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Rules for a Good Game of Life--Best Messages for Civilization

Samuel A Nigro M D

Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA

Correspondence: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D., Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel 216 932-0575

Received: April 19, 2014 | Published: June 16, 2015

Citation: Nigro SA (2015) Rules for a Good Game of Life--Best Messages for Civilization. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 2(6): 00099. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.02.00099

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These are important messages are rules to win at life. Everyone should hear them several times a year from childhood on. I started this list after hearing so many desperate men asking what to tell their children so they would stay out of trouble. The book The Catechism of Hockey by Alyssa Bormes was also inspiring. Please come up with others aphorisms and email to me at

  1. The more you learn, the more you earn.
  2. Keep your mouth clean – most diseases enter the mouth especially through weak gums. Floss and brush your teeth and mouth twice a day. Vigorously brush gums to strengthen them.
  3. Do not put anything dirty into your mouth including street drugs, cigarettes, marihuana, and dirty words.
  4. Don’t give in to peer pressure. If everyone is being stupid – you don’t have to be. To comply with peer pressure, carry an empty beer can around and act stupid – you do not need to actually drink a lot to get drunk like the rest of them. And if there is an emergency, you will be able to save everybody.
  5. Disaster is a half second away – keep your eyes open.
  6. Playing dumb is dumb.
  7. From Don Quixote:
    1. Mind your own business.
    2. Honesty is the best policy.
    3. A word to the wise is sufficient.
    4. Forgive and forget.
    5. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
    6. Too much of a good thing is not good.
    7. Forewarned is forearmed.
  8. There is a pile of crap around the corner – open your eyes and don’t fall in.
  9. Dignity, class, and sophistication always.
  10. Work works!
  11. TV and movie lies melt your brain and enslave your mind – find something good to do and do it.
  12. Celebrities are fakes…It takes them hours to look like that. All they want you to do is look at them.
  13. Boys are no good unless they treat you like a queen. Tell them to hit the road if they don’t.
  14. Girls are no good unless they treat you like a king. Tell them to hit the road if they don’t.
  15. Keep your room clean or stay in the garage.
  16. Do good and avoid evil … live virtue and not entropy.
  17. Sacramental Weather:
    1. Rain—it is baptizing outside.
    2. Wind—it is penancing outside.
    3. Bright comfortable sunlight—it is holy communioning outside.
    4. Chilly cold—it is confirmationing outside.
    5. Sweaty heat—it is extreme unctioning outside.
    6. Lightening—it is holy ordering outside.
    7. Thunder—it is matrimonying outside.
  18. "Puppy love" infatuation is great, but it doesn’t last so get over it and don’t be taken advantage of. It is part of growing up. "Puppy love" ("infatuation") of your best friend does not mean you are homosexual.
  19. Stay young as long as you can…being grown up is yucky and hard work.
  20. “Infatuation” with your best friend while growing up does not mean you are homosexual. Be true to yourself. And you are more than any of your reflexes.
  21. You will fall in “love” one hundred times before you find the right one. Don’t waste your kisses or be used as part of the American harem.
  22. Real Love: more than yesterday…less than tomorrow.
  23. Keep your privacy private. Most body functions are private including bathing, dressing, excretion and sexcretion. Exceptions are eating, drinking, and breathing (except in India where eating is totally "personal" without talking or looking at anyone else).
  24. When you start to mature, boys begin to squirt sperm and girls begin to bleed eggs. It is just biology and everybody has to go through with it to grow up. It is private, like going to the bathroom and other personal biological acts.
  25. When you grow up, suddenly it seems everybody wants to use your body. Tell them no until married.
  26. Sex is for making babies in all the animal kingdom – Because of pheromones, sex is confined to opposite sexed adults of the same species at a time consistent with reproduction. Maybe Nature has a message there, i.e., to be in tune with the planet, wait until you are married and then have children. Otherwise, sex will be just more human excretion-like pollution not consistent with Nature.
  27. Sex is a biological act, sometimes automatic, sometimes a need, sometimes an obligation. In Nature, sex is not anything goes, any way, any time, with any thing that moves. Unless a biological error, sex in Nature is confined by pheromones to optimal reproduction times (Do you have a cat?) between adult opposite-sexed members of the same species. In all Nature, sex is “reproduction” consistent. Humans do not have biological pheromones so humans are sexually kept natural by a psycho-social pheromone known as Matrimony or "marital love." Marriage keeps humans in touch with Nature. If humans had biological hormones governing sex like the animals, there could not be "Love."
