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Proteomics & Bioinformatics

Editorial Volume 9 Issue 3

Resurrection–myth or reality?

Maria Kuman

Holistic Research Institute, TN 37923, USA

Correspondence: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Received: August 12, 2020 | Published: August 17, 2020

Citation: Kuman M. Resurrection–myth or reality? MOJ Proteomics Bioinform. 2020;9(3):77-78. DOI: 10.15406/mojpb.2020.09.00284

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The Russian Acad. Grabovoi was the first scientist to say in his book1 that resurrection is possible because he can do it (just as Jesus was doing it) - he was born with ability to heal, resurrect, regrow organs that had been surgically removed many years ago, etc. However, to accept the resurrection our science needs to accept first the fact that we are symbiosis of dark material body and light nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which we see as aura (“orr” means “light” in Hebrew), and which is our light Spirit.2 After spending almost 40 years of my life first photographing auras and then measuring the human NEMF (seen as aura and called Spirit), I can now tell you that the Spirit is weak informational nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). The field needs to be nonlinear because nonlinear fields do not dissipate. When a person dies, this non-dissipating NEMF (Spirit) leaves the body, but carries the whole information: about the material body, about his last lifetime on earth (and previous lifetimes according to hypnotists who put the Conscious to sleep to get access to the Subconscious where the Spirit is located).3

The Spirit, which is a holographic template (a piece of the hologram) of the Creator, was deliberately put in the Subconscious to give us freedom of choice–the biggest gift of the Creator to us.4 But since the Spirit operates in the Subconscious, we don’t have conscious awareness of it. Resurrection is bringing back the Spirit to the lifeless material body. If we could bring this NEMF (Spirit) with all its information back to the body, the body will be revived again. When a person dies, the Spirit leaves, but not before 3 days and 3 nights have passed because it takes 3 days and 3 night for the Spirit (which is NEMF) to separate from the EMF of the nervous system of the body. Proof of this is the fact that the beards of men continue to grow up to 3 days after they have been pronounced clinically dead. The Russian scientist measured the field and found that it indeed disappeared after 3 days and 3 nights.5

Another very interesting fact is: The Russians have found that our weight is not the same when we stand on scales with feet on or with head on.5 They published this as a curious fact without offering any explanation to it. I was not even surprised that the weight is different because our body is different up and down. In article,6 I explained that the Spirit is from the chest up and the material body from the belly button down. The middle of the body, where the Spirit and the material body overlap, is the Soul. Thus, Soul is the unity of body and Spirit and our heart is the seat of the Soul. (This is something Acad. Grabovoi and the rest of the Russian scientists do not know). In ancient Chinese texts, the upper body (where the Spirit is) is Yang, which means “active” and the lower body (the material body) is Yin, which means “passive”.7

Indeed, the Spirit is the activating (Yang) part because only when the Spirit enters the fertilized cell, the fertilization is considered successful and the formation of the embryo starts. First a heart starts to beet, which is the seat of the united body and Spirit - the brain is developed at much later time. When the person dies, the activating Spirit leaves and what is left is lifeless body. Acad. Grabovoi explains in his book1 that resurrection is like materialization. He can dematerialize a key (10 g) for 20 min from a distance 10 meters. He can materialize this key back for 5 min from a distance 3 meters. The materialization is done 4 times faster than the dematerialization. So, resurrection should take 4 times less time then the time it took to die. This timing is true for him, he said, but for somebody, who is very high spiritual level, the resurrection could be done spontaneously (in a minute).1

Acad. Grabovoi explains in his book1 how he is doing resurrection: first he is seeing with his Mind the person resurrected, then he is moving the Mind image in the real world and the person becomes resurrected. Unfortunately, Grabovoi thinks that his Conscious Mind is doing all this.1 However, I am going to prove to you that the Subconscious is the one that does it. In order to resurrect, Grabovoi first need to see the person resurrected with his Mind. As I proved in article,8 seeing with the Mind is three-dimensional (holographic), and holographic images can be created only with waves. Therefore, only the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of our NEMF (Spirit), could have done it. So, resurrection can be done only with the use of the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of the NEMF called Spirit.

