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International Journal of
eISSN: 2381-1803

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 15 Issue 2

Bioenergemal communication with human bioenergemes terrestrial and extraterrestrial

Alejandro Cuevas- Sosa

Managing director, Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual and Intrafamily Violence, Mexico

Correspondence: Dr. Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa, Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual and Intrafamily Violence, Apartado Postal 12-206, Ciudad de México, México

Received: January 30, 2022 | Published: March 15, 2022

Citation: Cuevas-Sosa A. Bioenergemal communication with human bioenergemes terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Int J Complement Alt Med. 2022;15(2):91-96. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2022.15.00596

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In 2006 it was the first time that we noticed -fact that they had hidden- that Extraterrestrials (ETs) from the planet Agram -according to them located in the constellation Andromeda-, such as Bhrikiam and Khriannia come from there, have neither fingers nor toes; their flat hands look like a palette capable of grasping and adhering the objects that manipulate or raise. For our doubt, Bhrikiam insisted that fingers and toes “are not necessary.” Do they have syndactyly (united fingers or toes)? We invited the BEGs of three ET humanities to find out if they, between other traits, had five fingers or toes on each hand or foot. We also investigated the phenotypic characteristics of the ancestors of these same three humanities. In addition, we present some data in favor of the possible existence of giant humans on Earth with 24 fingers-toes. All BEGs cited agreed that their comments could be published.

 Keywords: biomaterial universe, biointerfacemal universe, bioenergemal universe, bioenergemal communication, unit universe, bioenergeme, extraterrestrials, intuilish, biocommunication, neuromindego, multifunctional innovative bioenergemal instrument


BML, biomaterial; BIFL, biointerfacemal; BEL, bioenergemal; BEG, bioenergeme; BELC, bioenergemal communication; UU, unit universe; ETs, extraterrestrials; Ps, silveries; ars, agramians; Ts, transparents; NMEGO, neuromindego; IMBI, innovative multifunctional bioenergemal instrument


For the bioenergemal research there are three universes. Biomaterial (BML) or discontinuous space-time. Biointerfacemal (BIFL; maybe tetradimensional) that results from the immense openings that space-time presents and through which ET ships usually travel. And, bioenergemal (BEL, relative to the bioenergeme or personal component of organized BEL energy) to which the bioenergemes (BEGs) arrive after the body biocollapses (dies): and where they remain for indefinite BEL time or biotime; the BML timescale doesn’t appertain there.1 All three form what I have proposed to name as the unit universe (UU).1 Likewise, in addition to biomatter, the human body includes the BEG and a third virtual (temporary, potential) component or biointerfaceme, which corresponds to the accumulation of virtual bioscenes and bioimages that might still accompany the BEG when passing to the BIFL universe, a possible remnant that the BEG excludes before entering the BEL universe (perhaps pentadimensional).2 In BEL communication (BELC), that we establish through relaxation, the bioimage of a BEG is a living and acting virtual biointerfaceme, like the rest of the bioimages that are formed during it (perhaps through a BIFL process of the brain), which, as in dreams, at the end of biocommunication all virtual events vanish.1-3 BELC is a form of biointeraction, intuitive entanglement-type, through a BIFL function of the brain; aptitude characteristic of every biotagonist -component- of the UU and at all scales. Erwin Schrödinger agreed [see below].4

The BML universe and its representatives

The BEGs of ET humanities have always claimed that the BML universe “only at local distances”1,2 is homogeneous in all places and isotropic (the same in all directions). Knowing the above, for Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov and Stephen Hawking is “fundamental”, “novel and forceful” and “a contribution to humanity”, respectively.3 Regarding if terrestrial science is the only way to make contributions about terrestrial and cosmic nature, Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov specified that science has stopped inquiring about terrestrial nature and even less about the ET. Stephen Hawking emphasized: “No, it is not the only way, science currently limits knowledge. I correct, it has always limited knowledge, as it is governed by ‘laws’, in inverted commas, observable, and in the UU, whether it is terrestrial or ET nature, not everything is observable, measurable or quantifiable for knowledge to be true.”3