  28. The sex act is a simple 60 second biological reflex. Like any other body reflex, it can become over stimulating and take over habitually which is not only un-natural but stupid as well. When it does this, it is a Body Dysmorphic Disorder which should be treated as any other disease or disorder. Over all, the sex act (and any other biological reflex), when culturally sensationalized for advertising, attention-getting, or any reason, is to be mocked and demeaned as EWB (El Wacko Bananas).
  29. Sex in marriage is sacred. Outside of marriage, sex is pollution ("unnatural").
  30. Girls, do not let you be a harem for the guys--marriage is better.
  31. Live in tune with Nature…otherwise you are against the planet and “pollution.” Don’t be pollution…don’t even pollute!
  32. You can be dirty-minded about anything almost. Being dirty-minded is stupid but it gets your attention like the press & media idiots want which is why entertainers and press & media are often so dirty-minded.
  33. It takes an act of God to make a marriage work which is why it is a Sacrament. If you want your marriage to work, pray together and go to church or temple.
  34. No matter what they look like, buttocks are nature’s way to protect an anus or hemorrhoids. Just call buttocks, "anus protectors" and they won't distract.
  35. Breasts are milk-cancer-sweat-fat-pontoon-hanging-useless chest glands –unless nursing a baby. Remember that and you will not be become an idiot.
  36. If you are not married, sex is just for relief as excretion, i.e. ”sexcretion” like changing diapers for each other. Basically, in nature, sex is meaningless outside of marriage and should be managed like all other excretory functions. Tell him (or her) to change their own diaper.
  37. Real LOVE builds and does not hurt.
  38. You will never be what you want to be if you use marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroin, narcotics or pain meds. If you use drugs, you must find out what you are trying to ESCAPE from.
  39. Find feel good fulfillment without drugs by doing good.
  40. Sometime the elevator – sometime the shaft – makes sure you take the elevator when you go through a door.
  41. Does not use "color" to label people--color polarizes, divides, depersonalizes, dehumanizes to skin-deep superficiality. Color makes people less than they are, ranging from a professional victim to a hostile boss-man. Forget beige, black, brown, pink, red, white, yellow--they do not work for human togetherness. Use African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Negro, and other words with human histories of suffering, success, failure, growth and development making us all the same even as we assert our so-called differences. The best colors are "red, white & blue."
  42. If I did not write it down, it did not occur.
  43. Take the wind as God sends it.
  44. Quod est demonstrandum– I told you so.
  45. Dum vivimus vivamus– We won’t live forever – let’s get busy.
  46. Verba verba ad infinatum ad nauseum– if you don’t stop talking, I’ll throw up.
  47. The Transcendental Actuality of All Created Being (from “Male/Female Differences in Natural Law” 1993):
    1. ens—what has existence—the being itself.
    2. res—the corporeal body, i.e. the confluence with the matter completing it.
    3. aliquid—the identity or form of the being, i.e. the confluence with its essence.
    4. verum—the truth of the being, i.e. the confluence with reality.
    5. unum—the oneness of the being, i.e. the confluence with itself and all desirability related to it—its integrated, whole entirety.
    6. bonum—the good of the being, i.e. the confluence with proper function and proper choice in Natural Law.
    7. bella—the beauty of the being, i.e. the confluence with ascendancy (“bringing out the best of itself and all around it”).
  48. If you are on your knees when you fall, you cannot get hurt.
  49. Try the Ten Commandments restated:
  50. You have come from God out of nothing and you shall return to God with everything--You can rejoin God in the pre-Big Bang Statimuum Eternity if you join the Loveolution..
  51. Clean up your act.
  52. Stay in touch with God by weekly Mass and monthly Confession.
  53. Respect, honor, and listen to those who know more than you do.
  54. Living things are precious and violence is to be avoided.
  55. Extramarital sex is nothing but trouble.
  56. You have a right to your own personal property; so does everybody else.
  57. Loving Truth will set and keep you free.
  58. Keep your relationships holy, uplifting and honorable.
  59. Keep “things” from running your life.
  60. You learn more by listening than by talking.
  61. Television, movies and media will kidnap children…and even adults. Always mock and doubt television, and call anyone who says evil is “good” an “Adolf Eichmann.”
  62. Being dirty-minded is just seeing what you can get away with. It is not class, dignity, or sophistication. It is pollution—willful entropy ("sin").
  63. For family and friends, everything – for the rest, the law.
  64. How to make a marriage work: Fight fair, forget fast, ask forgiveness, forgive, love. And tell feminists to get lost.
  65. Each is to do 90% of needed work around the house, so get busy and do your share.
  66. About real mothers: No man ever worked as hard. Always help mothers.
  67. No whining, no whimpering, no moaning, no groaning, no cry-baby routine.
  68. Pretend you don’t care – never let them know you give a damn. Fake it until you make it.
  69. Keep on crawling –and if you go any faster, you will pass me by.