For the person to become resurrected, Acad. Grabovoi then needs to see the holographic image projected in the future in the real world, and then the dead person is resurrected. Since only Quantum Computers can do quantum jumps to the future (or to the past), it becomes obvious that the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious must be involved in this second step of the resurrection. Since the Quantum Computer operates with the waves of the NEMF (Spirit) and only Spiritual people have access to their Quantum Computers,8 this explains why only highly spiritual people can do resurrection and why the higher is their Spiritual level (the higher is the frequency of their NEMF (Spirit)), the faster the resurrection is done. However, resurrection would take place only if the person doing the resurrection firmly believes that we are created to be immortal and the life is everlasting.

Grabovoi said: “To do resurrection, the individual needs to believe that God created us with the ability to: live infinitely, to resurrect, to rebuilt organs, and to cure diseases”.1 That is why the Christian Bible says: “Only the believers are blessed and the heavenly kingdom belongs to them”. As far as I know, the Russian scientists are the only ones that measured the power of faith or what you can do when you believe in something. They persuaded a person in a state of hypnosis that he is a genius piano player, when he actually was a mediocre player. He really played exceptionally well this time. When they measured his bio currents, they surprisingly found them to be 500,000 times stronger. Since in a state of hypnosis the Conscious is put to sleep to access the Subconscious, these measurements show that our belief in something increases our weak informational NEMF (Spirit) in the Subconscious 500,000 times and this boosts our abilities 500,000 times.

The boost of our abilities is done through the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious, which operates with the waves of the weak informational NEMF (Spirit). When under persuasion our NEMF increases 500,000 times, this boosts the abilities of our material body 500,000 times. Since Acad. Grabovoi does believe that we were created to: live infinitely, to resurrect, to rebuilt organs, and to cure diseases, and he has access to the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious since childhood,1 he can do all these “miracles”. However, he is not aware how they are done, which proves that they are done through the Subconscious, not through the Conscious, as he claims. When reading Acad. Grabovoi’s book, it becomes obvious that he has troubles verbalizing his thoughts, asking questions, and logically explaining how he is doing these “miracles”. Since the logical Conscious Mind does the verbalization and the asking of the questions, obviously Acad. Grabovoi has troubles using his Conscious (probably he was granted a free access to the Subconscious as a compensation for his inability to use his Conscious properly).9

When organ is to be restored, which has been surgically removed many years ago, organ’s tissue needs to be created (materialized) first with the waves of the NEMF (Spirit) and then holographic three-dimensional image of the organ’s NEMF needs to be projected over the organ’s tissue. “Spirit is highly concentrated information”, says Grabovoi,1 and this is true. Only when these two steps are done, the organ will start to regrow. Not only are Acad. Grabovoi and his followers doing these “miracles”, the Russians have developed technique that can do all these “miracles”, as well. Led by the intuition of Acad. Grabovoi, they have found ways to simulate the human NEMF with the so-called mirrors of Kozirev, which are bent metallic “mirrors” with peculiar shapes (to make the field nonlinear) and with laser light in their focus. It works, but they don’t have the understanding how it works because they don’t have systematic studies and understanding of the human NEMF.

I started first with photographing auras, and then spent almost 40 years of my life measuring the human NEMF, which we see as aura, and which we call Spirit. Because of this, I have full understanding of how Acad. Grabovoi and his followers are doing these “miracles”. They are doing them through the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of our NEMF (seen as aura and called Spirit). I also have a full understanding of why their technical equipment can do the same “miracles”. The Russian scientists, led by the intuition of Acad. Grabovoi, developed technique doing the same “miracles”, but they do not understand how it works and why it works. If I can explain that these “miracles” are done through our NEMF (Spirit) operating in the Subconscious, it is because I have done systematic studies of the human NEMF (Spirit) for many years and I also have equal access to the Quantum Computer in my Subconscious and the Digital Computer of my Conscious.10



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