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Journal of
eISSN: 2373-6445

Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry


 Amita Puri
Amity University, India
Research Interest: Behaviour Sciences, Psychology, Cyber consultations, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology
 Hassan Izzeddin Yousef Sarsak
Batterjee Medical College, Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: Occupational Therapy, Mental health disorders, Geriatrics and psychiatry, Neurological and physical disorders, Community-based rehabilitation
 Irina Stanislavovna Morozova
Kemerovo state University, Russia
Research Interest: Mental health, Development potential, Psychological methods, Ontogenesis
 Madhav Raje
Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist, India
Research Interest: Child Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Adult ADHD
 Maria Aslam
Institute of Diet and Nutritional Sciences, Pakistan
Research Interest: Humanities, Allied health sciences
 Sefa Bulut
Ibn Haldun University, Turkey
Research Interest: Children and posttraumatic stress disorder, Posttraumatic growth, Sexual abuse, ADHD, School violence, Bullying and mobbing, Cooperative learning and Cross cultural psychology, Ageing, Gerontology