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Poetry Special Issue Psychiatrist Cures Justice - I

Pharmacy-Medical-Legal Bureaucracy—“Medical Profession” No Longer

Samuel A Nigro M D

Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA

Correspondence: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D., Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel 216 932-0575

Received: April 19, 2014 | Published: June 16, 2015

Citation: Nigro SA (2015) Rules for a Good Game of Life--Best Messages for Civilization. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 2(6): 00101. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.02.00101

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The greatest failure in American Society
Pharmacy Board: high school graduates—
high sounding white coats who can count.
Counters must count and use—
The pencil and pen and computer and voice—
Like food delivery truckers—(or gas station attendants)
Telling the chief chef how to cook—(or drivers where to drive)
Or having the baggage handlers fly the plane is
To let the pharmacists prescribe the meds!
So shrill, loud and ignorant bugles blow—nasty, smart-ass, abusive:

“Drop your pants (in public) and show me your wound
before I fill your prescription.”
Training ZERO in evaluation, history, diagnosis,
in medical decision-making, treatment research, and
“You do not look like I think you should.”
“Your doctor does not do what I think is right.”

Wide-eyed, open-mouthed, know-it-alls, who have not the faintest idea…
As the Physicians Desk Reference is idolized—

for its acute care descriptions justifying medication inclusion— while excluding medication dependent patients:
the chronic patients and the atypical patients
the pain patients and the anxiety patients
the brain pain filter failure patients
the addicted patients and the depressed patients
the panic attack patients and the night terror patients
the developmentally disordered patients
the past drug abusing patients
the past treatment failing patients
the obsessed patients and the psychotic patients
the down & outer patients
the polysyndromic patients
the multiple co-morbidities patients
the “unclean” and soon to die patients
and the patients without family support—
all too disturbed to be included in studies—
all waiting over at my office—
all regressing without their meds—
all not known how to treat by the PDR.

But the Pharmacy Board, without ethics or professionalism, counted correctly—
Not knowing the meaning, except for targeted retaliation, but still—
Giving an armada of self-righteous arrogant entropy—

as high school students everywhere:
independent, inconsiderate and incompetent.

The greatest failure in American Society
Medical Board: run by traitors of Hippocrates—
Refusing to be Hippocratic family members in medicine—
Promoting medicine of 1984 – Orwellian self-deception—
With “justice” of no due process, without magical Art,

following the grey of images of charts, charts,
and micro-managing records more important than

Physicians are strangers, not brothers or sisters to the medical board—
Becoming less and less alive—
But turn the lights on to see the records and not the patients.

We’ve “sold out:”
Addiction $pecialist$ hiding effective care colleagues could use—
With programs excluding patients that do not fit—
Their and the irrational Procrustean DSM-10 treatment bed—
Troglodytes better-than-thou with Mr. Green—
Testifying obsessively against their family—
Double agent traitor$—addiction $pecialist$.
Pain $pecialist$’ ruthless monopoly of pain meds—
Intruding into the practice of others – running the account$ by injection—
After more injection$ and depriving of effective pills—
Hippocratic traitor$ with placebo rate of success—
Testifying obsessively against their family—
Double agent traitor$—pain $pecialist$.
Medical-legal bloodthirsty specialists—
Corrupted by law as paper mache religion, law as ultimate—
Law as the lived in the Outhouse of $catological comfort—
Eichmanns following dictating the Weimar Oath of Hitlerates—
Testifying obsessively against their family—
Double agent traitor$—medical legal $pecialist$.

A grand coalition of med-phobic imperial loss of a “learned” profession –
No longer learned, but a medical-legal bureaucracy, smugly sensitive,

accepting subordinate status, dominated by
non-medical, non-patient understanding or caring records.

Self congratulating in their incompetence to care for patients—
At the ancient revered Hippocratic acme.
With loss of freedom, enslaved by third party parasites—
Squid demagogues who can read and count but not cure—
With all suffering removed because records do not suffer.

Major science changes every five years—
Medicine changes every two years—
Patients change every day—
Every patient’s chemistry differs more than their faces—
But the law and DSM-10 remains fixed, delusional, psychotic—for years
Medphobia care, legalisms, dogmatisms what to do—
Run by egomaniac lying bastards who do not practice the Art.
Death panels assessing only the records—
Medical organizations now death houses—
The body is disposed of, but records kept divinely preserved—
Ho hum bury the disastrous consequences.

Medical organizations filled with traitors—
Filled with hired hands of the third parties—
Fearful of retaliation by public servants unable to take criticism—
Having never heard of patient rights, in the office and the hospital,
never allowed in the pharmacies.
Medical students thinking they will care for patients—
But will work for others to provide care to records—
Working hard day and night creating debt after debt—
Contemporary slavery, well masked is what they will find—
Indentured to Third Party Marx Brothers: Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Karl.
The only remains of Hippocrates is the curse for not following him.
The only remains of real doctors are those who

refuse to work for CEOs earning
more than physicians.

Independent doctors—listening to their patients—
No third party interference with patient care—
Records sufficient for continuity of care—
Patients feeling better and cured—
Bringing family and friends and neighbors—
Committed to Hippocrates—
Rejecting Leviathan third party.
The law is unethical for prosecutors to force charges—
When they are Nifongs every one—
To open medical records is an unreasonable search and seizure

in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The House of Hippocrates – that wondrous House,

delicate, fair, suffering relieved, patient centered,
helping all the poor, desperate,
the tenements for souls of human beings,
and not precious paper records.

The Hippocratic House of Art and Science of Life engaging run by—
The family of men and women dedicated to health care—
Knowing every patient is special and different—
Never cooperating with death—
Committed to Natural Law in the hearts of humans—
Refusing to divulge what occurs in the House—
Looking to family others to help and giving it—
When asked for the difficult patients—
Shunning their differences such that diversity—
Becomes irrelevant because all are One in the House of Hippocrates.

Justice cannot be legalisms, Machiavellian applied gamesmanship,
Retaliation by abuse of power, malicious prosecution, defamation, false accusations,

patient care becomes an inquisition,
court reporters for every doctor visit,
video-tape every doctor-patient interaction,
privacy be damned,
to prove that the patient is legally treated,
and not a drug abuser,
and not special,
and no story is good enough unless approved by law,
whether a patient gets well or not is irrelevant.

Like food delivery truckers (and pharmacists)

telling the chief chef (and doctors) how to work.

Like food delivery truckers (and desk clerks)

telling the chief chef (and doctors) how to work.

Like food delivery truckers (and lawyers)

telling the chief chef (and doctors) how to work.

Like food delivery truckers (and judges)

telling the chief chef (and doctors) how to work.

Like food delivery truckers (and legislators)

telling the chief chef (and doctors) how to work.

No: Spanish Inquisition judges preferred—they wanted truth and only truth—
Like the Transcendent Hippocrates Oath Family—
Being, Matter, Identity, Truth, Oneness, Good, and Beauty.
The Medical ProfessionGone.



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