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Proteomics & Bioinformatics

Editorial Volume 9 Issue 3

How common is homosexuality and what is causing it?

Maria Kuman

Holistic Research Institute, TN 37923, USA

Correspondence: Maria Kuman, Holistic Research Institute, 1414 Barcelona Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923, USA

Received: September 14, 2020 | Published: September 21, 2020

Citation: Kuman M. How common is homosexuality and what is causing it? MOJ Proteomics Bioinform. 2020;9(3):80-81. DOI: 10.15406/mojpb.2020.09.00285

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Most of the people think that the homosexuals just imagine that they are the opposite sex. I am going to show you that homosexuality is not a question of mind-setting by introducing you to homosexuality among animals. Homosexual behavior was found in every geographic region of planet Earth and in every major animal group–the total of 450 species of animals were found to exhibit homosexual behavior. 10% of the domestic male sheep refuse to mate with females; they prefer to mate with other male sheep instead. With the giraffes, it is the other way around–9 out of 10 pairings are between males only. For black swans, 25% of the pairings are between males. Among the birds mallards 19% are homosexual. Homosexuality is common between penguins, Amazon dolphins, American bison, lions, elephants, chimps, bats, etc.1

Presently, there is no explanation of what causes homosexuality–scientists theorize that it is caused by genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences.2 But the fact that from two identical twins (with the same DNA and the same hormonal and environmental influences) one can be homosexual and the other heterosexual3 throws these theorizing arguments out of the window. Also, the ratio of homosexuality among identical twins was found to be the same as among the rest of the population.4 This could mean only one thing–homosexuality is not related to DNA or hormonal and environmental influences. So, homosexuality is a result of what?

It is high time to acknowledge the fact that we are not only body–we are dark material body and light nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which we see as aura. I have measured this field for almost 40 years. It is weak NEMF–it is 1,000 times weaker than the field created by the bio currents of the body. I had to develop a special sensitive equipment to be able to measure it.5 The measurements showed that this weak field rules and regulates all the functions in the body–not with its strength, but with the information it carries. The health imbalance first appear in this weak informational field and it takes 5 to 7 years until it manifest itself in the physical body as a chronic disease with symptoms.6 I have the scientific proof that acupuncture heals by correcting the imbalances in this weak informational field.6

This explains why acupuncture was used in ancient time mainly to prevent diseases. In ancient China, everybody was visiting his acupuncturist 4 times a year for check-ups and paying for these check-ups. Pulse diagnostic was used, which by measuring the pulse on arms, legs, neck, etc. and comparing them could detect minor phase shifts in the waves of this weak informational NEMF, which if not treated would lead with time to a disease.6 If a minor deviation was found, it was eliminated with one acupuncture treatment. However, if the person were becoming sick, the acupuncturist was supposed to treat him with a series of 14 daily treatments for free, because he didn’t do his preventive job properly. Thus, it was in the interest of the doctor to keep everybody healthy.6

The weak informational NEMF, which we see as aura (‘orr’ means light in Hebrew) is also called Spirit. This makes everybody of us–a dark material body and light NEMF (Spirit). So, if identical twins (who have the same DNA and the same hormonal and environmental influences) can be: one of them homosexual while the other is heterosexual the only thing that could be different is the Spirit. The homosexuals have male body, but female Spirit or vise-versa female body and male Spirit. Therefore, the homosexuality is here to open our eyes and make us see that we are not only material body–we are a dark material body and light Spirit, which is the NEMF seen as aura.

Since acupuncture heals by balancing the NEMF (Spirit): 1/ the homosexuals with male body and female Spirit need to be treated with acupuncture as females according to their female Spirit, but treated with drugs as males because the drugs work through their male body,7 and 2/ the homosexuals with female body and male Spirit need to be treated with acupuncture as males according to their male Spirit, but treated with drugs as females because the drugs work through their female body.7

There is a way to check what I just said. Usually, the pulse is checked before acupuncture treatment. Normally, in man the pulse of the right arm is stronger, while in women the pulse of the left arm is stronger. The pulse diagnostician will know when checking the pulse that the person is homosexual: 1/ if a man has the pulse of the left hand stronger, he is homosexual, and 2/ if a woman has the pulse of her right hand stronger, she is homosexual. A different way to check to which gender a person belongs is to measure the spinning of the Spirit.

Where from the gender difference left-right comes? Our NEMF (Spirit) has the shape of a donut and it spins, but it spins in opposite direction in males and females at the same time of day or night. During the day, the male Spirit spins clockwise (with the right arm forward), which makes the pulse of the right arm stronger, and his donut-shape Spirit sucks energy from the atmosphere through the vortex on the top of the head to become active.8 During the day, the female Spirit spins counterclockwise (with the left arm forward), which makes the pulse of her left arm stronger, and her donut-shape Spirit sucks energy from the earth through the anti-vortex at the tailbone to become active.8

Our NEMF (Spirit) is plasma (the aura is plasma) and when it spins in opposite direction in males and females, it cranks magnetic fields with opposite polarity. Thus, the attraction between the sexes is magnetic in origin9 and if a homosexual man is attracted to another man, it is because the other man has female Spirit (NEMF), which spins in opposite direction. The same is true for women. If homosexual woman is attracted to another woman, it is because the other woman has male Spirit (NEMF), which spins in opposite direction.



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