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International Journal of
eISSN: 2577-8269

Family & Community Medicine


 Professor Shingo Yamamoto
Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan
Research Interest: I am an urologist and my expert is infection and Laparoscopic Surgery in Urology
 Assoc. Professor Valentin Garcia Gutierrez
Universidad de Navarra, Spain
Research Interest: Residence in Haematology and Haemotherapy Specialist
 Dr Jesus Cuellar Alvarez
University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas, Cuba
Research Interest: Rehabilitation Center in Smoking cessation, Clinical psychologist in Rehabilitation
 Dr Jorge Arnulfo Carrillo Rivera
Justo Sierra University, Mexico
Research Interest: Specialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Private practice oriented to maxillofacial surgery and to Temporomandibular Disorders through Electromyography as a diagnostic and therapeutic guide
 Asst. Professor Julio Lopez Arguelles
University hospital Gustavo Aldereguía Lima, Cuba
Research Interest: Neurology and Family Medicine
 Dr Marcelo Santos
Mauracio de Nassau University, Brazil
Research Interest: Human Anatomy II and Medical Skills, Epidemiology and Cardiology
 Dr Mirelle Inacio Soares
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
Research Interest: nursing academics, nursing diagnoses and the nursing process
 Assoc. Professor Sachin Pandey
Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Research Interest: Nursing, Medical science
 Dr Lucas Soares Bezerra
Mauricio de Nassau University in Recife, Brazil
Research Interest: Epidemiology and Cardiology
 Italo Morais Torres
Maurício de Nassau University, Brazil
Research Interest: Physiotherapy, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology, Oncology, Chiropractic
 Carla Luiza da Silva
Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, Brazil
Research Interest: Nursing Supervision, with emphasis on assistance in clinical-surgical inpatient units, high-risk obstetric unit, hemodynamics, emergency care and Adult Intensive Care Unit
 César Mustelier Fernández
Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Research Interest: Internal medicine
 Inarvis Medina González
Escuela Nacional de Salud Pública , Cuba
Research Interest: Development of professional skills and abilities, human resources training, interprofessionality and interdisciplinarity
 Hanaa Hamdi
NJ Comunity Capital, United States
Research Interest: public health environments, community health research and programming
 Rustambek Matmurodov
Tashkent Medical Academy, Russia
Research Interest: neurologist
 Caren Leticia de Souza Milani
Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Cacoal - FACIMED / RO, Brazil
Research Interest: nursing, intensive care unit, emergency and trauma, medical clinic, help and hospital management and nursing team management
 Prasad Mamidi
SKS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Mathura, Uttara Pradesh, India
Research Interest: treating psychiatric and neurological conditions
 Dr. Abdalla Ali Deb
Locum Consultant Urologist in NHS, United Kingdom
Research Interest: Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer and Renal Cancer management.
 Dr Sushil kumar Aggarwal
Banaras Hindu University, India
Research Interest: Skull base Surgery, Otology, Rhinology, Head and Neck Surgery, Cochlear implant surgery
 Dr Deepa Kannur
University of Mysore, India
Research Interest: Humanities, psychology, family and community studies
 Dr Sunzida Arina
National Institute of Laboratory Medicine and Referral Center (NILMRC), Bangladesh
Research Interest: Microbiology, Surgeon
 Dr Niel N Shah
Gujarat University, India
Research Interest: Cardiology, Internal medicine
 Dr Yerukneh Solomon
Addis ababa university, Ethiopia
Research Interest: Medical science
 Dr Nusrat Mahjabeen
Z.H. Shikder Women’s Medical College, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Obstetrics and genecology
 Hannah Jose
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Research Interest: Family medicine, Rehabilitation, Family physician
 Dr Nicolás Magno Fretel Quiroz
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Tayacaja, Peru
Research Interest: Research in health sciences
 Dr Jairo Boscan
Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
Research Interest: Family medicine, Public health & social science
 Dr Nancy Yaneth Portela Escandon
Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales, Colombia
Research Interest: Education for health and work, leadership in nursing, health management, caring for sick children
 Dr Manuel Castro Baca
Michigan State University, United States
Research Interest: Public health
 Dr. Manjunatha Vittala Kaligouda
Sanjivini Hospital, India
Research Interest: Epidemiology, data science, data analysis in public health, public health, infectious disease, clinical trials, immunology, serology, occupational health
 Dr. Chandana Abeysekara
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Research Interest: Healthcare Policy and Regulation, Healthcare Management and Leadership, Public Health, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, Healthcare Finance and Economics, Patient Experience and Engagement, Health Information Technology (Health IT), Innovations in Healthcare Delivery