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International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal

Review Article Volume 3 Issue 4

The brain net: violating the privacy of university students

David Salinas Flores

Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru

Correspondence: David Salinas Flores, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, Tel 511996371790

Received: July 28, 2018 | Published: August 6, 2018

Citation: Salinas D. The brain net: violating the privacy of university students. Int Phys Med Rehab J. 2018;3(4):321-332. DOI: 10.15406/ipmrj.2018.03.00124

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Recently, the press and the transnational communication companies are promoting the Brain net, a means of communication developed in a person who has in his brain, implants, nanobots or microchips with which a teletransmission of his/her daily life would be performed. This is sent via wifi to cell phones, computers and televisions. The Brain net is promoted as a benefit for the society; however, it really is a permanent violation of privacy. There are many evidences that indicate that the US armed forces, the United Nations, the transnational technology companies and the owners of TV channels have developed a corrupt network to implement the Brain net worldwide mainly in Latin American universities, being one of its main objectives to obtain university students' sex life. This corrupt network has as main operators the rectors, professors and students who would be spying their own female fellow students with the Brain net. It is necessary that society is informed on the truth about the Brain net and that the authorities take the preventive measures to block the massive espionage on female university students using the Brain net, violating their privacy, destroying their honor and their future

Keywords: internet, brain-computer interface, privacy, latin america, nanotechnology, crime


The Brain net is a means of communication developed in a person who has invasive neurotechnology, nanobots,1 microchips,2,3 or brain implants like the cortical modem,4,5 devices that act as a TV antenna translating the digital information into analogical one, which allows broadcasting information from the brain and being sending via wifi to cell phones,1,2 computers,3,5 televisions and even to other brains,6 thus a televisualization of daily life can be performed with the Brain net. In short, a person's daily activity can be seen with the Brain net in a cell phone (Figure 1).

The Brain net is promoted in the press by US scientists like the US physicist Michio Kaku,7,8 Google head of engineering Ray Kurzweil,9 the Brazilian Miguel Nicolelis10,11 and the Venezuelan José Luis Cordeiro;12,13 some popular science magazines promote it as the Web 3.014 (Figure 2).

Figure 1 The brain net.
Michio Kaku promoting the Brain net (left), Brain nanobot: Acts as a “TV antenna” when connects to the neuron and allows the Brain net ; the nanobot acts as transducer of the brain signal transmitting it via wifi to TVs, computers, cell phones or to other human brains (right).

Source Reference32 (Left) Copyright author (Right).

Figure 2 The Brain net promotion.
Latin America magazine promoting the Brain net with the slogan “your life online” “all you can know, see and listen without using cables” (left); Miguel Nicolelis, Brazilian scientist, subliminally promotes the Brain net in Wikipedia (center); the promotion of Black Mirror “the Brain net will be your arkangel guardian” (right).

Source Left (Reference14) Center (Wikipedia) TV series Black Mirror (Right)

Kurzweil says about brain net in humans: “Human brains can connect to the cloud, which will allow us to send thoughts or memories”.9

It is necessary to highlight that Michio Kaku, the main promoter of the Internet, has expressed that he only reports on technological innovations in humans such as the brain net, when prototypes already exist.15

Kaku says: “I know it’s going to happen because I see the prototypes. I make all these predictions based on what I actually see in the laboratory. When making predictions, I have two criteria: the laws of physics must be obeyed and prototypes must exist”.15

Recently he says: “Telepathy, telekinesis, uploading memories, are now possible”16 Surprisingly, the Brain net release is announced in very close dates like 2020 (3, 5), The brain net promoters emphasize: “the Internet might be replaced by a Brain-net, in which emotions, sensations, memories and thoughts are sent over the Internet” 17 “Brain net to replace internet”18 In 2015, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said: "I respond very simply, the Internet will disappear”19 The mistery is that the brain net only has been reported in experiments with animals, such as monkeys and rats.20–22

Neither the promoting scientists nor the press explain how it is developing in humans; its development necessarily requires risky human experimentations. Given the almost impossibility that there are volunteers for this kind of high risk illicit human experiments with brain nanobots or microchips, the suspicion of forced and secret human experimentations in the world appears, mainly in Latin America.

