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Opinion Volume 4 Issue 3

Water tries to get out of slavery

Oleg Khalidullin

Ecology Professor, Kazakh National University, Russia

Correspondence: Oleg Khalidullin, Professor of ecology, Russia, Tel 87770550099

Received: April 23, 2020 | Published: May 28, 2020

Citation: Khalidullin O. Water tries to get out of slavery. Int J Hydro. 2020;4(3):106-109. DOI: 10.15406/ijh.2020.04.00233

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Disasters for the week from March 27 to April 2, 2020. Base X. COVID-19 RETURNS WILD ANIMALS TO THE CITY STREETS, WELL MORE WELL TO RETURN THE MIND OF ANSWERED PEOPLE. The next stage of the Ecological Catastrophe on the Great Barrier Reef. Significant warming, especially in February, led to the mass death of another huge fragment of coral. Experts predict increased storm activity on the Planet in the second half of 2020. Powerful storm front, showers and breakthrough dam in Brazil. The water of Ecuador’s largest waterfall is absorbed by a newly formed huge funnel. Heavy rains and devastating floods in Peru, Iran, Syria, Oman, Afghanistan, Spain, Indonesia, and in Hawaii. A huge hail hit the US Center, South Africa, Pakistan. The damage to farmers in Europe was caused by severe frosts, heavy snowfall in France, in Britain. Record temperature differences in Moscow from +17 to -7, and in Kiev.A sharp cooling in Japan during sakura blossom.Destructive tornadoes in the USA.Sandstorms in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. China's boomerang: Large landslides in a concrete plant and on the railway, there are casualties; Forest fires in the southwest. Heavy rains and landslides in India, Peru. The road cut in the snow tunnel was flooded with meltwater in Kazakhstan. Eruption of a volcano in Mexico, the Indian Ocean and Indonesia, which covered neighboring territories with ashes. The Italian volcano has released a perfect ring of smoke and activated. Strong earthquakes in the USA. A large crater formed in Nigeria as a result of an explosion from a meteorite fall.

Cataclysms for a full week from April 2 to April 4, 2020. Forest fires destroy settlements in Chile. More than 1 meter of snow fell in the mountains of Greece. Dusty tornado, showers, hail and floods in Mexico.Heavy storm with hail and floods in Iraq, Brazil.Tornado in Odessa region. A tropical storm hit Vanuatu. Strong wind, thunderstorm, rain and hail in Saudi Arabia. Powerful volcanic eruption in Japan.Tornado in Australia. 04/03/2020 The cataclysms of the last days - Issue 11! Flooding in Spain, Indonesia and Turkey! Climate Change! Revenge of the Earth.Heavy rains, floods and rescue of people from water traps in Spain. About 50 thousand people were affected by severe floods in Indonesia. Severe flood in Turkey.Sand Tornado in Mexico. 04/05/2020 The cataclysms of the last days - issue 12! What is happening in the world? Floods, wildfires! Climate Change! Revenge of the Earth.Destructive flood in Colombia?Storm, hailstorms, floods and livestock deaths in Syria. A natural fire destroyed hundreds of cars at an airport in Florida, USA.

The observed abnormal increase in natural disasters at various points on the planet proves that climate change is occurring. An unusual view of the causes of climate change is proposed. Other possibilities of reducing anthropogenic impact on nature are being considered. The appearance, distribution, concentration, movement and transformation of water vapor in the air is the main driving force for the formation of precipitation. What controls rainfall, weather, and climate itself? To do this, look at their source - the sky. Precipitation is formed in the atmosphere from vapors that come from the surface of the planet. A continuous flow of water into the atmosphere and back forms a hydrological cycle. Little-known processes are taking place in the clouds, which you can only guess and make assumptions about. Water molecules, in the atmosphere, in a gas state, when accumulated in certain concentrations, temperatures, structural and property ratios, continuously alternate their phase state. In each of them, processes of mixing, the interaction of molecules of various waters, occur. Under certain specific conditions, water drops or crystals returns to the ground.

