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eISSN: 2574-8092

International Robotics & Automation Journal


 Dr Francesco Alessandro Mistretta
Urological Research Institute , Italy
Research Interest: Focal therapy of Prostate Cancer, Endoscopic treatment of urological disease, Robot-assisted and minimal invasive urological surgical procedure
 Alejandro Payan De Tejada Alonso
Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
Research Interest: Automation, Sensors and Actuators
 Asst. Pofessor Anish Pandey
KIIT University, India
Research Interest: Mobile Robot Navigation, Soft Computing Techniques, Optimization, Human Robots, Aerial Robots
 Assoc. Pofessor Ashok Kumar S
Vel Tech University, India
Research Interest: Electronics Engineering, Applied Electronics
 Professor Awasthi Yk
Manav Rachna University, India
Research Interest: Modeling high-frequency passive microwave components, Microwave antenna as 5G & Nano, Metamaterial absorber & cloaking, Study of transient, RF Power Transfer & Energy Harvesting etc.
 Dr Bowen Yi
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Research Interest: Nonlinear observers, Nonlinear systems
 Daria Joanna Hemmerling
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
Research Interest: Robotics
 Dr Himanshu Singh
University of Delhi South Campus, India
Research Interest: Modeling & Simulation of Microwave Integrated Circuits/Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits Components and Microwave & THz Antennas for Modern Communication, Computational Electromagnetics
 Dr Xiaohui Huang
East China Jiaotong University , China
Research Interest: Data mining, clustering, social media analysis, text clustering
 Asst Professor Joao Paulo
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Research Interest: Sensors,Semiconductor
 Dr Navid Razmjooy
Tafresh Univerity, Iran
Research Interest: Soft Computing, Machine Vision, Evolutionary Algorithms, Classification Algorithms, Clustering Algorithms, Image Processing, Neural Network, Control Systems, Fuzzy Logic
 Dr Rasoul Nikbakhti
University of Tasmania, Australia
Research Interest: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics
 Asst. Professor Sachin Kumar
ABES Engineering College, India
Research Interest: Computational Electromagnetics, Antenna Theory & Design, RF MEMS, Microwave Devices, Metamaterials, RFID, Wireless Communication, Satellite and Radar Applications, Automation & Robotics, Biomedical Imaging
 Asst. Professor Sahil Garg
National Institute Of Technology, India
Research Interest: Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical workshop
 Asst. Prof. Dr SA Mohan Krishna
VTU, India
Research Interest: Thermal Engineering and Composite Materials
 Aswath Suresh
New York University, United States
Research Interest: Robotics, Autonomous Driving
 Dr Pouria Razzaghi
Southern Methodist University, United States
Research Interest: Dynamics and modeling, Controls, Mechatronics, Robotics
 Davood Pour Yousefian Barfeh
Technological Institute of the Philippines , Iran
Research Interest: Computer Vision/ Digital Image Processing, Robotics
 Rahul Reddy Nadikattu
University of the Cumberlands, United States
Research Interest: Information Technology, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Information Governance, Emerging threats and countermeasures
 Dr Froilan D Mobo
Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, Philippines
Research Interest: Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Social Sciences
 Dr Alireza Valipour Baboli
Technical and Vocational University, Iran
Research Interest: Fixed point theorem, Measure of noncompactness, Functional Analysis, Real Analysis, Fuzzy Spaces, Impulsive Differential Equations
 Abdullah El-Bayoumi
Group of Electronic Expertise & Development Services, Valeo, Egypt
Research Interest: software architecture, functional safety, autonomous driving, electrification, analog/ mixed signal design
 Dr Myint Thein
Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar
Research Interest: Solid and structural mechanics, Vibration, Simulation, Robotics, Measurement and instrumentation, Laser interferometer measurement and Automobile technologies
 Aditya Chivate
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, United States
Research Interest: Manufacturing, Production systems, Rapid prototyping, Industrial automation and 3D printing
 Bhavisha Kondhol
Elmach Packages (I) PVT LTD, India
Research Interest: CAD-CAM, Robotics, Optimisation, Industrial automation , Rapid prototyping, Dynamic analysis, Simulation, Solidmechanics
 Dr. Manjunatha B
JSS Science and Technology University, SJCE, India
Research Interest: Manufacturing Technology, Industrial and production Engineering
 Dr Chaker Jebari
University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Oman
Research Interest: Text mining, text classification, machine learning, genre identification, Natural Language Processing, Citation analysis
 Dr Majidah Hameed Majeed
Diyala University, Iraq
Research Interest: Analog communication, Digital Communication, Electric Circuits, Analog Electronics , Digital Electronic, Signal and Systems , Automatic Control Systems , Programmable Logic Controller , Networks , Digital Control , Control Tools and Energy Transducer
 Ariful Mashud
ZF Technical Centre Indiac, India
Research Interest: Sliding mode control, Control allocation, Fault detection and isolation, Machine Learning, Neural Network Control System, Computational Robotics, Descriptor Systems, Process Dynamics and Control, Philosophy and Human Behaviour
 Varad Vishwarupe
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Engineering Design, Analytics and Data Science.
 Somil Nishar
Colorado State University Pueblo, United States
Research Interest: Technology, Science, AI, Automation, Robotics, and Mechatronics