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eISSN: 2576-4470

Sociology International Journal


 Ana Garcia Diaz
University Complutense, Spain
Research Interest: Teaching Methods, Philosophy and Theory of Education, Policy, Music Pedagogy, Leadership
 Abdolreza Alishahi
University of Tehran, Iran
Research Interest: Political sceience, social, environment sceience
 Ayodele Johnson Oluwole
Lagos State University, Nigeria
Research Interest: Crime and Delinquency, Mass Communication,Social Thought
 Almas Heshmati
Sogang University, Korea South
Research Interest: Economics, politics, social
 Sujit Kumar Choudhary
Central University of Jharkhand, India
Research Interest: Sociology of Development, Sociology of Education, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Marginalized Groups
 Vikramendra Kumar
University of Delhi, India
Research Interest: Anthropology, Sociology
 Nurul Mohammad Zayed
Daffodil International University , Bangladesh
Research Interest: Economics, Finance, Social science
 Jesus A Valero Matas
University of Valladolid, Spain
Research Interest: Sociology, Immigration, Anthropology, Social Change, and Sociology of Religion
 Abdul Kadir Othman
Universiti Teknologi , Malaysia
Research Interest: Acquiring New Knowledge and Experiences
 Michael Bender
Tilburg University, Netherlands
Research Interest: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Applied Social Studies
 Javad Bahmani
University of Isfahan, Iran
Research Interest: Political sociology, Political science
 Sajedul Islam Khan
University of Dhaka , Bangladesh
Research Interest: Sociology
 Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka
DG, Institut des Sciences Animiques, Democratic Republic Of The Congo
Research Interest: African traditional religion; African traditional epistemology; Religious studies