The Brain net problem aggravates given the easiness of its development. Recent scientific researches alert that the nanobots could be secretly and illicitly administered in drinks and food en masse, mainly in alcohol drinks like beer, that facilitate the actions of brain nanobots.

It is necessary to stand out that although the Brain internet is promoted by the press as a benefit,1 Brain net allows getting the private life mainly the sex one, getting the audiovisual extortion material, stealing intellectual information, and getting brain algorithms, judicial information, confession secrets, prayers, credit cards passwords or any other kind of private information.

The Brain net aims to become the most powerful extortion, mind control, honor destruction and privacy violation weapon owned by the common crime, organized crime, the state terrorism and the cyberwar.


One of the main target groups of the Brain net mafia is the female population, since a main objective of journalistic mafias is young women's sex life; these mafias would have as one of their main targets the Latin American female university students. These mafias seek their sex lives using the Brain net (Figure 3) (Figure 4) Unfortunately, there is a strong suspicion that there would be an extensive world network to spy on university students, mainly in Latin America, which would be organized by the US armed forced and the rector's offices of Latin American universities in illicit association with mafias of journalist, professors and students, which would be carrying out spying and video edition of their classmates private lives.

Figure 3 Latin America female university students: Main objective of the Brain net mafia. San Marcos University students in Peru.
Source Reference35

Figure 4 The Brain net: Getting university students sex life.
Source Copyright author

The criminal secretly administered, to the female university student, the brain nanobots through food and drinks; once they are ingested they connect to the neurons and act as “TV antenna”; the brain information is transmitted via wi fi directly to computers or cell phones. Mafias of journalists obtain their booty: University student sex life.

This suspicion is supported by the following

  1. Recent researches that warn of a terrorist organization organized by the economic powers and transnational technology companies that are developing secretly and illicitly neuroscientific human experimentation with brain microchips and nanobots in the world, that is called “the nanomafia”.23–29 This neuroscientific experimentation, according to recent publications, would be experiments using the Brain net like the one Google would be performing with the Google brain microchip.30
  1. The frequent and unusual visits to Latin American countries made by the Brain net promoters like Michio Kaku who has visited México and Colombia.31–33

The Michio kaku promotion in Latin America is: “The future is already here, what happens is unevenly distributed”.

  1. The subliminal advertising campaign to lose the privacy in Latin America promoted by transnational technology companies like Facebook 23,34 and the press, probably seek the voluntary acceptance of the Brain net, of the complete espionage of their whole life. It is common to see in Peruvian malls as Plaza Real, phrases like:

 “Let the world watch you”

There is an advertising mega-campaign that seeks to get the citizens accustomed to their lives "being part of a film", part of a TV series programming; the actual objective is to seek the voluntary consent so the citizen accepts the televisualization of their whole life, thus, the transnational companies will have legal access to people's private lives without legal claim. As an example, DirecTV promotes in Peruvian malls as Megaplaza the campaign “be part of the programming” inviting passers-by to enter a TV set.

  1. The "innovation" projects development in Latin American universities.

Harvard University has described the National University of San Marcos, the oldest of South America,35 as “the best university with innovation projects”36 and has given a great amount of scholarships to 142 students37 in order to develop "innovation" projects. Recent researches warn that “innovation” is only a camouflage to manufacture the consent for the voluntary use of brain microchips;23,28 therefore, Harvard donations would probably be intended to develop dangerous nanotechnology projects like the Brain net and mind control. The recent and surprising meeting of all the students of San Marcos for “unify his studies” in one location, the university city,39,40 really would have as main secret objective facilitate the USA espionage, brain mapping and mind control with the brain net of women students of San Marcos University.

In the National University of San Marcos, the School of Administrative Sciences is one of the main promoters of “innovation” and organizes suspicious visits of US radiologist like Gregory Evans41 in order to participate in “innovation fairs” like “ideando San Marcos”42 giving lectures that promote “innovation" and giving computers. Given the used transhumanist terminology, they would have as actual objective to seek university students for brain mapping and human robotization (Figure 5).

Figure 5 “Innovation”: The Troya horse of USA espionaje with brain net.