Therefore, to affirm that the BML universe is homogeneous and isotropic can be understood as a remnant of the old medieval anthropocentrism and geocentrism. In this regard, Carl Sagan insisted that “we have ‘evolved’, in inverted commas, with half-truths and now with lack of foundation.” It seems to Isaac Asimov that in addition to stopping, “instead of knowing and learning, we have stayed in believing, because of that anthropocentric idea of ​​the terrestrial human.” Stephen Hawking commented that the human is limited because “we haven’t allowed ourselves to join and by considering that there isn’t any other than, as you say, the neuromindego (brain, thoughts and ego; NMEGO) to explain what happens in the UU.” Albert Einstein added that “in BEL communications we have been able to biointeract with the different elements of the UU and bypassed the limitations that the human has imposed on himself by means of the anthropocentrism and geocentrism, that only offer cheap and common explanations, as you say, are ‘rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge’.”1,3 Abdus Salam ratified that so much terrestrial as ET humanities, ideas like these “have limited them and led to abandonment, carelessness and self-destruction.” Mario Molina showed “surprised at how in an apparent truth, a great lie is hidden, a false reality.”3 To the BEG of Bhrikiam,1,2 all humanities have faced “diverse circumstances” that have led them to “carelessness and self-destruction”, without having “allowed a more comprehensive transformation.”3

For the BEG bioimage of physicist and editor Philip Ball, yes, BEL communication with BEGs that are still in the BML universe is possible “and that it is very encouraging to intuit new information, mainly for BEGs, regardless of whether or not the NMEGO can assimilate it.” Of his skeptical colleagues in the Nature journal, he claimed that as such they are respectable, “but as scientists it would be worth making an effort to allow the development of science. No longer a science limited by the conviction of the sale or the new conventional transformation, but by an authentic and modern science, intuitive and transforming; open to change, generating new knowledge and, why not, BEL.” What he has heard seemed to him “fascinating biointeraction with everything that is happening. You can intuit and share.” He insisted that, “the biointeraction is very clear, the language that is mastered is not needed, intuition is clearly distinguished. It is intuited differently and your BEG calls it Intuilish. Interesting name and generic because everyone understand it. Memory is fleeting, intuition remains as essence, as the main thing, the substantial.” Faced with the possibility of discovering and acquiring new knowledge, the dogmatic attitude that his colleagues defend with excess confidence, it seems to him that “the dogmatic attitude prevails and it is not interested in knowledge, what it is interested in is power and exercising it, since if the NMEGO denies what the BEG affirms, it stagnates. Knowledge has no owner and lacks control because, as we have seen, it can be in constant biotransformation as much as biomatter.” To his NMEGO that might read his comments he recommended: “Before reading them, let itself hear something different, new and real.”3

We invited James Randi, who for decades offered a million dollars to anyone who demonstrated a paranormal ability “under strict scientific criteria.” BELC to him: “It’s a fantastic experience!” That BEL research is an option to acquire new knowledge or a means of exploring certain physical, chemical or biological topics, he said: “Not just new knowledge, but more enriched and well-grounded knowledge. Without prejudices.” Now his millionaire offer seems to him “absurd, nonsensical; it is rubbish.”3

