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Poetry Special Issue Psychiatrist Cures Justice - I

Coliseum Vision - The Roman Coliseum Returns (Television)

Samuel A Nigro M D

Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, USA

Correspondence: Dr. Samuel A Nigro M.D., Retired, Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2517 Guilford Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, USA, Tel 216 932-0575

Received: April 19, 2014 | Published: June 16, 2015

Citation: Nigro SA (2015) Coliseum Vision - The Roman Coliseum Returns (Television). J Psychol Clin Psychiatry 2(6): 00100. DOI: 10.15406/jpcpy.2015.02.00100

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“The flood of ugliness makes me afraid.” Saul II 22, 5
“And satan turned into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11: 14
Television, movies, press and media—just a bunch of dirty minded schoolboys—
The new enslavers:
Gotta shock. Gotta get and hold attention! To manipulate.
No dignity, no class, no sophistication.
No melody for the mind.
No harmony for the heart.
Filled with rhythm for the rump and riot.
Filled with dissonance for the dumb.
And be enslaved...or enraged.
Truth, oneness, good and beauty rejected.
Which channel? Which channel? Which channel?
Any channel! Any channel! Any Channel!
Abuse of dignity, unity, integrity, identity, spirituality—
Abhorrent slavery to evil falsely called “freedom.”
Antisocial fetal torture – those pregnant

Watch hear absorb what destroys in utero
Unborn children’s mental and social future.

Bereft of love mindless barbarity—
Cheap trash raunch shock startle—
Childhood destroyed and denied, malignant—
Clashing bodies, broken bones, blood applauded—
Death and debauchery celebrated, venomous—
Degrade to filth, hate openly, odious—
Destroy and murder fun, malevolent—
Dehumanize freely, materialize all—
Despiritualizing maniacally, criminality created exalted—
Dismember sicken all ages for delight—
Drugs promoted, unnatural sex pollution, noxious—
Enslaving erotically, violence automatically—
Equality a myth, anti-Catholicism savored—
Evil justifies the means, virtue denied—
Excretory sex: anti-productive, anti-animal kingdom, anti-universe—
Family meaningless, nuns and priests defamed, loathsome—
First all women every woman harem in the world—
Forget forgo the right to childhood—
Feed civility to the lions, emesis welcomed—
Gruesome government grotesquely—
Hateful hammering whoredom—
Intellectual self-emptiness idiocy—
Jew baiting Christian hating—
Kill wantonly, keep malicious—
Loud screams, gruesome cacophony, foul—
Metastasizing pornography, contemptible—
Never transcendence, noisome nugatory nothingness—
Nightly “news” unbelievable—
Organized for evil organ rapacity and dissonance—
Propagandizing politicians promoting corruption—
Quelling spirituality and quitting human beingness—
Rape any and all for celebritism—
Rejoicing laughing at other’s misfortunes—
Sadistic vile sleaze everywhere—
Scientific lies, nothing sacred, no spirit—
Selling from what to drink to what to think—
“Sexcretion” squirt/slime mania

Penis mania, vagina mania, body part mania,
Body Dysmorphic Disorder contagion,
Early adolescent development confusion,
Homosexual “best friend” confounding,
Devoid of humanity, devoid of Nature,
Not consistent with reproduction pollution—

Shrill mindless obscenities always—
Sordid devaluing all life and all spirit—
Suggestibility epidemic repeating original sin—
Torture grotesquely to grovel in dirt—
Ugliness smothering deforming beauty—
Vicious violence reigns as pseudo-entertainment—
Willful winless wasted wannabees without virtue—
X-rated penurious puerile prurience—
Youths yanked from childhood, childhood gone—
Zero nature never beyond germs, zombies
Gotta shock Gotta get and hold attention! To enslave
“And that’s the way it is.”
Fetal Antisocial Syndrome:

Uncivilized, bullying, oversexed, un free
Irresponsible, uneducated, incapable of understanding,
Only feel-good when stoned—escapism,
All from the contemporary Roman Coliseum,
Celebrating human degradation,
A mental social deficit disorder—MSDD—in utero.

Editors: whatever you can get away with—
Audience ratings rule before truth and good—
Gaudy cowboy reporters destroying citizens and celebrating evil—
Press and media scum deprive suggest manipulate—
Holding all viewers hostage—enslaving—
The main messages of, by, and for

Reporters, journalists and other
Milgrims and Eichmanns are:
“Look at us but me especially!”—
“And repeat believe what I say”—
“Follow orders! Obey!”—Enslaving—

Politics is the propaganda of the press and media—
Anything goes except virtue—cavemen
Indecent weird pathetic romanticized cowboy journalists—
Manipulating: Gotta shock. Gotta get and hold attention!
“And that’s the way it is.”
The Coliseum is back and global....everywhere.

In homes, houses, hand-held gadgets and everywhere
Coliseum Vision – wicked satanic demonic
Free press media gulag.

Turn it off and be really free and transcendent—
Before habituation, find, create something better to do—

Than watching substanceless beingless
Flickering lights and ink smudged non-being
Which prevents you from being all you can be.

The contemporary Eichmanns and Milgrims ordering evil as good
Sieg Heil! And destroy those who criticize.
Enslaved by, Enraged at the press & media—
Hearts hardened and brains dissolved.
“And that’s the way it is.”



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