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eISSN: 2574-8114

Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology


 Jinfa Ming
Qingdao University, China
Research Interest: Nonwoven materials, Silk fibroin biomaterials and bionics materials, Nanofiber, Hydroxyapatite & Calcium carbonate crystal, Hydrogel
 Rick Lam
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong S.A.R.
Research Interest: Technical Design, Garment Fitting and Draping, Tailoring, Sewing, Denim, Woven, Sweaters, Vendor Management
 Vinay Guddo Nadiger
NMIMS University shirpur campus, India
Research Interest: Textile Technology, Chemical processing Technology, Eco-friendly Textiles, Textile Testing, Technical Services in Marketing, Quality Control and Assurance, Trouble shooters
 Jitendra Ajmeri
Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, India
Research Interest: Technical Textiles, Knitting Technology, Modern Weaving Technology, Fibre Science & Elements of Textile Structure, Process & Quality Control In Weaving, Yarn Manufacturing, Man-made Fibre Technology
 J Hayavadana
Osmania University, India
Research Interest: Fibre assemblies, Polyester Weight Reduction, Blends Hydrolysis
 Reazuddin Repon
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Research Interest: Smart textile, Technical textile, Natural coloration, Fibre reinforced composite
 Dr. Yan Liu
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Research Interest: Art and Technology of Ancient Jewellery; Silk Road Archaeology; Prestige gold in ancient world; East Asian lacquer art
 Münire Sibel Çetin
Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey
Research Interest: Product Development Clothing Ergonomics, Textiles, Textile Engineering, Product Design, Anthropometric Measurements, Textile Industry, Ergonomic Design, Surveys/questionnaires Textile Machinery
 Dr. Nidhi Goyal
Royal University for Women, Bahrain
Research Interest: Smart textiles and nanomaterials for textile application, Textile Science, finishing & Processes, Fashion Trend & forecasting, New developments in apparel and textile, Apparel, Accessories, Design & Construction, Retail, Marketing, Merchandising & Consumer behavior, Image styling and fashion media make up
 Dr. Rong Yin
North Carolina State University, United States
Research Interest: Advanced yarn and textile manufacturing, Innovative and sustainable textile technology, Performance modeling of textile products and systems, Thermal protective clothing, Wearable electronics, Soft actuators and robots
 Dr. Hye-Won Lim
University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Research Interest: Fashion design innovation, Digital garment production, Garment technology, Creative pattern cutting, Anthropometric data analysis, Clothing size and fit
 Gayle Fenny
Manchester Fashion Institute, United Kingdom
Research Interest: Fashion & Textiles, Luxury Goods Management, Clothing, Garments
 Dr. Jayne Mechan
Manchester Metropolitan University , United Kingdom
Research Interest: Fashion Technology innovations and implementations through design and product development , 3D digital simulation of fashion as a process and end product, Digital garment innovation, Body Scan and body representation in digital fashion processes, Avatars and fashion bodies, 2D and 3D CAD for fashion, 3D printing
 Cheung Ling Jenny
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R.
Research Interest: Womenswear and Accessory Design, Footwear and Technology, Surface Textile Design, Fashion Drawing, Fashion Trend Forecasting, Design Education
 Raluca Brad
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania
Research Interest: Knitting technology, Computer aided design, Quality assurance, Textile engineering
 Dr. Hafiz Faisal Siddique
Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic
Research Interest: Spinning, Dyed yarns, Textile Engineering, knitting Fabrics, Compression Garments (Production/Testing), Textile Comfort and mechanical characterization expert
 Sanjida Sultana
Bangladesh University of Textiles, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Wet processing, Fabrics, Dyeing, Textile Engineering
 Dr. Shereen Bahlool
Helwan University, Egypt
Research Interest: Cotton Research, Nanotechnology, Antimicrobial finishing and Enzymatic treatment, Textile treatments, Dye affinity
 Assoc. Prof.Umurzakova Halima Khabibullaevna
Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, Uzbekistan
Research Interest: Technology of textile materials and primary processing of raw materials
 Asst. Prof. Md Moniruzzaman
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology, Bangladesh
Research Interest: Culture analysis for fashion, Trend research, Pattern making, Fit evaluation, Product design, Sample development, Digital pattern making, 3d design
 Dr. Avik Kumar Dhar, PhD
University of Georgia, United States
Research Interest: Nonwoven, Sustainable and Biodegradable Polymer, Functional Fibers, Protective Clothing, Coating of Textiles, Nanocomposite Materials, Wastewater Treatment
 Dr. Artemísia Lima Caldas, PhD
Federal University of Piauí, Brazil
Research Interest: Anthropometry and clothing comfort, Contemporary perspectives on arts, design and heritage within the scope of social museology, Marketing, management and communication of the fashion design product, Fashion, clothing technology as sustainability for today's market
 Gabriela Lúcio De Sousa
Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Research Interest: Textile conservation, Fashion museology and gender museology
 Asst, Prof. Sowmya N
Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design, India
Research Interest: Draping, Pattern making, Fiber and yarn science, Textile testing, Visual merchandising, Fashion accessories, Apparel management, Dyeing and printing, Fashion portfolio, Medical textile, Sports textile, Textile science, Fashion styling