Are the molecules raised in the clouds the same? Do they have the same structure? Does the quality of the gas phase and its volumes, properties depend on the conditions of transition from the liquid and solid phases from the soil surface? Can evaporation from the surface of the ocean, from the breath of a living creature, from transpiration of a plant be the same? Do atmospheric transformations depend on the quality of water vapor? What are the states and properties of the molecular structures of water in the atmosphere, what is happening above our heads, what determines the quality of the cloud cover. Reflections and the search for answers to such questions lead to interesting studies and assumptions in explaining the nature of precipitation and climate change. With increasing volumes, the clouds thicken, increase in thickness and area, block the flow of solar radiation. In this state, they can hang from several hours to several days, and nobody knows what happens there. However, you can notice that the clouds move along certain specific routes and precipitation falls at approximately the same places, in certain volumes,at the certain time. These signs show what has happened for millions of years in processes related to water and its circuit. Life on earth depends on precipitation and its volume. The regularity of precipitation in the same places creates various humid environments in which various plants and animals appear. From this, various habitats were created with the corresponding species of plants and animals in certain zones and the tropics, deserts, steppes, forests formed.

The distribution and stability of all areas on the planet shows that the clouds follow in accordance with their own laws unknown to us. It was also established that water and its structure have not been studied, have many of their secrets, for example, their properties depend on the place, external influences on water, that gasoline cannot burn without water: And these laws developed and improved before the development of civilization. A man, saw a workshop in nature, began to use its components to increase his comfort.

The words of the great classic from the novel "Fathers and Sons" - A. Turgenev “Nature is not a temple, but a workshop and the person in it is a worker” has become a strategy in relation to nature, especially to water.

Mankind has begun to influence this workshop in a wide variety of ways. Destruction of forests, plowing up of lands, watering by reservoirs, filling up areas with garbage and ore landfills, burning oxygen, fuel and moisture in the air, using water in technological and municipal processes. All these types of work are united by a single and most important consequence of environmental impact - a change in the quality of water vapor. The water mystery and its secrets have not yet been studied, not investigated. No information was found on the quality, volume and speed of the most common types of fumes.

The main links in the movement and transformation of water in the cycle are:

  1. Evaporation of water from oceans, open reservoirs, from all land - soil, from snow and ice cover, from transpiration of plants, from the secretions and breaths of all living things.
  2. Consolidation, concentration, mixing, interaction of many molecules of various fumes, create a variety of atmospheric conditions with their temperatures, pressures, and electromagnetic fields.
  3. Chemical and physical processes in the atmosphere, as a result of which, water molecules pass into a gaseous, liquid droplet and solid state, lead to the formation of clouds.
  4. Precipitation of liquid and solid phases of different volumes and in different places with the manifestation of various activities in the form of rains, snowfalls, cyclones, hurricanes.
  5. Precipitation on land settles on glaciers, forms streams, replenishes rivers, goes underground and flows into the seas and oceans.
  6. Moving masses of water along rivers and underground channels dissolve minerals and decaying organic matter.
  7. A significant part of these solutions enters the roots of plants, nourish animals. Part of the water with salts remains in organisms and plants for long periods, for example, in growing bones and wood. But the main moisture in the body does not stay, its most part regularly and gradually comes out with secretions, exhalation, transpiration. These organic vapors have their own distinctive natural properties.
  8. Combining with the vapors from the oceans, organic waste creates its own local substance above each area, forming special clouds.

This feature is a local substance in atmospheric transformations and created life on the planet. The volumes and frequency of precipitation have stabilized over millions of years, and a comfortable distribution of moisture has appeared for everything on the planet.

