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International Journal of
eISSN: 2381-1803

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 5 Issue 6

Your Mind Living in Your Body

Yijing Sun

Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China

Correspondence: Yijing Sun, The Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China

Received: March 01, 2017 | Published: March 10, 2017

Citation: Sun Y (2017) Your Mind Living in Your Body. Int J Complement Alt Med 5(6): 00168. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2017.05.00168

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Your mind lives in your body. The mind is the governor of the body governing numerous cells that are your loyal and capable citizens and soldiers. They are designed by God capable of defending you against disease and attacks, physical and mental even from predators in wild conditions as long as you (your mind) can take the right way to lead and work with your body (your citizens and soldiers).Like a government, there are also democratic and dictatorial ways for the mind to lead the body. The democratic way is that the mind (governor) listens to its cells (people), appreciates their work, and ensures sufficient but not over supplies to them. The dictatorial way is that the mind (governor) chases beautiful things outside the body with eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin (mind's chief officers) to make decisions and take actions ignoring the body's (the people's) opinions via numerous internal sense organs. The democratic way is the right way to take care of your health and enjoy life, while the dictatorial way is harmful and dangerous to self, family, country, the world depending on a person's position in the society.The five outward sense organs, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin (five chief officers of mind) always entice the mind (governor) to beautiful things like delicious food, luxurious clothing, beautiful buildings, modern automobile, and high social positions and drive the body (people) crazy. The body really does not need luxurious things. The body only needs certain temperature, necessities, and the mind's attention and appreciation to cooperate voluntary muscles with involuntary muscles to make sure supply of sufficient necessities to all cells! Then they can bring about fitness, confidence, and comfort that luxuries cannot. Most people are not aware of the long way from mouth to cells and the body's hard work to process food and produce energy. The job needs the cooperation of all muscles under the mind's attention and appreciation. Then, you will realize how powerful and wonderful you are! Then satisfaction, confidence, and the real enjoyment that money and social position cannot offer will come to stay with you until high age. Real Chinese Gong Fu masters have this kind of health and enjoyment capable of conquering disease and handle both physical and mental attackers even at high age. You will discover how wonderful God's design is and your body is the right place where you can get power and contact the Creator!As engineers say, "the simplest design is the best design," the democratic way between the mind and the body is the simplest and the unique way leading to the super health that God requires and other species demonstrate. Health is a popular word nowadays and actually, everything is for health (the quality of life). Food and nutrition are for health; over one quarter of GDP in America is for health care; sports and physical education are for health; and one third of GDP in America for defense is also for protecting life. Unfortunately, all these efforts have made things so complicated when the mind focuses on artificial things instead of cells, the own people inside the own body. Life has no substitutes, life's functions have no substitutes, and no artificial things technology can do the jobs of jobs to let us enjoy the level of good health that God defines and other species show us. Cells know how to digest food, breathing air, pump blood to deliver nutrition, kill germs and virus, diagnose and repair the body, etc, and we do not. Those original abilities and health level able to handle weather's attack, disease's attack, predators' attack, mental attack, etc are based on all cells' capabilities with the mind's attention, appreciation, and cooperation. When the mind and the body are not on the same page, it is impossible to reach the original level of good health.When the mind chases money, materialism, and social positions, the body cannot get enough attention, cooperation, and necessities. Cells, the people of the mind are driven for artificial things and cannot offer super health to the mind to enjoy life no matter how rich and powerful a person is in the world. As long as any artificial approaches, efforts, and expenditures really exist able to lead to the real good health that God defines and other species demonstrate, we can take them. Unfortunately, the fact is that no artificial ways can do the jobs of your cells such as digestion, sleeping, and handle predators with bare hands in jungles.

There are many kinds of exercises and sports. However, when the mind is not on the inside of the body listening to music on treadmills, exhausting the body for beautiful muscles, training inside instead of outside buildings and gyms with less fresh air and oxygen, etc, the mind and the body are still not on the same page and have no way to kill disease easily, handle predators' attacks, and enjoy the real good health that the Creator offers us. Should we adjusted our minds toward all cells inside the own body to enjoy the offer of God in terms of his criteria?



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