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French mushrooms and truffes

Vincent Lang
Department Ellochampi is a small business Located in the northeast part of France
Received: August 16, 2015 | Published: September 09, 2015

Correspondence: Vincent Lang, Ellochampi is a small business, Northeast part of France, France, Tel 0033683181566, Email

Citation: Lang V. French mushrooms and truffes. J Bacteriol Mycol Open Access. 2015;1(2):26. DOI: 10.15406/jbmoa.2015.01.00006


A french small mushrooms business.


In this area, not to the German border, Vincent's brother, Francis has been growing Oyster mushrooms since 1987, Pleurotes ostreatus and Shiitake – lentinus edodes. We are also selling white and brown button mushrooms, coming from Burgaentzlen in Colmar. Every week, there are about 400 kg, which are sold on Strasbourg open air markets.

La Forestière du Champignon is providing us wild mushrooms and blueberries coming from Vosges mountains. We get morels during 3 weeks only between 15 of April and 15 of May. Calocybe gambosa is the second edible mushroom which can be found in the forest at this time.

If there is enough rain, we can get Boletus aestivalis at the end of June. Unfortunately 2015 was very warm and dry year. Any wild mushrooms is available.

Chanterellus- Cantharellus cypress', harvest starts usually in August until October.

Much more edible mushrooms are picked in the forests in autumn: especially Boletus edulis, Craterellus cornucopioides and Hydnum repandum.

Every last quarté of the year, there are burgundy truffes collected in Nancy area. Latin name is Tuber uncinatum.

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