A third of the entire planet’s surface is land. The common notion that the seas and oceans, which cover 2/3 of the entire planet, therefore evaporate most of the water, is a myth. It was found that, if we summarize the transpiration surface of the vegetation of all land, then the entire area of ​​evaporation from land becomes equal to the area of ​​the entire surface of the oceans and seas - This fact should introduce new ideas and concepts about the ratio of fumes. And the role of evaporation in sedimentation. The quality, quantity and rate of evaporation are essential components of atmospheric transformations.

On each hectare of fertile soil, 20 tons of underground living creatures live, each creature of which consumes water, takes salt from it, converts it into various elements of its body and releases waste from its life into the atmosphere. This is the most important link in the water cycle. Water is processed, purified from minerals and acquires a structure with its individual properties of each essence, each plant in each form. Gas-liquid emissions from a living creature and plants are not just H2O molecules. This molecular structure with its properties, for example, odors, pheromones, volatile. It differs significantly from a water molecule raised from the surface of the water or from asphalt and a drying washed item. In nature, this feature has its purpose. It is necessary for orientation and search for partners, victims, preservation and life of procreation. The differences are used in modern medicine - a person’s health status is diagnosed by the quality of his waste - expiration, other secretions. A variety of emissions is also necessary for further programming of the actions and the path of moisture in the atmosphere.

The appearance of man and the increase in water consumption by him went beyond the limits of natural necessity. A man enslaved water and began to use it not only and not so much for drinking as for increasing his comfort. Water began to perform unusual functions, which were not, and are not in nature itself, on such a scale. We turned water into a means of transferring heat, energy, transport, a purifier, a solvent, a cooler, a product. They began to compress, boil, sell, dissolve various substances in it, wash it with everything and everything. The volumes of water enslavement have grown so much that they have become commensurate with natural fumes. Quantity goes into quality - clouds of a new kind began to change the water cycle itself. The rationale for this may be the following information: “... More than 75% of the Earth’s land area has already been degraded, and by 2050 this figure may exceed 90%. Land degradation is a process that degrades soil quality due to aspects such as land misuse, agriculture and pasture, urban or industrial targets ...”

To this should be added that water, falling onto such soil, does not find its natural consumer and, bypassing the transformation link, evaporates back into the atmosphere, virtually unchanged. The process of the circuit, shortened by an entire link, on three quarters of the entire land remained unnoticed by a person. But not by nature.

There is evidence that we take 23 cubic kilometers or about 10% of all fresh water from nature for our needs and technological processes. Each drop of such water evaporates immediately, upon heating, after use, after discharge into the sewer and sludge in treatment tanks. Natural reservoirs, for example, the Aral Sea, began to disappear:

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows a photo of the former bottom of the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan. Its waters went into an ugly irrigation of cotton fields along irrigation canals laid in the sands and most of this water evaporated from the surface of these irrigation canals and saturated the soil.

The volumes and speed of such unnatural vapors, let us call them artificial, were beyond the scope of attention. 10% of all fresh water on land is a fairly tangible part of nature, which is growing every day, with every new power plant, new technology. There is no comparative analysis of the volumes and rates of evaporation in the pre-industrial era and at present. Without citing scientific research, on the basis of sound reasoning, we can conclude that evaporation from boiling water, asphalt, drying after washing, sewage, cooling in cooling towers in nature did not exist in principle. These are all artificial fumes.

Figure 2

Figure 2 shows a photo of the cooling tower: Under the normal load of the CHP, one unit cools over 10,000 cubic meters of liquid per hour. It can be seen that artificial evaporations from cooling towers begin to prevail over organic ones. As a new quality of moisture in the atmosphere, the volume and speed of the circuit with artificial vapors affect atmospheric transformations is not known reliably. However, we all see and suffer from changes in the patterns of precipitation. Artificial vapors become prevailing over, historically, fumes from biota. The substance of the cloud cover has changed, its qualities, its volumes, speeds and travel routes. The result of this is an excess of rainfall in some places with catastrophic floods, droughts and fires in others. The mechanism of water distribution over areas has broken. Clouds burdened by artificial vapors do not reach the mountain and polar glaciers, spilling precipitation along the way, replenishing the level of the oceans. Therefore, it is logical to make an assumption or hypothesis that artificial fumes distorted the processes of precipitation in the atmosphere, the water cycle itself and began to change the climate.

