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International Journal of
eISSN: 2381-1803

Complementary & Alternative Medicine


 Assoc. Professor Prasad Mamidi
Parul University, India
Research Interest: Ayurveda, Kerala panchakarma therapy, A preliminary pharmacognostical and physicochemical evaluation of Ashwagandha and placebo
 Shrihari TG
Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, India
Research Interest: Complimentary, Alternative medicine for cancer, Iinfectious diseases
 DR Tawalare Kiran Arvind
Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India
Research Interest: Complimentary, Alternative medicine, Cancer study in perspective of Ayurveda, Anthropometry and in vitro cell line study
 Dr Vijitha Paheerathan
Eastern University, India
Research Interest: Siddha medicine, Ayurveda, Microbiology, Neurological disorders
 Zahra Hadi
University of Michigan, United States
Research Interest: Infant biology, Behavior, Anxiety
 Dr Ishwar Prakash Sharma
Patanjali Research Institute Haridwar, India
Research Interest: Botany, Plant nematology, Microbiology, Rhizosphere biology, Plant taxonomy, Plant microbes interaction, Plant-Mycorrhiza interaction
 Mohamad Mohamad Abdul-Hafeez
Animal Health Research Institute, Egypt
Research Interest: Evaluation of coomb test in brucella diagnosis; pathological studies; In vitro minimum inhibitory concentration
 Pedro Bezerra Xavier
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
Research Interest: Ozonioterapia, Laserterapia
 Rafael Dall Alba
Universidade de Brasília, Brazil
Research Interest: Collective Health, Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines, Cardiovascular research
  Mohammed Hammad Jaber
Ahfad university for women, Sudan
Research Interest: First Aid Training, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
 Gabriela Cornea
Spiru Haret University, Romania
Research Interest: Clinical psychology, Physical and Sports Education, Psychology-Pedagogy
 Dr Sujit Kumar
Vivek College of Ayurvedic Sciences and Hospital, India
Research Interest: Yoga, Molecular Modeling, Protein- Protein Interaction, Ayurvedic Sciences
 Sahana VM Vats
National College of Ayurveda, India
Research Interest: Ayurveda Pharmacology, Meteria Medica
 Dr Anthony WL Kwok
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tung Wah College, Hong Kong S.A.R.
Research Interest: Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics & Traumatology
 Antonia Echeverria
Universidad de los Andes, School of Medicine, School of Occupational Therapy, Chile
Research Interest: aging, old age, dependence, functionality, screening instruments, ADLs, occupational performance, participation and well-being
 Peneme Bonaventure Max Lazare
University Marien Ngouabi, Republic Of The Congo
Research Interest: pharmacology, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of plants, cardiovascular and neurological activities of plants