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Biology and Medicine

MedCrave Online Journal of Biology and Medicine (MOJBM) is an internationally acclaimed Trimonthly peer reviewed multi-dimensional journal which aims to provide top quality articles in the modern disciplines and sub-disciplines of biology, life sciences and medicine. This journal aims to provide both perspectives on personal experiences in medicine and reviews of the current state of biology and medicine. It provides a unique forum for scientists to express their research articles, review articles, case reports, mini-reviews, short communications and opinions.

Latest Articles

Research Article Open Access

Instrument for the study of exposure to violence in adolescents

Alba Cortés Alfaro, Ramón Suarez Medina, Martha Chang de La Rosa, Juana Maggie Torriente Valle, Belkis EchemendíaTocabens, Silvia Josefina Venero Fernández, Noemy Morales Guirola, Sandra Almodóvar Núñez, Minervina Román Hernández, Cristóbal Martínez Gómez, Dania Perez Sosa

MOJ Biology and Medicine - March 15, 2023

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Review Article Open Access

Approaches for sustainable production of soybean under current climate change condition

Aiman Fatima, Sohail Ahmad Jan 

MOJ Biology and Medicine - March 3, 2023

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Research Article Open Access

Syndrome and bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine

Faruk Hernandez Sampayo

MOJ Biology and Medicine - February 17, 2023

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Mini Review Open Access

Adverse effects, studied on ants, of six products largely used by humans; a mini review

Marie-Claire Cammaerts

MOJ Biology and Medicine - February 6, 2023

Case Report Open Access

Water - a foundation of dissipative regulation of a living organism

Igor Orzhelskyi,1 Andrey Kuznetsov2

MOJ Biology and Medicine - January 12, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Evaluation of two biostimulants in soybean production

Héctor Jorge Suárez, Rafael Zuaznabar Zuaznabar, Miguel González Nuñez, Juan Carlos Rosa González, Juan Miguel González 

MOJ Biology and Medicine - January 10, 2023

Case Report Open Access

Aortic thrombus with multiple visceral and extremity emboli post Covid-19 with lung cancer

Daniel Nobile,1 Beatriz Camelini Moreno,1 Amanda Fernandes Vidal da Silva,1 Vinicius Menin Brandi,1 Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy2

MOJ Biology and Medicine - September 29, 2022

Case Report Open Access

Myoma previa during cesarean section: a case report and review of the literature

Sergei Slavov,1,2 Veselin Diavolov,1 Dimitar Mitev,1,2 Radko Tocev,1 Tsvetelina Popova1,2

MOJ Biology and Medicine - July 19, 2022

Case Report Open Access

Endovascular treatment of a giant splenic aneurysm: a case report

Beatriz Camelini Moreno,Vinicius Menin Brandi,2 Marina Moraes Lopes Soares,Daniel Miquelin,3 Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy4

MOJ Biology and Medicine - June 9, 2022

Review Article Open Access