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Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry

Perspective Special Issue The Psychological Basis of Caring Connections

Cultivating True Beauty

Barry Hammer

The University of Maine, USA

Correspondence: Barry hammer, The University of Maine, 15 Downeast Terrace, Apt. 2 Orono, Maine (ME) 04473, USA, Tel 207-866-3223

Received: January 06, 2016 | Published: January 8, 2016

Citation: Hammer B (2016) Cultivating True Beauty. J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 5(1): 00244. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2016.05.00244

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Material products should be infused with a “living” energy presence of true beauty, creative inspiration, and insight into the deeper core aspects of reality; otherwise, if material products lack true vitality or experiential depth of being, people who produce, consume, or observe such products can become like inwardly deadened machines, overly routinized programmed robots, numbed, superficial, lacking connection to the sublime level of our own being, and its more substantial, meaningful, enduringly satisfying, and uplifting qualities.

Therefore, human products and productive activities should nourish our inner being, our spirit, soul, experiential energy heart, and not be restricted solely to gratifying our material needs. True beauty is an experiential energy that evokes attunement to a vibratory pulse that is intuitively recognized as familiar, satisfying, and naturally related to or compatible with the sublime core of our own being, which endows it with intrinsic value, attractiveness, preciousness, purity, sweetness, grandeur, and regenerative vitality.

Other related qualities of the vibratory pulse of true beauty are, integrity, soundness, self-consistency, coherence, and loveliness, as an integral, cohesive, connective, expansive, responsive, energy flow. These sublime qualities of grandeur are intuitively detected by noetic faculties of our inner being, our energy-heart and soul, through a process of compatible or sympathetic vibratory resonance, corresponding to how the distinctive vibratory pattern of sweetness is detected by our outer taste buds, and how outer expressions of beauty are detected by the eyes, ears, and related regions of the brain.

To produce or appreciate expressions of true beauty, that distinctive energy pulse must first be aroused in us by being open and receptive for a relational, connective, expansive energy to flow through us, beyond the narrow confines of the self-enclosed, self-preoccupied narcissistic ego. We are inspired, “breathed into,” stirred, by an intrinsically loving, lovely, pulse that unfolds its sacred, precious, or appreciative self-expression into us as its inwardly hollow, willing, receptacle, instrument, song, dance, and story.

The true beauty and other related sublime qualities that we see, arouse, and nurture in others are also reflected and develop more abundantly in us, enhancing our own level of creative inspiration. Whoever or whatever we contact deeply, commune with empathically, with warmhearted caring, and a willingness to at least occasionally let go of separate egocentric self-awareness, reveals the precious intrinsic beauty and goodness of their being to us, and that penetrating experiential connection is the source of true insight, inspiration, and discovery, uncovering the sacred, precious, numinous, or holy living presence abiding within and beyond, and shining through, the surface appearance of phenomena in the world.

The essential sweet sap of life as love and beauty can flow through us and infuse our products and activities only if we are connected to the relational ground of being, just as sap can flow through plants and bear sweet, beautiful flowers, fruit, vegetables, or maple syrup only if the plants are firmly rooted in the ground of the earth and do not retain their separate self-enclosed seed, and just as the sweetness of honey arises only through direct contact or communion of bumble bees with flowers, and does not abide in either of them when separate from one another.

There is a natural purposive intention, built into the very fabric of reality, for us to outwardly manifest the inner glory, beauty, sweetness, or radiant brightness of Being, by letting it abide in us and shine through us, as well as through our inspired products and activities. Like planting seeds and cultivating them so that they blossom to full fruition, we are naturally meant to help the hidden subtle energy patterns of Being to manifest themselves in more tangible, developed, abundant, material form, so that they can be more fully revealed and appreciated.

How to outwardly manifest our inner experience of true beauty in tangible material form

The Source of beauty and creative inspiration is limitless, therefore, its modes of expression in material products and productive activities are also naturally limitless. Although no description of possible modes of expression of beauty can be complete or exhaustive, a few innovative experimental recommendations will now be mentioned.