Incubator belt and biological laws of the UU

With the help of an Innovative Multifunctional BEL Instrument (IMBI prepared during the same BELC), we made the following observations and defined laws in the solar system, in three more exoplanetary (different from ours) systems and in ten samples of space beyond the solar system, BML and BIFL.4,5 1) It is possible that at a certain distance between each star and, when there is one, the first planet or exoplanet (planet orbiting other star) to orbit it, an incubator belt might be found in which organic compounds and mega Extremophiles, uni- and multicellular, micro- and macroscopic primeval organisms are generated, thrived and distributed. Incubator belt that begins relatively close to the first planet, as occurs between the Sun and Mercury, and extends diluting throughout a certain planetary or exoplanetary system and beyond all over the BML universe and even the BIFL universe. Primeval organisms with a DNA genome, but also with genomes formed by other unidentifiable molecules. 2) The stars, in this case the Sun, like sprinklers and through its own incubator belt, are the main generators, dispersers and promoters of the seeding of primeval organisms and organic compounds in the different planetary-exoplanetary systems and beyond. Doubtless, finding micro- and macroorganisms neighboring the lava eruptions and fumes on the surface or underwater (“hydrothermal vents”) on Earth, speaks of the extreme conditions that they can withstand.6 3) All the planets of the solar system and exoplanets -and their satellites, meteorites, asteroids, comets- of every single exoplanetary system of the BML universe might have primeval organisms and organic compounds. 4) It’s possible that in all space-time beyond any planetary-exoplanetary system are scattered unicellular and multicellular microscopic organisms, but also macroscopic, as well as various organic compounds traveling through distant outer space and whose stellar -or, although unusual, planetary or exoplanetary- origin is unknown. 5) We also detected in the BIFL universe primeval organisms and organic compounds similar to those of the BML universe. 6) In general, microorganisms might be the origin of all primeval uni- and even multicellular biospecies in the UU. So relevant, that they are basic for survival and health of multicellular organisms; the human enteric microbiome, with 1 to 2 kg of weight, is just one example of the current validity and relevance of microorganisms.5 7) From strains of microorganisms, we can talk of possible Bioenergemal Lines of Transformation that are distributed throughout the BML universe and that a few or more of them will prosper depending on how favorable the ecosystems of a planet or exoplanet are. In all cases, the intuitive ability of the respective BEG is decisive. 8) Particularly in the BML universe, there are general schemes as far as to the variety of organisms, but we haven’t verified rigid schemes regarding to the molecule that forms the genome nor, therefore, of the organisms’ morpho-functional or phenotypical features that on every planet or exoplanet might and will arise and thrive. The humanity of the Silveries (they accepted that we would name them that way), for example, live on a dry and arid planet, plants are scarce with a succulent leaf or a thin branch that fold and grow little. Other animals are just insects. Their genome isn’t formed by DNA. 9) BEGs of all the organisms that have existed in the UU are found in the BEL universe, as well as of the biocollapsed organisms of all existent biospecies; besides, BEGs of material components -at all scales- of the BML and BIFL universes that have changed or disappeared are also found there. 10) Chemical elements are universal, so the general variants of primeval organisms and organic compounds appear to be in the UU. 11) Generation and seeding of primeval organisms and organic compounds mainly go from cosmos -especially from every single active incubator belt- to planets and exoplanets, more than from these to that; as anthropocentrism and geocentrism might suppose it.4 12) Anthropocentrism and geocentrism are totally incompatible with the BEL research.4 What is that of ‘the geology of the surface of Mars’, as it is quoted on the internet? Linus Pauling commented: “Although both planets share similar minerals and rocks, an incipient and retrograde stance, common to geocentrism and anthropocentrism, takes hold of the human NMEGO again.” Bhrikiam, what do you opine if we say ‘the agramology of the surface of Earth’? “It would be difficult to understand and, surely, they would not accept it.” And if we say ‘the geology of the surface of Agram’? “It is to continue locating a planet with the words of another. It is the same idea of ​​preserving geocentrism and anthropocentrism.”4

I invited the following BEGs to comment on the previous section. Erwin Schrödinger: “Doctor, it seems surprising to me from identifying the different biocomponents and establishing new biological laws on your part, since this allows us to explain the diversity and similarity that exist in the UU.” Werner Heisenberg agreed with Erwin S and added: “The instrument [IMBI] seems to me to be key in this research, but I also want to emphasize that the insights generated by these clarifications are equally important. Many congratulations, doctor.” Robert Oppenheimer: “Yes, doctor, it is not so easy to reach such important conclusions, however, already listening to them they sound fundamental. Biological laws seem to me to specify how nature is organized in the UU.”4

BEG’s involvement

In the BML universe, a BEG is always participating with its intuitions and sharing them with the NMEGO, and alert regarding personal activities. Thus, all BEGs have intuitive knowledge and memory, which I call bioenercience.1 Bioenerscience is, then, the faculty that the human BEG has to generate, receive and transmit intuitions –for itself, for other BEGs and, when appropriate, NMEGOs–, to intuit from other BEGs and to give rise to the BEL or intuitive language, biolanguage or Intuilish, to continue intuiting and transmitting its intuitions. Intuition is, thus, the functional expression or elaboration –as a biomessage– of the BEG’s bioenerscience. That is why intuition shows the BEL –or neurobioenergemal ability in the BML universe– creative aptitude to grasp, ask, answer, know, understand or illustrate something –and often protect the BML existence from risks– in a generally sudden way, without it being intentional -dreams, serendipity, savant prodigious syndrome- and, initially, the brain participating in its neurobioenergemal bridge function.1-3