The "innovation" of Harvard's University, aim to be only a camouflage of nanomafias for organize the espionage to students women with the brain net (Left) norteamerican radiologist promotes the “innovation” in the Nacional San Marcos University. Recent researches warn that mafias of US neuroscientists would be carrying out brain mapping using the Brain net.( Right)

Source (Left) Copyrigh author ( Right).

  1. The students' mysterious murders of Peruvian universities

Recently, in San Marcos University there has been a series of mysterious students' murders, probably one of the major, the murder of a student of psychology. The student was taking part of campaigns of emotional intelligence,43 a term used as camouflage of the mind control in children with nanobots and brain net.23 Although the press,44 the police and prosecutor promotes the reason of the crime as result of a psychotic crisis of the assassin, actually the violent murder aims to be a vendetta of the nanomafia organized for journalists and teachers of cognitive psychology, the principal group that promotes the emotional intelligence. This murder reinforces the suspicion of U.S. nanomafias in universities.

  1. The creation of Latin American Silicon Valleys.

The interests of the transnational companies in creating Silicon Valleys would have as actual and secret objective to create "human farms" for developing high-risk neuroscientific human experimentation with nanotechnology.26,30

  1. Latin American universities participate in the Millennium project of the United Nations that would be organizing the Brain net worldwide.

The United States of America is the world's biggest military power. Today, most of the world lives within an order that has been built by the United States. In spite of recent challenges for American pre-eminence, the international order remains American.45 To promote that order, the United States has fostered and is the main financer of a series of organizations including the United Nations. Given the US influence, there is a high suspicion that against its principles and advertising, to seek consensus with the world governments, the actual and secret objective of this institution would be to seek a single world fascist government, the so-called New World Order, the economic powers government. The main tool, which that objective could be reached with, would be the Brain net developed with brain microchips and nanobots.

Recently, the United Nations has developed the Millennium project that considers the nanotechnology as part of the world trends relevant for the future of poor countries and seeks to establish a global Internet with nodes in 54 countries. Promoted as a “global intelligence”, the evidences actually indicate, as the used terminology suggests: “nodes” and because Millennium project organizers like José Luis Cordeiro, are also enthusiastic promoters of the Brain net;12,13 that “global intelligence” will be a brain nanobots and microchips network installed in humans to perform mind control and telepathic espionage with the Brain net in order to turn the world citizens into digital slaves at the service of the world oligarchy.

Alan García, considered one of the most corrupt politicians in Peru, surprisingly, was the person chosen by the United Nations to develop the Peru Node of the Millennium Project.46 and to advise the RIBER Group, the Latin-American branch of this project. Garcia’s corruption fame and his relations with Fernando Barrios lead to suspect that Alan García would be developing the Brain net in all Latin America.23 García is president of APRA, the most important political party in Peru, these relations lead to suspicion that APRA would be organizing the Brain net in Peru (Figure 6).

Figure 6 The United Nations: Organizing the world organized crime network of the Brain net From left to right: UNESCO and its unusual advertising: “eyes”, “observatories” The Millenium Project is Troya Horse of Brain net mafia. Alan García Perez with Jeromy Glenn, President of the Project Millenium, organizing the Node Peru.

Source center) Ref 46 (Right)

Due to the unusual and surprising support of the APRA to the Venezuelan immigrants in Peru,47 now amounting to approximately 280.000, there is a strong suspicion that a great number of them is becoming a new kind of criminal element, “the nano- hired killers”,23 Venezuelans organized by the APRA that are dedicated to the brain mapping of Peruvian female university students and schoolchildren to obtain their sexual life using the mind videos.

In Peru, the Universidad Particular San Martín de Porres under the guidance of Alan García Pérez, organizes the so-called Peru Node 46 and for that reason, it is considered the main university that would be organizing the Brain net throughout Peru, the Universidad San Martín de Porres, with close bonds to the APRA would also be developing the program of child mind control with the Brain net throughout Peru, which is suspected to be based in the multiple agreements that are being developed in schools for low economic status children.

