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Clinical Images Volume 4 Issue 6

Hairy tongue

Vijayendranath Nayak, Raghavendra Kini, Prasanna Kumar Rao, Gowri Bhandarkar, Roopashri Rajesh Kashyap, Girish YR

Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, AJ Institute of Dental Sciences, India

Correspondence: Vijayendranath Nayak S, Postgraduate, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, AJ Institute of Dental Sciences, Kuntikana, NH-66, Mangaluru, PIN- 575004, Karnataka, India, Tel 91-819-758-877-7

Received: October 05, 2017 | Published: October 6, 2017

Citation: Nayak V, Kini R, Rao PK, et al. Hairy tongue. MOJ Surg. 2017;4(6):143. DOI: 10.15406/mojs.2017.04.00095

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Clinical images

A 46 year old female patient, reported to the department of oral medicine and radiology with a chief complaint of deposits in her teeth. Patient gave history of iron deficiency anaemia for which she was consuming iron supplements dissolving in water for 2years. Past dental history was not significant. Intraoral examination revealed moderate amount of calculus. Examination of dorsal surface of the tongue revealed brownish black discoloration on the dorsal aspect of the tongue, affecting the filiform papillae (Figure 1). The discoloration was non-scrapable, with the elongation of filiform papillae. A provisional diagnosis of Hairy tongue and chronic generalised gingivitis was given. Oral prophylaxis was advised and patient was advised to follow oral hygiene measures.

Figure 1 Brownish black discoloration on dorsal surface of tongue.



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