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Gerontology & Geriatrics

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics (MOJGG) is an internationally peer-reviewed open access journal related to the latest trends and advances in the field of gerontology and geriatrics. Gerontology and geriatrics is a speciality that focuses on social, psychological, biological aspects of aging and health care of elderly people. It aims in studying biogerontology, sociogerontology, geroscience, psychogerontology, investigating the effects of an ageing population on society, applying this knowledge to policies and programs, including the macroscopic (for example, government planning) and microscopic (for example, running a nursing home) perspectives. MOJGG welcomes original research papers, reviews and evaluation, expert opinions, case studies and short notes of scientific excellence related to afore mentioned field.

Latest Articles

Mini Review Open Access

Older adult students with special educational needs in the university environment

Ana Mercedes Vernia Carrasco 

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - April 26, 2023

Mini Review Open Access

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (prep) to acquired human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among men who have sex with men (MSM): contributions of modern nursing to the elderly population

Maurício Caxias de Souza,1 Aurilene Josefa Cartaxo de Arruda Cavalcanti,2 Juliana Meira de Vasconcelos Xavier,3 Daiana Beatriz de Lira e Silva,4 Pablo Henrique Araujo da Silva,5 Paulo Isaac de Souza Campos

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - April 24, 2023

Review Article Open Access

Pressure ulcers in older adults in a permanent geriatric stay

Claudia Marcela Cantu Sanchez, Jorge Emmanuel Mejía Benavides, Eugenia Barreto Arias, Greever María Ávila Sánsores 

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - March 27, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Review Article Open Access

Aging and long COVID-19 syndrome: what’s new in 2023?

Ray Marks 

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - February 22, 2023

Opinion Open Access

Rosacea: a kidney disease

Paul TE Cusack 

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - February 9, 2023

Review Article Open Access

Music to combat stress during the pandemic: brief theoretical review

Ana Mercedes Vernia Carrasco

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - January 23, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Mortality in elderly hemodialysis patients, influence of frailty and comorbidity

João Fernandes,1 Bruno Dias,1 Andreia Campos,1 Jorge Malheiro,1,2,3 Josefina Santos1

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - January 2, 2023

Research Article Open Access

Musical practice to improve the quality of life in older people

Ana Mercedes Vernia Carrasco

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics - December 21, 2022

Short Communication Open Access