  1. The “boom” of Social University Responsibility promoted by United Nations.

This campaign aims to be only a camouflage for administering nanobots in "vulnerable" poor communities in order to install them the Brain net and it would seek to use the university students for these transhumanist projects.

The Social University Responsibility searches “vulnerable communities” (extreme economic poverty) to apply “innovation projects”,48,49 for that reason, it is also called the "social innovation" by its promoters. Since the innovation is considered an advertising campaign for biological innovation23,28 in order to use technological implants in the human being, it is suspected that the social responsibility would seek to turn the indigenous communities into "social innovation" centers with the Brain net, communities without privacy where the women will be permanently spied and their sex lives will be commercialized and since the Brain net is also a mind control weapon, the indigenous victims could be turned into sex slaves.50

The United Nations through the UNESCO, the main promoter of the social university responsibility, promotes the "intercultural universities" for the natives, mainly in Mexico where surprisingly the Universidad Veracruzana has four campus placed in indigenous zones of the Veracruz State. These "universities for natives" aim to actually be only a Trojan horse of the transnational nanotechnology companies to develop the Brain net in female indigenous university students. The suspicion is reinforced by the terminology used by the UNESCO that refers to the personal surveillance that is developed with the Brain net, thus the UNESCO uses the following clichés:

The award “Ojo de Plata”,51 “The eye we all have set begins to see”,52 “The Regional Social Responsibility Observatory for Latin America”, “The UNESCO will see the reality in the territories”, “Build peace in men's minds”, “A lot of eyes are better than one”, “The monitoring of the social responsibility through the regional observatories” (Figure 6).

Probably, one of the most suspicious social responsibility programs that is associated to the Brain net is the "see for yourself" program53 regarding to this unusual name it is necessary to point out that the Brain net allows "seeing without being seen”, allows a mafia to spy on society, but also that the victim turns into a free spy with the Brain net for intelligence agencies like the CIA, allows the intelligence services to get information through the victims' eyes with brain nanobots; the name "see for yourself" would be related to this secret purpose of the Brain net.

Unfortunately, these “interculturality programs” are promoted by the Latin American governments like the Peruvian one that, ironically through its own National Health Institute, develops interculturality programs that would be swindling the Latin American female natives under the camouflage of humanitarian aid. The “social surveillance with social interculturality observatories"54 would hide a secret and/or future surveillance with the Brain net of indigenous communities.

The university social responsibility suspiciously makes millionaire investments and uses business terms like “the stakeholders”55 who are the funders and would actually be the organizers of this nanomafia, and the main beneficiaries who seek to become rich using the Brain net in poor communities, involving in this crime, that uses the social responsibility as camouflage, young university students under swindle (23), academic obligation or corrupting them.

  1. The incorporation of virtual education in Latin American universities.

The virtual education is being promoted56 and incorporated in schools and universities with big-money advertising as tomorrow’s education; thus in Peru, the National University of San Marcos has mandatorily included “the virtual classroom” for its recent students. Promoters of virtual education affirm that United States has the best education system of the world; the virtual education will allow university students accessing this system.57 However, given the suspicion that brain nanobots are administered to Latin American university students and that this is organized by the US army and the transnational companies, the evidences indicate that actually the real objective will be to violate female university students’ privacy using the Brain net and mind control.

  1. The transhumanist advertising of Latin American universities.

Probably, the most symbolic example is the education institutions property of Carlos Rodríguez Pastor, the richest Peruvian man. Pastor is owner of Intercorp, group that owns Innova School schools (schools with transhumanist promotion)38 and the Universidad Tecnológica Peruana known by its initials “UTP”, university that promotes memory deletion (its slogan “unlearn to learn”)58 and whose advertising shows the university students as robots-clones.

UTP is, together with Universidad Cesar Vallejo, owned by César Acuña, with close bonds with IBM59 one of the new universities of the so-called “Lima northern zone”, a sector of scarce economic resources. These universities would have been created with the secret purpose of turning them into "human farms of the transnational nanotechnology companies” to develop the Brain net and human robotization.

