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Neurology & Stroke

Journal of Neurology & Stroke (JNSK) is an international peer reviewed multi-disciplinary open access journal which deals with the study and development in the field of neurology. Neurology is that part of medical science which deals with staging, symptoms, treatment of neurological problems. It also deals with any other aspect concerned with human brain. The scope of JNSK is vast in nature and hence, it accepts well research articles, reviews, rapid communications and editorials from scholars or researchers of this field.


Latest Articles

Review Article Open Access

Clinical characteristics of 24 patients of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage surgically evacuated within one year in two centers, Egypt, and neurosurgical view

Mohamed E Elsebaey,1 Ahmed K A El-Hady,1 Mohamed Elshenawy,1 Alaa M Elkasrawy,1 Yasser M Elkhwalka,1 Mohamed Hassan Mahmoud,2 Mohamed E Shamia,2 Mohamed Abass,2 Ahmed B Shehata,2 Sherif H ElKhatib,2 Ahmed M Abd Monaem2

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - August 23, 2019

Research Article Open Access

Review Article Open Access

Cognitive stimulation program mediated by digital inclusion and walking practice

Rodrigo de Rosso Krug,1 Lucas Wibelinger de Campos,2 Leonardo Henrique da Silva,1 Juliedy Waldow Kupske,1 Patrícia Mariotto Mozzaquatro Chicon,3 Moane Marchesan4

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - July 31, 2019

Case Report Open Access

Nucleus ventralis oralis anterior a potential target in deep brain stimulation for post anoxic dystonia?

Maher Mansour,1 Yasser-M Mansour,2 Leila Mansour,2 Janardan Vaidyanathan3

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - July 30, 2019

Opinion Open Access

Dissociation: The functional dysfunction

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - July 23, 2019

Review Article Open Access

Case Report Open Access

Co-existence of arterio-venous malformation and saccular bifurcation aneurysm of a 48years old patient, presented with massive intracranial hemorrhage: case report

Ayub Ansari, Asifur Rahman, NazminAhmed, ABM Manwar Hossain, Soumen Samadder, Mohammad Samsul Arifin, Robert Ahmed Khan, ASM Abu Obaida, Mohtasimul Hasan, Bipin Chaurasia

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - July 12, 2019

Case Report Open Access

Intracranial stent placement for an acute ischemic stroke in a young patient with intracranial arterial dissection

Pranitha Reddy Arrabyru, Rakesh Khatri, Alberto Maud, Gustavo Jose Rodriguez

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - July 9, 2019

Case Report Open Access

Two cases of atypical foramen magnum meningioma presenting as rotatory paralysis

Moududul Haque, Nwoshin Jahan, Shahnawaz Bari, KM Tarekul Islam, Shamsul Alam,ATM Mosharef Hossain, Ashifur Rahman Bijou,  Rajib Bhattacharya, Bipin chaurasia

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - July 1, 2019

Clinical Images Open Access

Intramedullary abscess of the cervical spinal cord in an HIV-1 infected patient

Monique Boukobza, Jean-Pierre Laissy

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - June 26, 2019

Short Communication Open Access

Association of normal blood pressure with mouth shape 

Muhammad Imran Qadir, Muhammad Kashan Javed

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - June 21, 2019

Case Report Open Access

A breakdown in institutional communication to detect and treat ADHD: case report

Ángela María Vargas Rodríguez, Sofía Margarita Vinasco Molina

Journal of Neurology & Stroke - June 14, 2019