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Journal of
eISSN: 2469 - 2786

Bacteriology & Mycology: Open Access


 Digambar Gokhale
NCIM Resource Center, India
Research Interest: Preservation of microbial cultures, Bio-transformations, Biomass conversion to commodity chemicals
 Debasis Mandal

 Vikram Raval
Gujarat University, India
Research Interest: Extremophiles, Extremozymes and Metagenomics,
 Rajeev Soni
R&D Consultant to Patanjali Research Foundation, India
Research Interest: Functional Genomics, Molecular and Cellular, Cell line Development, Assay development, Genomics, Business Development, Intellectual , Team , Drug Discovery
 Mohsen Torbati
University of Tabriz, Iran
Research Interest: Plant Pathology
 Saleem Ahmad
ForestryUniversity, Pakistan
Research Interest: Microbiology
 Mohammed Elfatih Ahmed
Asmara University, Sudan
Research Interest: Microbiology, Clinical pathology
 Samira Tarashi
Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
Research Interest: Meta-analysis, tuberculosis, host pathogen interactions, cell signaling and microbiota
 Solima M A Sabeel
University of Khartoum, Sudan
Research Interest: Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates, Microbiology and Immunology,
 Hafsa Hussain
Agarose gel electrophoretic analysis of DNA, Pakistan
Research Interest: Clinical microbiology, Dental caries, Oral microbiology, Probiotics, Food microbiology, Biofilm research studies, Human Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Antibiotic, antifungal, antimicrobial, resistance, infectious disease, Antimicrobial activity of medicinal, plants, Molecular Genetics
 Asst. Professor Goudarzi Azadeh
Shiraz University, Iran
Research Interest: Plant Pathology, Mycology, Plant Biotechnology
 Amruta Sule
Equinox labs , India
Research Interest: Air microbiology
 Nathaly Montenegro
Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario, Colombia
Research Interest: plant pathology, plant diseases
 Shardulendra Prasad Sherchand
LSU Health Sciences Center, United States
Research Interest: Anaerobic bacterial culture, cell culture, immunoblotting,
 Mende Mensa Sorato
Main activities and responsibilities, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Pharmaceutical manufacturing, organic chemistry, pharmacology and drug supply and management
 Santosh Mallikarjun Lokhande
FDA, India
Research Interest: Microbiology
 Chaturvedi S
Amity University , India
Research Interest: Microbiology, Biochemical analysis, Bioprocess Technology
 Vinayaka B Shet
V.T.U, India
Research Interest: Biotechnology
 Kripamoy Chakraborty
Tripura University, India
Research Interest: AM fungi and Phosphate solubilizing bacteria
 Asst. Professor Manjusha Pandey
King George Medical University, India
Research Interest: Microbiology
 Muhammad Ehetisham
Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Pakistan
Research Interest: Plant Pathology, Entomology, Plant bacteriology
 Asst. Professor Nahid Rahimifard
Food and Drug Control Laboratories, Iran
 Asst. Professor Manoj V Parakhia
Junagadh Agricultural University, India
Research Interest: Microbiology, Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology,
 Rosiane Nascimento Alves
Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil
Research Interest: Biomedical sciences
 Dr Sachin Kumar Gupta
Baylor College of Medicine, India
Research Interest: Pathology & Immunology
 Veerendra Koppolu
University of Kansas, India
Research Interest: Cell, Protein, Immune
 Professor Shailesh R Dave
Gujarat University, India
Research Interest: Microbiology and Biotechnology,
 Ali Rhouma
Institution of Agriculture Research & Higher Education, Tunisia
Research Interest: Epidemiology of plant pathogens, Molecular identification and phylogenetic diversity, Biological control using microorganisms, plant extracts
 Asst. Professor Ajesh K
Kannur University, India
Research Interest: Microbiology and Biotechnology
 SM Kadri
Royal Tropical Institute, India
Research Interest: Clinical and environmental epidemiology, applications of computing in epidemiology, epidemiological and bio-statistical modeling, air pollution, and statistical methods applied to meta-analysis. Disease Control for Communicable (CD) and Non Communicable Diseases (NCD)
 Asmaa Missoum
Paris-Sud Université, France
Research Interest: Microbiology and Biotechnology
 Gemechu Berhanu Kerorsa
Dambi Dollo University, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Microbiology, Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology
 Zahraa Yosif Khudier Motaweq
Kufa Uneversity, Iraq
Research Interest: Study the phenotypic and genotypic variation in some pathogenic bacteria isolated from some infection, Study the immune response of human body to some bacteria and viruses disease, Biotechnology, Antibiotics, Virology, Plant extract on medical bacteria and the immune responses of human body to these extract
 Wafa Naveed
Experienced Quality Management and Food Safety Professional, Norway
Research Interest: Microbiology, Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Operations, Food Safety Management