  1. The interest of media magnates in university

It is evident that, since the Brain net is a means of communication, the main interested parties in developing it and profiting from it are the media magnates, mainly Hollywood producers, owners of TV stations like Fox or Netflix, owners of telephone companies like Carlos Slim, one of the sponsors of Michio Kaku visit to Mexico, owners of newspapers like Gustavo Mohme two times president of the Inter American Press Association and director of La República newspaper, Francisco Miroquesada director of “El Comercio” Peruvian newspaper (27,50), or Bartolomé Mitre from La Nación newspaper in Argentine (Figure 7).

Figure 7 The media: Main member of Brain net mafia.

Gustavo Mohme, two times director of the Inter American Press Association, Francisco Miro Quesada,

director of "El Comercio" Peruvian newspaper, Gustavo Gorriti, leads IDL reporteros, and Carlos Slim,

owner of Claro Phone Company and main shareholder of the New York Times; main suspects of

organizing the Brain net in Latin America.


Francisco Miroquesada has been rector of Universidad Particular “César Vallejo”60 one of the Lima northern zone universities, and for that reason, it is suspected that the espionage of the female university students using the Brain net would have begun in this university during his management. In this university library, the journalistic mafias of El Comercio group, group that practically monopolizes the Peruvian press, would be mapping the brains of young female university students with Google brain chip; coincidently a mega-advertising promoting Google with a huge portrait of Larry Page can be seen on the walls of this university library.

There are strong evidences that the Miroquesada family from El Comercio group organizes the Brain net in Peru in illicit association with university authorities and authorities of the Peruvian Medical Association like Ciro Maguiña, ex vice-rector of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and ex-Dean of this Association (Fig 8). The mafia of the Peruvian press calls the Brain net as “the telephone”, “the eye”, “the microphone”, “the micro” and “the human television”; the victims as “the connected” and the installation process “they are being connected”, “they put their eyes on it”. Maguiña and the mafia of El Comercio would be developing “biographies”, “documentaries” based on victim private life videos obtained with the Brain net in order to destroy the honor; “the biography” indicates to be one of the most powerful extortion weapons in society. “The biography” has been recreated in TV series61 that subliminally promote the brain net and personal surveillance as an indispensable pillar of the collective system of security.

In Peruvian provinces, the Universidad Continental, whose founding partner is Fernando Barrios, would be developing the Brain net mapping the brain of female university students. Barrios, ESSALUD ex executive president, with close bonds to Alan García Pérez, is one of the main transhumanism and innovation promoters, inviting transhumanist professors from the university campus of the Universidad Continental.23,28

  1. The promotion of university “neuro-courses” that would be really using in order to force the university students to use the Brain net as “academic tool.”

There is a big promotion of books oriented to the academic audience focused on neurosciences; their covers and the content clearly reveal that it is a preparation for convincing that the Brain net is used as “university tool”.62–66 being Nestor Braidot one of the main authors, who would have as informational source, forced human experiments performed with the Brain net in Latin Americans.

Braidot makes an almost explicit promotion of the Brain net, promotes his lectures with the spot “BrainTv” 67 and the cover of one of his books shows an image that simulates an information transmission from the brain to a cell phone and the phrase: “Thoughts that are read, seen, heard.."63 (Figure 9). 

Figure 8 Brain net in university students: University authorities are main organizers. Ciro Maguiña Vargas, Research Vice-rector of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (2012-2017), leads a network of journalists, mainly from El Comercio Group, with which he organizes the Brain net in his own university and in all of Peru.

Source Ciro Maguiña: “Se debe pensar en el peor de los escenarios” Correo. September 30, 2015

Figure 9 “Neurocourses”: For forcing the student to use the Brain net as academic tool.

Source Amazon books.    

  1. The creation of Excellence Centers in Latin American University

In Latin American universities, the so-called “centers of excellence” are being created suspiciously,68, 69 their name “excellence” indicates that they would be centers created for transhumanist experimentation. The Center of Excellence of the National University of San Marcos is promoted mainly by the Washington University and the US Navy. Then-Ambassador of the United States, Brian A. Nichols, was present in its inauguration. The Washington University is one of the organizers of the project to map human brain connectome70 Recent researches warn that brain mapping projects are being executed with forced nanotechnology experiments in Latin America.29 The Washington University is also one of telepathy promoters; its main scientist, Rajesh Rao, has published researchers about telepathy with non-invasive neurotechnology methods.71 However, given his publications on brain-machine interface.72 there is the strong suspicion that Rao 's main research about telepathy would be really developing mainly in a secret way using invasive neurotechnology in association with nanomafias in Latin America.

