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International Journal of
eISSN: 2577-8269

Family & Community Medicine

Opinion Volume 6 Issue 4

Sustainable health and its components: a global perspective

Arunadevi K, Vidya DC, Rekha Palani

Assistant Professor, Bhaarath Medical College & Hospital, India

Correspondence: Arunadevi K, Assistant Professor, Bhaarath Medical College & Hospital, BIHER, Chennai, India, Tel 8968567787

Received: April 12, 2022 | Published: July 26, 2022

Citation: Arunadevi K, Vidya DC, Rekha P. Sustainable health and its components: a global perspective. Int J Fam Commun Med. 2022;6(4):153-154. DOI: 10.15406/ijfcm.2022.06.00281

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Sustainability means the ability to continue, maintain and support any process over time without any damage as a product of the process. Sustainable health is when the health of the population are maintained, restored, and improved along with minimizing damage to the surrounding environment, other living beings, and natural resources.1 Sustainable health is a center and prime factor for human sustainability and life around us also to a certain extent. Health in turn is a prime and foremost important determinant for a country's economy, development, and quality of life of its individuals.2 It is a balancing equation between health, money, and environment.3

The most important component of the health of a community should be health promotion and prevention, followed by good infrastructure, service delivery, economic policies, responsible usage of resources, and ecosystem management. Sustainable development goals focus on the same at all different levels with distinct goals.4

 It is high time for us to understand how different fields have their role in the build-up of baseline health of the population, maintenance, and sustenance.5 Figure 1 depicts the components of sustainable health from health promotion to service delivery. The roles and power of different elements in contributing to sustainable health can be well understood and derived by observing and analysing them.

Figure 1 sustainable health and its components.

Importance should be given to all different components of sustainability to reach the ultimate goal. Right now, we are focusing much on the sustainability of health infrastructure, financing, and services to achieve health targets. But in the long run, we should consider all other components equally as our goal is not only to reduce mortality and morbidity in human health but also to improve, promote positive health in humans, the environment, and also possibly all living forms on earth. All these efforts will result in the highest attainable human health and also the sustainability of all life forms on the planet itself.



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