It should be borne in mind that the quality and quantity of output vapors and emissions is purely individual for each of the billions of consumers. The number and species of plants and animals characterize their habitat, and, apparently, in their own way affect the substance of the clouds and atmospheric transformations. All biota fumes are structures that form their individual composition in the atmosphere above each geographical point. In the process of atmospheric transformations, many factors are involved. The quality, volume and frequency of gas-liquid formationIt is quite possible that these water substances in the clouds are the basis of precipitation and climate, participate in determining the time, place and amount of precipitation and cause an immediate reaction to their changes. We do not see the differences between the vapors, but we feel their effects on ourselves - changes in the graphs, geography and volumes of precipitation, we see the death of biota and the increase in natural disasters. Perhaps it is not too late to stop these imbalances. For this, returning water to its natural functions and freeing it from slavery is enough. Many man-made impacts on nature, such as burning fuel with atmospheric moisture, deforestation, plowing fields, mining of minerals and non-metallic minerals, construction of reservoirs, cities and roads - each such intervention in nature makes a significant contribution to the increase in water in the atmosphere.

It is necessary to reduce water consumption in all types of its consumption, in all technological processes. Now the processes of artificial evaporation of water are increasing with menacing acceleration. New cities and constructions are being built, rivers are turning, canals are breaking, millions of different methods and devices of artificial evaporation are invented and manufactured - irons and humidifiers, devices for washing, washing, drying, hardening, cooling.

If we want to leave our descendants a well-maintained planet, we must stop the uncontrolled flow of water.

Each type of water consumption should be reviewed from the perspective of returning to it natural principles. It should not be good wishes and appeals, cares for nature in the form of warnings about closing faucets, but a single planetary strategy with a radical revision of the principles of water use.

The prioritization in the UN report does not see and does not solve such a problem. Presentation of the UN World Water Resources Report March 22 Paris / Geneva, March 22. Climate change will have a negative impact on the availability, quality and quantity of water resources needed to meet basic human needs, thereby undermining the enjoyment of basic rights to safe drinking water and sanitation for billions of people.

This is the main message of the United Nations World Water Development Report.

The assertion that climate negatively affects water resources - this is a cart in front of the horse - the cause and effect are reversed.Water forms a climate, but not climate has a negative impact on water. It was our impact on water resources that changed the water cycle and, as a result, climate change began. Not a person should have the right to safe drinking water, but water should have the right to fulfill their natural functions. Humanity can affect water resources, and water resources form the climate. “Fundamental rights to safe drinking water” is the same right as any living creature and nature does not take it away, but, now, the addition about sanitation is a mistake of mankind. The enslavement of water is not provided for by nature. Man, as a child of nature, can have rights only to drink water, but not to other needs. It is necessary to rebuild this thesis on “Fundamental water rights in nature” in order to save the lives of billions of people and biota.

It is not the climate that affects the availability, quality and quantity of water resources, but the unnatural for nature destruction of water resources affects the vapors, and the vapors affect the climate. The satisfaction of basic human needs should be provided only by the natural need for only drinking. Everything else should be reduced to a minimum. Of course, not immediately, but we must begin to move in this direction. We must begin to move very intensively. Otherwise, collapse, natural disasters become more frequent in frequency, geography and increase in volume. It is necessary to radically change the attitude to water at all levels of life and life of the entire population of the planet.

The basis of the new concept should be such areas:

  1. Reduction of artificial water areas.
  2. Transition to shallow plowing, drip irrigation.
  3. Stopping deforestation.
  4. Reduction of landfills and ore landfills.
  5. A complete review of the use of water in production and in everyday life.

Complete revision of sewer systems with the exception of centralization: -and-climate-jmsro-19.pdf

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