According to recent researches, the US Navy is also suspicious of organizing nanomafias in the world.23 the US armed forces use the infectology as "Trojan horse" of their military projects, thus for example, recent researches lead to suspect that the Zombie apocalypse” promoted by CDC itself, would really be a world mind control epidemic using nanobots, camouflaged as a “viral” epidemic and organized by CDC itself and the US Army73 researches that CDC and US army have not denied. Other example of military camouflage with infectology is the fact that US Navy has in Peru a military base, the NAMRUD-6, that justify its presence in Peru affirming that its objective is infectious diseases research”.74 However, recent researches lead to suspicion that NAMRUD-6 main work is actually to organize mafias of nanotechnology in Peru;23 due to this background, location of the center of excellence , sponsored by the US Navy, in an infectology area, like the Tropical Medicine Institute de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, leads to suspicion that this center of excellence actually has a military objective and not a research objective. The center of excellence expresses that its objective is to develop nanotechnology, telemedicine, genomics, bioinformatics, computer simulation and mass calculation, this type of scientific specialties to which it is dedicated are named: “the NBIC technologies”. Coincidentally this kind of technologies are those that promote the transhumanism. Therefore, its real objective would be the high-risk neuroscientific human experimentation with technological and genetic engineering implants. Thus, under the secret leadership of foreign governments, these university centers of excellence, in illicit association with rector's offices, mafias of professors and students centers, would be organizing the Brain net in university campuses, secretly using neurotechnology on university personnel in order to spy and control the entire university.

  1. The mafias of Hollywood would be developing TV series with human illicit experimentation using the Brain net in Latin Americans.

Recent researches lead to also suspect that a scriptwriters and producers network of Hollywood TV series and films would be the main beneficiary of this neuroscientific experimentation with nanotechnology; the scripts would not been a result of their scriptwriters imagination as they affirm but only a recreation of this illicit human experimentation with brain nanobots in Latin America.73 Probably, the main TV series suspected of recreating this illicit espionage constant in Latin Americans using brain nanobots and the Brain net are “Person of Interest” 61 and Black Mirror7578 whose chapter “Arkangel” recreates with surprising detail the Brain net. Black Mirror, according to university professors, hides the digital future clues 79 and probably, its actual script is being based in the secret development of the Brain net in Latin America.

Recent films like “The Circle”. 80,81 would be really preparing the young university students to accept their lives' espionage using the Brain net. Emma Watson, who plays the film main character and has close relations with the United Nations, which is considered the main suspicion of organizing the Brain net,23 has given statements to the press that really suggest that the actress would know this experimentation secretly developed by US intelligence offices using the Brain net in Latin America; she recently states the following:

“This is not a dystopian future that’s set in, you know, 2050 or something,”

“This could basically be tomorrow.” 82 

  1. Foundations with terminology related to the Brain net have bonds with Latin American universities.

Multimillionaires like Carlos Slim, Bill Gates and George Soros would be the main leaders of nanomafia that organizes the Brain net in the world, as the name of George

 Soros Foundation suggests “Open Society”.83 George Soros promotes this society as follows:

“That is the concept of the open society: a society open to improvement”

"Open society has the great merit of assuring the freedom of thought and of expression giving him wide spectrum to the experimentation and the creativity”

Other promoters about this society say

“It is a ‘society of creators’ who gain access to the ‘open creative totality’ through acting and creating. When the people becomes a society of creators, the result is a society open to the future, creativity and the new” 84 Really, due to the use of the transhumanist clichés like “creativity” and “improvement”, “Open Society is the society that have their citizens with the “open brain”for the Brain net” Open Society is a society that will be spied, watched and controlled by the oligarchy that governs the world, from which George Soros is one of its main members.