  70. There is more to life than this craziness. And what you do, will be done back to you in Heaven or Hell or Purgatory. So do what is right for everyone! You will get back what you deserve in the long run, and you deserve what you did to others.
  71. The Mass mantra: “life sacrifice virtue love humanity peace freedom death without fear”. Keep saying it…It will keep you on a good life.
  72. Too much too soon of anything is not good.
  73. Words means intelligence – the more words you know, the smarter you are.
  74. Words are angels unless used as demons.
  75. Swearing means you have a poor vocabulary and don’t know how to say what you want to say.
  76. Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today – and do it right now! And if you start it, then finish it and clean up after yourself.
  77. Are you making the world a better place?
  78. Always wash your face including behind your ears every time you brush your teeth.
  79. If you take it, return it. If you opened it, close it. If you dropped it, pick it up. If you broke it, let me know.
  80. Clean up after yourself otherwise I have to do it.
  81. If you ate it but didn’t cook it, help with the dishes.
  82. You have a right to privacy for yourself and an obligation of privacy for yourself.
  83. God gave us two ears so both sides can be heard (Native American saying).
  84. Who do you love the most? The one who needs it the most.
  85. We are all the same. We are even more alike as we all claim we are different. So treat everyone right.
  86. Walk on your heels ten steps a day to strengthen back, leg and neck muscles and learn to keep your balance.
  87. Never drink what you did not fix or open yourself.
  88. Always shower with a friend and save money – just kidding.
  89. Never put anything in your ear but an elbow.
  90. Study like your life depends on it because it does.
  91. The bureaucracy? Don’t fight it, outwit it. And calmly try to correct it.
  92. Beware of the GGG: "Gmt, Gmt, Gmt"--all in government operate by the Stanford Penitentiary Experiment--fear all in government and hide your contempt with "respect."
  93. When in a hole, stop digging.
  94. Pornography is nothing but a pack of wild dogs grunting, humping and licking each others’ rear ends.
  95. Gays are a cult of penis-mania/ vagina-phobia for males and vice versa for lesbians.
  96. “Normal” homosexuals do not recruit, promote, invade your privacy, impose their privacy; and they do not try to destroy your identity by seducing you and then claiming you are one of them. All that is what the gay cult does including parades with 6 foot penises and other phallic gadgets. "Normal" homosexuals don’t need to advertise their disorders.
  97. “Permanent” infatuation, or “puppy love run amuck,” leads to gender/sex identification problems and body dysmorphic disorder (BDM) which is when a body part is fragmented from full identity and magnified beyond normal.
  98. Treat your body naturally and live in concert with the earth. Obsessive compulsive treatment of a body part is a disorder.
  99. There is a “right” to privacy, which also means there is a “responsibility” to keep privacy. And you have no right to barge into other’s privacy than to expose and barge your privacy onto others. Doing so is "disturbing the peace" and when women expose their privacy, they may be even "raping" vulnerable men who did not seek to be stimulated.
  100. Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles. Infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets. More need they the divine than the physician.—Shakespeare (Hamlet).
  101. Brain chemistry is more different than people’s faces—everybody is special!
  102. Fright is the root of all evil.
  103. Nobody can keep a secret except me.
  104. Believe in God. There is more to life than this craziness. Do not believe atheists, who just pathologically deny their beliefs. When the “atheist” head of the atheist Communist Party of Poland heard that a Polish priest was elected to be the Pope, he could not stop saying “Holy mother of God” for over 15 minutes.
  105. Atheists must deny their jealousy of believers or follow orders to do so.
  106. Be a minority of one – speak up calmly but firmly to try to prevent wrongdoing when you see it being done or promoted by others.
  107. Those who tell you that it is good to do something bad are Adolf Eichmanns…tell them that is who they are and do the bad stuff themselves.
  108. Abortion, Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia (A, AS, & E) are legal acts and should be done by judges, prosecutors, lawyers and politicians; not doctors.
  109. All bureaucracy should be trying to correct and help citizens instead of playing “cops and robbers” with them.
  110. Be careful criticizing government bureaucrats and gay cult members…They will retaliate and hurt you if they can.
  111. Machiavelli pointed out that those in power destroy those who criticize. Criticize anyway but ask them not to destroy you as Machiavelli said they would. People in power should be able to accept criticism.
  112. Monkeys see – monkeys do. Do not be a follower monkey. Speak up against when encouraged to do something wrong. Otherwise, you are a slave.
  113. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
  114. Let sleeping dogs lie.
  115. God will not do what you can do yourself…try harder.