As the human body biocollapses, the BEG detaches from the body from feet to head and passes into the BEL universe by instant intuitive movement or entanglement, via BIFL universe.4 In the BEL universe a BEG can only intuit which were the sections and functions of its body. The functions related to the sense organs or experiences lived on Earth, can only intuit them, too, if they are biomemories that the BEG carries with it. By contrast, we have managed with the IMBI to peek into the BEL universe and found a rather dark, quiet, bioenvironment with bioenergemalized -incorporeal- figures of humans, animals and plants’ BEGs and of everything that exists in the BML and BIFL environment. Some BEGs have certain brightness and others are off; they also relocate by means of intuitive movement or entanglement, in which, according to Erwin Schrödinger, “it’s like distance disappears.”4 A human BEG surrounds itself with what it intuits, but many of them find it difficult and those who don’t know how to intuit become lethargic, and they inadvertently go into a kind of vegetative state for an indefinite term; before, it was widespread, but now less and less. About the BEL universe, a long time ago a Jewish grandmother told us: “It’s like the night, like the night.”1-4,7

Extraterrestrials, lifestyle

ETs of the developed humanities knew that their space travels have been carried out not only through black holes but especially entering the multiple mega openings that space-time presents and that are known and located by them. Openings that give access to vast cosmic areas which I have called BIFL universe.2 They program their spacecrafts to access the opening of their choice and to exit at the predetermined location. The same if the expedition -infrequent in the most advanced humanities- is done through a black hole.2 By accessing the BIFL universe shortcut the spaceship and its crew face an intense biointerfacity force that sucks the space-vehicle and forces it to move, even at supraluminal speeds, until reaching, with more control of the spacecraft, the site previously chosen and programmed to re-enter the BML universe. Since by the BIFL universe spaceships can reach these speeds higher than that of light, thus, they can travel enormous distances and visit exoplanets located into different stellar systems, constellations or galaxies. Silveries (Ps) were the first ones who recognised the effects that those high speeds have on the crew, such as sleep, dizziness, vertigo, fainting and general weakness, also resulting of the intense and prolonged radiation to which they are exposed; for these reasons, the crew and their ships always present severe wear and tear. Diseases after traveling or for that matter on their exoplanet are effectively controlled, but they have not been completely eradicated. All the ET humanities that we have invited never before intuited the BEG existence and of course they ignore everything about the BEL universe.1-4

So much the humanity of Agram, as that of Ps, are basically nourished by a synthetic diet they consume. None of these humanities has a tongue or teeth, they absorb through the mouth and over the entire surface of their body -not skin- the substances that “recharge us with energy.” Such lean and energized synthetic nutrients assuredly led to a lack of digestive tube, but also, they lack circulatory and renal, respiratory and skeletal-muscle systems. Their body is strong, flexible, they affirm that without water -we would say that they present a crystallized organism; they denied that the unit of their body is the cell- and all of it is crossed by a network of internal communication systems that control and coordinate the body and whose center is in the head, which doesn’t have a brain, but rather a warp of communication systems that supervises and coordinates the reception and emission of signals and information. Hence, they are able to endure space journeys. They don’t have spoken language, to communicate with each other -even at a distance- they exchange messages and energetic signals in the form of vibrations, even words or phrases, that they elaborate and reciprocally emit at will.2,4 Ps don’t have genitalia, the transmission of hereditary material or “fibrils for reproduction” is done through the pelvis and abdomen. Gestation lasts »two terrestrial months and is shared by the parents in an insulated cabin at »38°C. Babies are born »2.5 or 3kg in weight.4a

