to provide top quality articles in the modern disciplines and sub-disciplines of biology, life sciences and medicine. This journal aims to provide both perspectives on personal experiences in medicine and reviews of the current state of biology and medicine. It provides a unique forum for scientists to express their research articles, review articles, case reports, mini-reviews, short communications and opinions.

Latest Articles

Case Report Open Access

Ophthalmic Zika virus disease: ocular findings in two Costa Rican newborns with microcephaly render a new insight of the illness

Luana Valerin Lezama,1 Leslie Arguello Cruz,1 Anabel Cañada Pérez,2 Andrea Broseta Giménez2

MOJ Biology and Medicine - April 1, 2024

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Case Report Open Access

Research Article Open Access

Sustainability of Theobroma cacao L. production systems in the municipality of Algeciras, Huila, Colombia

Alexandra Cerón Endo,1 Laura Constanza Rojas Basto2

MOJ Biology and Medicine - March 25, 2024

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Literature Review Open Access

Canine Leishmaniasis (CanL); a public health threat in Ghana

Abdul Razak Mohammed Raji  

MOJ Biology and Medicine - March 7, 2024

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Mini Review Open Access

Review Article Open Access

Gingival recession: how to choose the best surgical technique?

Fabiano Cunha,1 Giovanna Lima Costa Barcellos,2 Carlos Ruben Caramello,3 Juan José Verges,4 Maria Aparecida Gonçalves de Melo Cunha5

MOJ Biology and Medicine - February 22, 2024

Research Article Open Access

Factors influencing drug stock-outs at health facilities – mocuba

Manuel Paulo Mário Elobo 

MOJ Biology and Medicine - February 14, 2024

Review Article Open Access

Sustainable construction materials under ESG: a literature review and synthesis

Chee Kong Yap,1 Chee Seng Leow,2 Barry Goh3

MOJ Biology and Medicine - January 30, 2024

Case Report Open Access

Dissipative systems - the unity of material and quantum states of living matter 

Igor Orzhelskyi,1 Andrey Kuznetsov,2 Elena Van Dijk3

MOJ Biology and Medicine - December 18, 2023

Short Communication Open Access

The fifth music therapy session: Hindustani classical music and its therapeutic value

Apoorva Chakraborty,1 Soubhik Chakraborty

MOJ Biology and Medicine - December 7, 2023