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International Journal of
eISSN: 2381-1803

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Book Review Volume 5 Issue 4

World Human Rights Needs

Dora Dragoni

Nutritionist, Acupuncture fellow at AMAB, Italy

Correspondence: Dora Dragoni, Medical Doctor, Nutrionist, personal Trainer, Acupuncture Fellow at AMAB, Italy, Tel +39 338 5085731

Received: January 30, 2017 | Published: February 8, 2017

Citation: Dragoni D (2017) World Human Rights Needs. Int J Complement Alt Med 5(4): 00157 DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2017.05.00157

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Book Review

Relating this to human rights we can say that when we accumulate damages our life system is modified negatively from electrical and chemical points of views so that automatically uncultured persons tend to rehitarate old previous past wrong behaviours like those mentioned since this is the electrical interactions between brains see their electric field such as registered by EEG and more studies in elaboration and that will this explains why human rights are to assure since persons have free will are able to understand and have right willing so that they can and have to choose how to talk and behave toward people if so okay if errors they are judged and solved so it’s clear what is the human rights human needs situation as told when our reward system life time human faces are active from physiological point of view from couple interactions too, we are to be safe so that we can and have to choose environments behaviours and any other related to our life love couple and existance chosen to get, we are in fact to be safe and secure that we can lead the life we want need and deserve for these reasons:

  1. local authorities have to
    1. Correctly guarantee right judgments without projecting their inner older overcome life travmas in populations as some extreme oriental chiefs that make laws against drug traffickers or any other minorities crimes that their family genes have as “balanced ethnic budged” to affirm, being this a humanity crime seen the intensity or quantity of persons affected by them seen human rights minimal to be assured for anyone involved.
    2. And then assure human needs to be like basic foods seen how agriculture and local fields properties by family nuclei etc and more soil country and similar regulations to get real.
  2. And world organization have to diffuse that neuroscience is not a theoretical knowledge to be done in a lab to study new receptors for which technologically advanced new economically good targets for drugs companies or similar, but it’s a science at service of humanity of which we are part as this life is, and since we are in natural synchro with all the people being as we populating our planet so my wellbeing has to involve all wellbeing too, not in only concrete terms but for sure in general ways, so that what i do determines good consequences for all, see how we can synthetize human rights going back to practically ideas to guarantee in terms of human rights we can say that as symbol sums up.
    1. Food is a human rights being this part of reward system as main one, being this already recognised a human rights, see now whys, see the more we empower people the best they can reach a human standard to live this as told has to be done in local organizations of soils so to permit to anyone a good diet as wrote.
    2. Fitness to is a human right see balancing inactivity and hyper-work, and also seen that in nature male and female BMI are often almost similar, guaranteeing this a Imogene equilibrium in the couple and family.
    3. Then mind relaxation time is mandatory to have since its basis to destress in inner way and its fundamental to assure health for person and people since as we described salutogenesis it’s important to BEFORE assure human needs then permit in a small minor perceptual other kind of medial help.
    4. Love life is basis for society meaning a theoretical group of persons since people is dynamic see people migrations in order to reach their environment their life their projects to be, love life is basis for our existance for our couple for our family created future for world to evolve to improve to exploit as deserved and in the good way we choose, seen the scientifically studies attesting that.. …being given a standard average life of 70 years we can talk about, missing human love rights means -20 years and assuring them involves +20 years, and this is also the main way to permit to all persons to accomplish genetic needs and destiny to be too, permitting in this way a world balance.
    5. Sleep is also to be protected as life need since all life beings have rest time in all their existance seen when cell take good time with lesser activity to balance the previous time what done, seen that sleep quality is the main feature to get good, seen previous parameters in symbol to be there.
    6. And finally extra rewards talking about extra rewards we can talk about any pleasant important basic activity related to couple that permit to have a good daily and life balance, and any other couple help by who can be good in the couple chosen way see sincere will and so on.

Talking about salutogenesis we can talk about alternative medicines since they are:

  1. Free in terms of how the professinist help the person.
  2. Traditional and updated, since they base on old certainties and they update as long as humans proceed in evolution and getting conscious parallel (we always have to be what we were and will).
  3. Omnicomprehensinve, since they base on the whole being of the person and they also take into consideration a global idea of person.
  4. They enrich empower the person since they put person in same level of professionist and client is improved by the talk and help.
  5. They can include more modern knowledges and techniques, being them part of a whole counselling, in which the couple is the core of the re-balance.
  6. They can learn from person and so on.
  7. They have to be the main reference since a real master is not only a science professinist but he she is also someone able to give advices to anyone in need being culture a good reference too …we could say that who is in contact with divine can always be a reference for all, but we can also say that when we help in anyway who we are and will recreate how, we are helping all and who we are.
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