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Why does MedCrave ask for processing fees?

Because we don't charge subscription or access fees, we ask authors to contribute to costs incurred by processing and publishing Open Access work. When you make a contribution to your MedCrave Open Access journal, you're funding tools and resources such as:

  • Plagiarism check that certifies the originality of your writing.
  • In-depth peer review and editorial comments from established experts in your field.
  • Thorough proofreading and copyediting from our Editorial Analysts to bring your article up to publishing standards.
  • Typesetting and formatting for PDF and HTML versions of your work, as well as print versions upon request.
  • DOI reference number for proper citation.
  • Permanent web hosting for your articles and globally unrestricted access to your content.
  • Indexing in all applicable partnered databases and reference services.

Processing fees vary depending on the type of article:

Letter to EditorOpinionShort CommunicationMini ReviewReview ArticleCase ReportResearch Article
$ 740$ 740$ 740$ 1100$ 1400$ 1100$ 1400
(Pay extra $300 to get 50 reprints)
€ 695€ 695€ 695€ 1033€ 1315€ 1033€ 1315
(Pay extra €290 to get 50 reprints)

We will never charge submission fees or reading fees. Author contributions to processing costs are only applicable after final acceptance of your article, and are not assessed at the beginning of the process. Most scholars rely on funding from their universities or institutions to cover the costs of Open Access publishing. Independent scholars or authors working in hardship zones may be eligible for waivers for publishing costs; waivers will be determined on a case-by-case basis and low and middle income economies.