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eISSN: 2373-4426

Pediatrics & Neonatal Care

Editorial Volume 1 Issue 1

The International Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care: Our Role, Purpose and Mission

Guillermo Godoy

Department of Pediatrics and Obstetrics, University of Alabama, USA

Correspondence: Guillermo Godoy, Department of Pediatrics and Obstetrics, University of Alabama, 1364 Downing Ridge, Tuscaloosa, Tel 205-752-9739, Fax 205-345-5277

Received: April 18, 2014 | Published: April 23, 2014

Citation: Godoy G. The International Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care: Our Role, Purpose and Mission.J Pediatr Neonatal Care.2014;1(1):00001. DOI: 10.15406/jpnc.2014.01.00001

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We welcome you to our international community of nurses, respiratory therapists, therapists, bioethicists, social services, child life specialists, nutritionists, nurse practitioners, administrators, managers and physicians that deal with children’s disorders, their families and work to promote their healthy physical, neurodevelopmental, social and spiritual well being.

We have come to realize that if the international community works together, we will be able to achieve global progress and enjoy understanding, mutual cooperation and progress.

Many areas of Pediatrics and Neonatal Care around the world lack many advances when compared with adult medicine. A large percentage of medications used in children have been extrapolated from adult research. Ventilatory support in children needs a randomized well designed study to provide consistent and less invasive techniques that will provide better results across the border.

The neonatal, infant and maternal mortality is still unacceptably high, especially in some countries. We should reach for the health providers and help them to develop techniques according to their culture, educational and financial situations.

We should provide a platform to help, support and instruct areas in which the health care providers are developing centers for children and neonates and give them the latest, more efficient diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. We need to have a source of information that gives us the new thinking processes of pediatrics bioethics, genomics, gene therapy, chronic diseases, metabolic and endocrine diseases, cancer therapy and public health.

I am excited to have an International forum to exchange ideas and opinions that strive for a better world for our children and families.



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