The eyes of Agramians (Ars), Ps and Transparents (Ts) lack the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the pupil covers almost the diameter of the eyeball. In addition, their eyes emit light of different intensity and frequency that they themselves modulate, and in Ts, it can even be radioactive. The three ET humanities ensured that their visible spectrum is wide enough, to the extent that almost all natural and artificial objects see them transparent.3 They don’t have eyelids, eyebrows or eyelashes, nor body hair. All three humanities have night vision.4 Through the IMBI,4 we learned that, on average, Ps: Weight: ♂s 75kg, ♀s 70kg; Height: ♂s and ♀s 1.70m; Maximum age: ♂s and ♀s 150 terrestrial years. Ts: Weight: ♂s and ♀s 90kg; Height: ♂s 2.00m, ♀s 1.90m; Maximum age: ♂s and ♀s 150 ty. Ars: Weight: ♂s 100kg, ♀s 90kg; Height: ♂s 2.10 m, ♀s 2.00m; Maximum age: ♂s 110 ty, ♀s 120 ty.4a

The molecule of inheritance of Ps is formed by independent “microparticles and bioparticles” that combine 16 pairs, 32 units in men and women. Ts have 21 pairs of “spheres”, 42 units in men and women: “They are what make us transparent.” Ars have 11 pairs of a molecule with two chains similar to DNA, with different components, 22 units in men and women.4 They didn’t know DNA or RNA.2,4 We invited the BEGs of the ancestors of these ET humanities to show us their hands and feet, and all of them had five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. Thinking that the absence of the fingers and toes of modern Ars might be due to an inherited disorder known as syndactyly in which affected terrestrial persons, men or women alike (autosomal dominant inheritance), are born with the fingers and/or toes united on the inner side, we invited BEGs from an Agramian family that is old enough and has had healthy and affected members. Indeed, a family was presented in which the mother had syndactyly in the feet, the father in the hands, and their son and daughter in the hands and feet. This peculiarity was later generalized to the entire population. The genome of this family members is formed by a molecule quite similar to DNA, but no longer the same.4d James D. Watson and Francis Crick, astounded, commented on syndactyly of Ars: “It is very earthly human, inheritance is shared.”4 Modern Ps do have fingers and toes, although actually they are just “useless” stumps that will surely lose over time. Ts don’t have fingers nor toes either, similar to what happened to Ars.1,4 By means of the IMBI, we found that the genome molecule of the ancestors of these three ET humanities was also DNA. James D. Watson and Francis Crick: “We are surprised, but the bioinformation is undoubted, only seen in the answers, but we didn’t know why.”4b DNA isn’t an exclusive molecule of terrestrial nature either; it surely is universal (this is another universal biological law). The terrestrial human, women and men, will make safer interstellar and intergalactic voyages when his/her DNA has been transformed into a different molecule and her/his body has crystallized, and it no longer has fingers or toes; so, he/she will be able to populate an exoplanet. The current organism of the terrestrial human would not support this type of travel [Intuitions 06/23-27/2021]. The struggle for economic, political and intellectual power is totally sterile. The future of the terrestrial human is: Nothing for anyone! Until now, the excess of the NMEGO and the total ignorance of the BEG functions predominate [Intuitions 01/23, 28/2022].

The first time we established BEL communication with Ts, a group of about 200 (100 men and 100 women, all adults) of them were traveling in a city-ship in search of a new exoplanet to populate, an experience that they have already had twice. Of the developed humanities, that of the Ts has been presented several times by themselves as the oldest in the cosmos and the furthest from Earth.1,4 The travelers had left the rest of their population on the current exoplanet they inhabit, but their ship failed, their propulsion systems were unresponsive. After that contingency, in another BEL communication, they let us know that their city-ship was able to resume operation and they decided to return to their exoplanet. With this ET humanity, we have confirmed on several occasions that they have been able to continue in involuntary biocommunication with us after we have concluded the bioexperience with them, as they claim to have intuited and anticipated BEL explanations that emerged later.1 (For example, they have asserted that my BEG helped them fix the electronic system of their city-ship by suggesting that they turn off it so that it could be reconfigured by itself.4) This leads us to wonder if intuitions travel the fastest in the UU; and to consider whether (or all) quantum entanglement might be mediated by an intuitional energy.1-4 Erwin Schrödinger: “Your intuition is very important and true. And this would lead to suggest that intuitions aren’t so simple moments of lucidity, but are complex BIFL processes that not only produce ideas but also products of life and bioenergemization -fill with BEL energy-. Very interesting.” Abdus Salam: “Intuitions seen this way transcend as processes and events that explain the existence of things, thoughts and life. And that they participate or are derived from a BIFL process more important than we can suppose. This intuition that you share with us gives life more life, and existence has more meaning.”1-4 All BEGs form a BEL joint network intuitional system permanent, alert, reviewing, clarifying, revealing -dreams, serendipity in humans-, corrective, protective and even supporting the development of exceptional abilities2 -as is the case of persons with savant prodigious syndrome-, throughout the UU. BEL energy, through intuitional entanglement, has an intra- and extra-structural cohesive function in all component-biotagonists of the UU and at all scales. When its BEG is detached from any component-biotagonist, loses that cohesion and disaggregates and disintegrates, as happens to a human corpse.1-4