One experimental possibility is to design material products and Bioenerg fields that are more porous or open and receptive to impartations from sublime or elevated frequencies of energy that are more vibrant, evocative, pliable, flexible, and focused than more mundane energies are. This could involve intentionally contouring pores of the human body and the netlike structures of manmade material products so that they are attuned to or resonate with higher or refreshing frequencies of energy, rather than being closed, resistive, and incompatibly clashing with those transformative energy fields.

For example, it might be worthwhile to experiment with how non-toxic, non-hazardous, ultraviolet or infrared electromagnetic frequencies, as well as subliminal sound vibrations above or below conventional human auditory capacity, can be infused into the human body and/or into material products, especially for purposes of holistic healing and expanded awareness of deeper, higher, or previously hidden aspects of reality.

Another related possibility would be to design toroid or doughnut shaped structures that balance centripetal and centrifugal energy pulses in various kinds of harmonic rhythmic alternating current, similar to the contracting in-beat and expansive out-beat of the heartbeat, or the process of inhalation and exhalation in breathing. Those kinds of structures could serve to generate harmonic resonance or coherent, self-consistent, responsive, energy fields, increasing the force of entelechy as a momentum of self-organizing, self-surpassing development cumulatively building on itself, and reducing the opposite momentum of entropy or self-disintegration and self-degeneration.

Like a beautiful flower, vegetable, or fruit bearing tree which blossoms by breaking out of its self-enclosed seed and opening itself to direct contact with sunshine, water, soil nutrients, and fresh air, we need to make our heart, mind, body, as well as our products and activities, more open and receptive to impartations coming from a source of creative inspiration, beauty, sweetness, and limitless possibilities within, between, and beyond ourselves.

To be optimally receptive to the distinctive energy pattern of beauty, we must be attuned to the individual form, relational substance, collective or universal essence, and integral or holistic quintessence, aspects of that energy pulse. By studying, replicating, and further developing natural processes such as, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, and metamorphosis, we may be able to experience and express an expanded range of energy patterns beyond that which is currently available to us.

We need to experiment with honing our bodily senses, subtler inner noetic capacities, and material products so that they become finer, sharper, crisper, able to perceive and express sublime, expanded, higher, deeper, broader, greater frequencies of energy vibration that are often overlooked or underserved by duller, shallower, more restrictive, instruments. For example, a finely crafted musical instrument can convey purer, richer tones of sound than cruder musical instruments can do, and the invention of expanded or even entirely new musical instruments can open up sublime nuances or patterns of sound that are partially or totally beyond the range of our currently existing musical instruments.

Similarly, when we refine and amplify the focus of our consciousness, activities, and material products, we can thereby expand the range and quality of creative inspiration, insight, discovery, productive breakthroughs, and transformative renewal that thereby becomes available to us, whereas as long as we remain fixated in more restrictive, exclusive, partial, scattered, and distorted or inauthentic modes of awareness, we thereby constrict or narrow the range and quality of experience and expression that is available to us, and that can flow through us, as genuine expressions of beauty, sweetness, grandeur, and goodness.

That receptivity or attunement to the flow of beauty is how human individuals, personal relationships, and society become more ennobled, compassionately transformed, as well as expanded in their range of awareness of reality and productive creative discoveries, as breakthroughs into significantly greater levels of peak experience and peak performance.

For a more extensive presentation of my insights, please see my two published books (co-authored with two other people).

  1. Primary author: My late father, Dr. Max Hammer (with contributions from me, Dr. Barry J. Hammer, And Dr. Alan C. Butler)
  2. The titles of our new books are:
  1. “Deepening your personal relationships: developing emotional intimacy and good communication” (ISBN: 978-1-61897-590-4)
  2. “Psychological healing through creative self-understanding and self-transformation.” (ISBN: 978-1-62857-075-5)

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