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Journal of
eISSN: 2373-633X

Cancer Prevention & Current Research


 Jang Bahadur Prasad
KLE University , India
Research Interest: Epidemiology, Biostatistics
 Jinglan Liu
Thomas Jefferson University, United States
Research Interest: clinical cytogenetics, anatomy and cell biology, cytogenetics
 Manik Kuvalekar
Baylor College Of Medicine, United States
Research Interest: Competent in clinical procedures such as manufacture of SARS-CoV-2 specific cells lines, patients cell lines targeting lymphomas and leukemias, cryopreservation as per GMP compliance, aseptic technique, hemocytometry, molecular biology assays and T cell functional assays
 Akshar Trivedi
Baylor College of Medicine, United States
Research Interest: Cancer Immunotherapy, Immunology, Cellbiology, Microbiology
 Fatma Seçer Çelik
Konya Food and Agriculture University, Turkey
Research Interest: Cancer Biology, Metastasis, Apoptosis, Immunology
 Shibo Yu
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Research Interest: Cancer Research