On the three exoplanets of these ET humanities there is a day-night cycle. Of course, Ars, Ps and Ts sleep daily for periods of a few hours. They have reached an almost robotic mechanized existence, interacting with their ergonomic buildings, technologies and ships as if they were an extension of themselves.4 For the Ars, the technical control of the force of gravity and radiation is essential as an indispensable propellant resource of their spacecrafts.2,4 With the IMBI, we were able to compare each planet, from the largest to the smallest: 1. Ps, 2. Agram, 3. Earth, 4. Ts. According to the place they occupy in their planetary/exoplanetary system, Earth: 3rd/out of 8-9 planets; Ps: 3rd/7; Agram: 3rd/8; Ts: 4th/9 (it isn’t their original exoplanet). Ps: “It’s nice to know each other through you, since we are guided by intuitions without knowing it.”4 These ETs keep active their star injecting large amounts of hydrogen/helium in it.2,4a

All the ET humanities that come to Earth (Ars: “Around 20-30 on a regular basis”)2 don’t visit us out of mere tourist curiosity, much less to interact with us. They are in dire need of chemical elements and minerals that they have already depleted on their exoplanet, such as rare earths, lithium, silica, iron, neon (Ps), copper (Ars), diamonds (Ars) and, especially, radioactive elements (this is why ET ships prowl the terrestrial nuclear plants). Ts are too far away to visit Earth. It is inescapable to suppose that they come in search -although they avoid recognizing it- of one or more of these natural resources in order to extract them, since they are essential for their electronic systems and industries. Some ETs similar to those described assured: “There have been some aggressions due to the exploration of our planets and wanting to appropriate, to benefit, of some resources, also for manifesting a certain power because there was no other reason.”4 Some ET humanities destabilize and even deteriorate the existence of the humanity found on the exoplanet they visit. To say that they visit us to breed hybrids between ETs and terrestrial humans is worse nonsense than foolishly trying to cross a peacock with a basilisk, respectively. Nor is it the case to suppose that they want to study us, experiment with us or leave teachings, they are as selfish and jealous as earthlings when it comes to their technical and scientific advances; neither ETs nor earthlings give them away. Ps: “Perhaps some ET humanity wants to assume that role [Ars], the truth is that this is not possible because each humanity is generating its own existence according to the physical, chemical and biological context of each.”4 ET spaceships and their crews need to return to their exoplanet as soon as possible, usually after a few minutes but no more than one or two hours visiting the Earth.1-4 In the BELC of December 19, 2021 we asked for technical and sociocultural developed ET humanities that have intuited to protect the nature of their exoplanet along with its natural resources, fauna, flora and humanity itself, and to our surprise, no humanity showed up. Undoubtedly, all the ET humanities of the universe, with technological and sociocultural development, are equally thoughtless, predatory with their environment and toxic with themselves; of course, just like Homo ‘sapiens’ is. We have named it Homo bestialis.1