  116. Faith in the Church of a Loving God is better than faith in the government or press and media whose god is "power". In general, "news services" (press, media, whatever) are run by self-promoting, sensationalizing (so you pay attention to them), wanna-be "celebrity", First Amendment frauds ruled by tyrant editors who just want to manipulate you into believing the editor and doing what the editor wants. Never believe anything from "news services" without two independent confirmations. "The only thing believable from the free press is the weather forecast."
  117. Government help should not mean you lose your freedom. Government law does not care about truth or justice but about "legalisms".
  118. If nothing nice, say nothing – except for truth, oneness, good and beauty.
  119. With any problem while driving, or if lost, or if you see an accident, put on your hazard lights.
  120. “Doing nothing is a sign of power”—Dr. Johnson. And “boredom is good”—something I learned in the Navy—just find something good to do.
  121. Do not make it possible for anyone to be insincere.
  122. Fake it until you make it.
  123. Pot, alcohol and drugs burn you up like a fire filled house but the fire is inside and you cannot run away. Find out what you are running away from by using pot, alcohol or drugs. Find something to be successful at instead of pot, alcohol or drugs.
  124. The trouble with sin (willful entropy) is that it is your own fault, and it will return back onto you in Eternity, and no longer against someone else as when originally committed. “Justice” is the most necessary proof of God. The world is a meaningless nothing if you do not get justice in the long run.
  125. The only certainty is uncertainty.
  126. The Four Horrors: terror, bewilderment, futility, depression.
  127. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine, Death.
  128. The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: Noise, Promiscuity, Pollution, Power.
  129. “The Supreme Court has ruled that un-sworn statements made to a Court of Congress are not covered by criminal statutes prohibiting false statements.” This means that public servants, like judges, prosecutors, investigators, and government authorities and bureaucrats, can lie and are basically untrustworthy. Try to stay away from public servants.
  130. Do not lecture, moralize, or condemn, but speak for the Transcendentals—what is true, one, good and beautiful.
  131. Do not be a habitual or whoopee drinker.
  132. Do not be a slave to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, crack, or any mind altering meds.
  133. Back biters will back-bite you. Listen if you have to, but do not repeat or join in. They will be talking about you later.
  134. The more words you know and use, the more angels are on your side.
  135. If people are no good as caused by the press and media, nothing will work very well for them for very long—which is why government laws are needed. Help everybody be good so fewer laws are needed.
  136. Salt water gargles or salty wash of wounds prevent sore throats and infections.
  137. Boredom means you should best breath and think over and over the mantra: "life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom, death without fear" until you find something to do.
  138. Best breathing is more oxygen by the SAM: Shut your mouth; Air in through your nose; and Mouth cough or exhale--You will snore less too.
  139. If choking or need to clear your throat, do the SAM: Shut your mouth; then breathe Air in through your nose; and finally Mouth cough hard. Do it over and over as long as necessary. Practice doing this. Teach it to others.
  140. Get rid of yesterday’s crap early every morning. Do not carry yesterday’s crap around with you.
  141. Nothing good happens if you “go off”. Tell those having a "tantrum" to "Use your words gently." Better yet, do the SAM and think it through.
  142. Use proper words to say what you mean (Swear words mean no vocabulary).
  143. People have a body and spirit in combination – other animals don’t even celebrate birthdays.
  144. Does it right – do it once? Does it wrong – do it twice!
  145. An intelligent person does not believe in abortion/contraception and Darwinian evolution at the same time.
  146. If your beliefs do not teach love and virtue consistent with the Ten Commandments, forget about those beliefs – they are a waste of time and will ruin your winning the game of life which has rules to follow like every game does.
  147. Remember and avoid committing any of the seven deadly sins: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.
  148. Patience is a virtue. Relax and do it right.
  149. Church going couples do not get divorced.
  150. Freedom is being able to do what you OUGHT to do, not just what you want to do. Do what is right. Better yet, do what is TRANSCENDENT—what is true, one, good and beautiful.
  151. To be or not to be? The answer is TO BE. BEING is true, one, good and beautiful. BE those ways to BE. To create non-being is evil. Think about what you do being or not being. The answer is TO BE!
  152. Help Muslims be like Mohammed was when in Mecca the First Time: He was basically a Roman Catholic convert from the paganism of his birth. He was pacifist, monogamous, not murdering, not enslaving, not raping or selling others, not abusing children, not suppressing women, not threatening of doubters, and not lying; he was tolerant of others with equal rights for all; he accepted criticism peacefully. Power mad evil-doers kidnapped Mohammed and Islam after Mecca I.
  153. If you want peace, work for love. To keep the peace, prepare for war.



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