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Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Volume 5 Issue 2 - 2017
Cellular Healing
Holly Fourchalk*
Choices unlimited for Health & Wellness Ltd, Canada
Received: December 28, 2016 | Published: January 25, 2017
*Corresponding author: Holly Fourchalk, Choices Unlimited for health and wellness, 14751 34a Ave, Surrey, BC V4P 0B3, Canada, Tel: +1 604-764-5203, Email:
Citation: Fourchalk H (2017) Cellular Healing. Int J Complement Alt Med 5(2): 00149. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2017.05.00149


We all know western medicine focuses on symptoms, medication and surgery. If you broke your leg or had a heart attack Western medicine is great. The challenge is that most health challenges in today’s society are chronic issues that Western medicine isn’t designed to resolve…

One of the challenges for MDs is that: medical school curriculums are orchestrated predominantly by Big Pharma; protocol and procedures are designed predominantly by Big Pharma; continuing education is provided by Big Pharma; medical journal editors are Big Pharma reps…is it any wonder that they are taught how to treat their patients in a manner that supports Big Pharma.

Real medicine has a better understanding of how incredibly interlinked the whole body/mind process is. REAL medicine looks at many diseases, ie., diabetes, as a symptom not a disease. Real medicine doesn’t prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to cover up symptoms - allowing the underlying issues to continue to evolve. Real medicine doesn’t use synthetic drugs that deplete the already compromised body of nutrients or cause cancer.

It is a simple fact that the body is responsible for thousands and thousands of functions and all of which are dependent on nutrients that we get through our diet. The fact that med school completely misses this incredibly important point is utterly amazing – unless of course you want to support Big Pharma.

Two times Nobel Prize award winning MD, Linus Pauling, coined the term orthomolecular medicine and defined it as “the preservation of good health and treatment of disease by varying the concentrations in the human body of substances that are normally present in the body and are required for health.”

The human body doesn’t create synthetic, artificial compounds. Big Pharma synthetic artificial drugs are not natural to the body. In fact, if they were natural in any way, Big Pharma would not get the patents!! They do not prevent or cure disease -they are designed to alleviate symptoms allowing the underlying issues to continue.

As we all know, these artificial synthetic drugs come with a huge number of side effects – that require even more synthetic artificial drugs!!

Dr Roby Mitchell, MD, is known for saying “You can’t medicate yourself out of a disease you behaved yourself into.”

REAL medicine looks for the underlying causes; what is actually causing the symptoms; and what nutrients the body requires to heal it.

We know, however, that usually the underlying issues have been developing for a prolonged period of time – long before the client started attending to the symptoms. As Dr Mitchell recognized, usually the symptoms are the result of poor diet/exercise and extracurricular drugs like smoking/alcohol/etc that the body has had to contend with for some time.

And as Dr Pauling recognized, the body requires normal substances to function and to heal; to support the methylation cycles, the mitochondria and healthy DNA expression.

But the challenges with REAL medicine, is that it takes time to bring the body back into balance. The body is designed to heal, but it does require the nutrients to do so. Not artificial synthetic drugs AND not artificial synthetic nutrients…the body requires the real thing!!

REAL nutrients are safe. REAL nutrients don’t have negative side effects. REAL nutrients help the body to function effectively right down to the molecular level.

The organelles in the cells require nutrients to create fuel (mitochondria); to methylate properly (4 part methylation cycle); and to express DNA effectively.

The Mitochondria produce the fuel for all functions in the cell. The Methylation Cycle is crucial to fundamental body functions:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Energy production
  3. Immune function
  4. Inflammation processes   
  5. Maintaining DNA
  6. Mood stability and more

In addition, it is crucial to the regulation and synthesis of glutathione which is hugely important…

  1. Master Anti-oxidant
  2. Endogenous – made inside of the cell
  3. Re-stabilizes itself and all other anti-oxidants
  4. Deals with all 6 categories of free radicals
  5. Works inside cell; in cell membrane; and outside of cell
  1. Detoxification
    1. Major component of Phase II in liver detox
    2. Major component of all cellular detoxification
  2. Inflammation
    1. Major component of healthy inflammation resolution
  3. Hormone regulation
    1. Involved either directly or indirectly with all hormones in the body.
  4. Cellular energy
    1. Cellular energy is provided by the ATP; created by the mitochondria – GSH is the only known molecule that protects the mitochondria
    2. Prostaglandin synthesis (vasodilation/constriction
    3. NO regulation: hormones, vasodilation, immune system,
  5. DNA
    1. Protects DNA from going sideways; involved in both or elimination of abnormal DNA also required in protein synthesis
  6.  Cellular transport
    1. Required for most amino acid transportation in the cells.
  7. Anti-aging
    1. Involved , like other anti-oxidants in preventing telomere breakdown but also the only known molecule that can provoke telomere creation
  8. Calcium movement
    1. Required for regulation of Ca movement (gating of cardio cell function)
  9. Respiratory
    1. 40% required in RBC to both pick up/release both O2 & CO2
  10. Immune System
    1. Lymphocytes, ie., T cells, macrophages, TNF, NK, etc; all require 62% to both develop and function

In fact, there is virtually no disease or disorder that isn’t caused by or correlated with low levels of glutathione. One might even suggest that if we can work with the cells to regulate and synthesize glutathione effectively, we eliminate disease and dysfunction in the body.

It is simply because glutathione is involved in virtually all cellular/organ/tissue functions but when we correct the mechanisms that are responsible for glutathione, ie. DNA expression; mitochondrial function and methylation cycles, then we have made a huge impact on all other functions in the cell as well allowing the cells/body to re-establish health in the body.

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