Based on this background, Soros, who is one of the main telecommunications investors in Latin América, would be developing the Brain net in ESSALUD Peruvian ho spitals, in illicit association with medical unions like the CUT of ESSALUD and Callao prosecutor's office; the suspicion is based on recent researches that warn that prosecutor's offices and unions are main members of this nanomafia in Latin America.23 The close relation of Soros with Peruvian law has its origins in the law schools in Latin America, as is symbolized by democracy and human rights institute of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, that produces university publications related to Peruvian law with the Open Society Foundation.85 These close relations of Soros with the law schools are the roots of the future relations with future Peruvian lawyers, prosecutors and judges, and clearly explain the silence, concealment and participation of Latin American prosecutors' offices in developing the Brain net organized by Soros in Latin America, which allows obtaining Latin American women sexual life destroying their honor (Figure 10).

Figure 10 George Soros 'Open Society: The Brain net society.

Soros promotes the Open Society, the camouflage of a future society that will be spied, watched and

controlled by the Brain net that would be developing in Peruvian universities.

Source The mission of The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) ( Left) Amazon Books ( center) ( Right)

The Institute of legal defense is another institution funded by Soros; it has an extensive network of reporters run by the journalist Gustavo Gorriti86 who is described in Wikipedia as the journalist “having been awarded more prizes than probably any other Peruvian journalist”. The institute aims to be the main networks of Soros who is implanting the brain net throughout Peru, as evidenced by its surprising silence in spite of its extensive press network and its media power against the nanomafias in Latin America and the Brain net.

Really, since a global perspective of the brain net, given the mafia extension of the brain net, the Latin American governments’ promotion and the Latin American authorities’ silence, the Brain net would be developing as an interconnected organized crime network in the whole world there is a high suspicion that mafias of prosecutor's offices, the judiciary and the national police are part of this criminal network illicitly becoming rich, spying and extorting the female university students with the Brain net. Thus in Peru, the own DIVINDAT, High Tech Crimes Investigation Division of National Police, would be the main organizer of the Brain net in Peruvian society (Figure 11) (Figure 12). It is also evident that given the great extension that the Brain net would have in the world and the large amount of information that institutions like the world intelligence services and police institutions like the FBI and the INTERPOL have, these institutions would know the secret Brain net. It can be an illicit enrichment source and possibly a secret extortion weapon. Thus, for example, neither the FBI, the CIA, the SVR, the MOSSAD or the INTERPOL, or any intelligence service in the world have reported the Brain net, and the massive espionage that would be carried out in the world, on young women obtaining their sexual life.23

Figure 11 Peruvian police: The DIVINDAT Main suspect of organizing the Brain net in Peru.

The National Police Department of Criminal Investigation (Left) has a High Tech Crimes Investigation

Division, DIVINDAT; there are strong evidences that this State institution is the main organizer of the

Brain net in Peru (Right).

Source Redes sociales: Policía lucha contra la ‘sextorsión’ America tv march 4 2018 (right)

Figure 12 Mafias of prosecutors: Key element in disseminating the Brain net.

Peruvian District Prosecutor, Pablo Sánchez Velarde (2015-2018) and Callao prosecutors, main

Peruvian province where the Brain net would be developing violating women privacy. None

prosecutor's office has reported the Brain net.

Source Fiscal de la Nación tomó juramento a dos nuevas fiscales superiores del Callao. Available in:

These international police institutions as well as the rest of the Brain net promoters are probably expecting that the society be swindled and accepts the Brain net under different arguments: “security” (the “Smart-City” promotion seeks it), “health” (the personalized medicine and the health monitoring with nanobots or microchips would be a camouflage for that purpose), “education tool” in universities and schools (the neuro-education)65 “management tool” (neuromanagement)62 “weapon of justice” (the neurolaw).66


The evidences indicate that the Brain net will turn privacy into a luxury and a right only for the millionaire elite that rule the world and will leave the rest of the society without privacy. The Brain net network would be developing worldwide but mainly in Latin American universities with an extensive network of rectors, professors and university students. It is necessary that society is informed on the truth about the Brain net and that the authorities take the preventive measures to block the massive illicit human experimentation that would be developing with the Brain net in female university students violating their privacy, extorting them, destroying their honor and their future.



Conflict of interest

Author declares that there is no conflict of interest.


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