A vicious and intrusive cosmic supply-plunder chain has been created between humanities. ETs and terrestrials behave in a similar way; first plunder their own planet or exoplanet and then the planets or exoplanets within their reach, with or apparently without a humanity on them. Comparable to what happens between nations on Earth.4 According to Bhrikiam, crop circles are made by them, the Ars. First, they arose by accident and later -plus another humanity that copied them- they continued to do them as amusement and a certain mockery of the gullible response of amazement of the terrestrial ones. Some designs (those with terrestrial motives) have obviously been made by earthlings, too.2-4

DNA transformation and human body crystallization

1) The fossil remains found show without a doubt that the DNA molecule is very stable, like the fossilized sponge dating back 890million years.7 The human genome even contains active genes that come from viruses and bacteria, possibly dating back to the earliest stages of the Earth’s emergence.8 2) If DNA can remain functional and replicating for so long, for the human body to crystallize and its phenotype to change, it requires its DNA -and its environment- to be drastically transformed. For this to happen, the human body will have to expose itself to the excessive degradation of fresh water and the seas, then to less and less water consumption; the depletion of water resources throughout the planet causing famines, droughts and vast desert areas; to the relentless decline of fauna and flora, having to eat mainly synthetic products; and to physical (climate change, radiation, pollution, damage to the ozone layer), chemical (innumerable toxic agents spread everywhere) and biological (very damaged human microbiome and of other biospecies, multiple ailments) deterioration of the planet and of terrestrial nature.5,9 3) It is clear that the only person capable of continuing to damage the environment is the terrestrial human, forcing his/her DNA molecule to change gradually until it ends up being transformed into another molecule and the human body into an organism (without fingers and toes) completely different from the current one. 4) Although by then she/he will be able to make absurd space trips of interstellar and intergalactic scope to go and appropriate the natural resources and elements found on an exoplanet or meteorite and that he/she has already exhausted on Earth, but also to get sick and perish on Earth or without anyone knowing it. Or perhaps to search -very difficult- for an exoplanet to invade and populate, and repeat the cycle but, comparatively, not for a long time. The excesses of the NMEGO of Homo ‘sapiens’ have no measure and there is no one who can stop them.

Homo excluduntur crematum

There are various modern and ancient evidences about the existence of giant-humans up to 2.25 to 3.0meters or more height and weighing about 150-250kilograms or more (Ts affirmed: “We used to have that height, but we don’t have it anymore.”) The main evidence is formed by the multiple skeletons (and fossil footprints) that apparently have been found on practically all continents, but that modern science has insisted on denying, hiding or destroying them. It’s about the giant that allegedly attacked a squad of US soldiers in some mountain in Afghanistan, and that apparently was looking for another squad that had disappeared. From the apparent fact that a dependency of the US Smithsonian Institution burned a large number of bones remains found in various parts of this country. Or the insistent closure of the world of specialists determined to ignore these findings, since their postulates about the origin of the human species and the current scheme about its evolutionary scheme would presumably be seriously argued; actually, following the biblical guidelines (Enoch 7:3-11). Homo sapiens name would be seriously questioned, too, once again it would deserve the name of Homo bestialis -that we applied before-1 and the giant-human might be designated as Homo excluduntur crematum or excluded and burned man.10,11

BELC of 01/29/2022. All numerical data without specific reference are approximations and were obtained with the support of Stephen Hawking and Mario Molina operating the IMBI. BEGs of giant-humans invited by us told that some of them suffered from cardiorespiratory problems that prevented them from bending over, walking fast, running, climbing a tree or the slope of a mountain to the point of dyspnea and that young people bio collapsed at around 40years of age (heart mitral valve stenosis?). Of the harassment to which they have been subjected by the human aggressor, they believe that: “It is like seeing oneself in a mirror where the reflection only terrifies the one who sees.” They consider themselves a biospecies other than the aggressor human and, due to the way they walk, they themselves are compared to giraffes. They feed on soil, insects, bears, deer, fish, bison, elephants, earthworms, plants, fruits and so on, even show some inclinations to cannibalism.4,12 The giant-humans used to be both nomadic and established settlements of several thousand people, real “cities”, too, and their burials were made in peculiar mounds visible to the eye with elaborate underground structures. For the same reason, in the 19th and 20th centuries they came to be designated as the “Mound Builders.”10 Although pictograms or drawings of animals and humans have also been found in the tombs, along with bows, spears, obsidian or copper arrowheads, axes, tomahawks, bracelets, necklaces, breastplates, and helmets, also.4,12 As well as bracelets or necklaces made of huge pearls up to the size of a walnut. For these purposes, they knew a technique to harden copper. Children already used to play with marbles, which were found in the graves of some minors.10a They “weren’t barbarians”.10a,11 They interbred with human offenders but their offspring could be infertile. In some regions, giant-humans and aggressor humans coexisted peacefully, but generally these ones attack and biocollapse the others. Presumed skeletons of Giant-humans generally have 20 fingers-toes but also present polydactyly with 24 fingers-toes in all, six on each hand and foot.10 His/her hair is usually red or auburn with light eyes or black with dark eyes.10,12 They have normal or occasionally double dentitions, front and back in each jaw, teeth that stand out for their excellent state of conservation.10,12 Around 16 teeth in each dental arch, 64 in total.12 They bit with their front teeth and chewed with their back teeth.4 The calvaria or cranial vault has a thickness of »6.1mm and the lateral ramus of the maxilla has a thickness of »20.7mm.11 The appearance of their brain is similar to that of the human aggressor and weighs from 3.0 to 4.0kg. His/her skin ranges from light to brown. Pregnancy lasts 10 to 11months and the baby weighs 6 to 8kg at birth. They used to eat the placenta. The most disconcerting and peculiar of these bone remains has been the rare anomaly of presumed skulls with horns located about 5-7cm above each superciliary crest (upper edge of each eye socket) and about 15cm long each antler. These remains, of course, also “were later reported missing.”10 They participated in the construction of pyramids, but were displaced by human aggressors, for example, in Machu Picchu in Peru or in the elaboration of Olmec heads in southern Mexico. They lived in shacks, grottos or caverns and often scratched the rocks making human, plant, animal or geometric petroglyphs. They had night vision and used to have oriental-like-eyes.12 They consider that in some mountains there are still a few giant-humans. They have interacted with the Yetis, but these take refuge in heavily wooded and snowy environments, behaving more like nomads. Afghan leaders (Amir Abdur Rahman on his behalf) have studied fossil footprints (about 35-45 cm long and with five toes) and handprints (about 25-35cm long and with five fingers) of giant-humans. The studied femurs reach »70-90cm in length or more.12 Lynn Margulis, of the alleged burning of the bones of giant-humans, stated: “Very unfortunate, however, now it shows the prejudices and the retarded, obsolete and selfish NMEGO of those who did it.” Robert W. Fri and Douglas Erwin, former directors of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, commented that the burning of the remains could have been “by orders received by those who did it” and that this “foolish” decision -Erwin said- perhaps has been made “with other findings.” For Richard J. Dewhurst, the remains of animals and plants: “They burn them with the idea of ​​disappearing what they have not been able to explain, despite knowing that their existence is possible. And with that, they deny the existence of biospecies on Earth and their antiquity.”4,10,11 James Smithson, founder of the Institution, opined: “That shouldn’t happen, doctor; it is an attack against all progress.” Carl Linnaeus, taking himself as an example, named the human Homo sapiens, I asked him his current opinion about that occurrence that his NMEGO had, he smiled and affirmed: “Doctor, it was very absurd, at that time I overestimated myself.” Homo bestialis seemed highly recommended to him “because it accurately describes human behavior.” And of a scientific practice that could hide evidence and relevant data, he stated: “That has been unfortunate for science. It is the spitting image of what you have called ´rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge´.” Charles Darwin: “Doctor, well congratulations, it is a very interesting BEL investigation that reveals how strong the human species are and that each one has managed to express itself and adapt.”4

Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman wrote about the Smithsonian Institution role in this subject: “These reports leave a very intriguing legacy to our generation to ponder. The written word constitutes a powerful record of what came before us, and for the directors of one of the worlds [sic] leading institutions to ignore or deliberately suppress their own writings and research, as well as the hundreds of news reports, leaves us to conclude that their [sic] were forces gathering at national museum that signaled an end to the true legacy of ancient America.”11 We continue to perpetuate the attitudes of the Middle Ages, whoever claims otherwise is totally lying.12,13


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