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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 1 Issue 6

The Right Goal Missed

Yijing S

Ohio State University, USA

Correspondence: Yijing S, Ohio State University, 1479 Collins Ave, Marysville, OH 43040, USA, Tel (937) 642-1065

Received: October 04, 2015 | Published: October 27, 2015

Citation: Yijing S (2015) The Right Goal Missed. Int J Complement Alt Med 1(6): 00036. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2015.01.00036

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Evolution and creation have been put forward for many years; however, the criteria for natural selection and/or creation have not been recognized. Missing the criteria and the right goal, mankind is in a wrong way.

Keywords: criteria, goal, evolution, creation, natural movement, chief independent variable


The following quote posted on Linkedin is abstracted from my doctoral dissertation (The Ohio State University, 1996).

"Evolution and creation have been put forward for many years, while the criteria for natural selection and/or creation have not been recognized. My research and dissertation reveal the missing link and the misleading of education:

1) No matter life is evolved or created, life is not designed by mankind;
2) There must be criteria of health for natural selection and/or the design of the creator;
3) The criteria for a healthy life able to

  1. Kill disease without medicine,
  2. Defeat predators’ attacks without weapons,
  3. Have confidence and mental health in wild conditions without one penny.
4) As ball game players are not allowed to use missiles to shoot balls, otherwise will lose movement abilities, fun, and the meaning of the game, mankind depending on weapons, medicine, and other tools has long lost the real meaning and fun of life, and the right way to the criteria and the real good health.
5) Other species without any benefits of science, technology, and wealth can meet the criteria with certain percentage, while mankind with all benefits of science, technology, medicine, and sports (human-designed movements) cannot meet the criteria that the creator and/or nature are strict with.
6) What factor (independent variable) is so strong and makes so big difference? The answer is Natural Movement (following Dao, energy flow) that natural selection selected and/or the creator designed. All other species depend on Natural Movement to meet the criteria and enjoy life.
7) Education, medicine, and sports have missed Natural Movement and failed to meet the criteria; As soccer players celebrate their success shooting balls into gates with missiles, mankind celebrates achievements of controlling disease with pills, killing other species with weapons, and living long with protections. That is not really healthy. Endless dissatisfaction and unhappiness fundamentally from the failure to meet the criteria of health lead to conflicts, violence and war inevitably."

These understandings are based on my long study of Chinese health approach and introduced in modern terminology. Since 1968 when I met my first teacher outside school, I have been practicing and studying the core of Chinese health heritage, nature movement that is a natural combination of movement therapy, defense, and entertainment. Nature Movement is discovered, not designed by ancient Chinese people as Newton's law was discovered, not designed by Newton. To introduce the treasure and link it to the modern science, I also studied medicine in Capital Medical University, Beijing, China from 1978 to 1983 and obtained MD and finished graduate studies in Health & Physical Education at the Ohio State University from 1989 to 1996 and obtained PhD. Though the graduate studies at OSU took 7 years, my doctoral work actually started from 1968 and completed in 2015. The recent 19 years after I obtained the PhD let me complete the exploration and confirm the above understandings and that the endorsement of Nature is the real meaning of living, much more important than any endorsements from human society. With these achievements inside the body through the education beyond the school education, I have been standing between man and other species with confidence to tell the world that mankind has failed to meet the criteria and the requirements of Nature and missed the most enjoyable part of living. Nature offers us life and ecology for free and wants us to enjoy the "free lunches", and mankind focuses on wealth and artificial conditions.

Is the body that Nature designed really so difficult to use and enjoy? Does life really need so many facilities with so much time, eight hours of every weekday to enjoy? Does so much time and energy used really mean convenient and enjoying life?.1

Let us look on the other side. Other species totally depend on the body and natural conditions to enjoy life. They use the body deeply and thoroughly to handle the severe attacks from disease, predators, and threats in wild conditions to enjoy life and the beautiful natural environment. They have no health care and weapon's protection and cannot call 911 and police. They depend on the body and real good health. They take the right way to use the body. For example, a female wild rabbit cannot refuse the challenges and tests from a male fox, a wolf, or a tiger. Unlike sports competitions, men compete with men and women with women at young ages during scheduled times, wild species' competitions are lifetime health tests without any notice and can happen in their neighborhoods at anytime . If the rabbit fails the test, she loses her life; if she wins, she gets no titles for lifetime and following challenges and tests can happen anytime. For our athletes, loss is just a title and win is a lifetime glory. For wild lives, loss is death and win is nothing but a daily health check. Without science, technology, and one penny, how can they get so excellent health and confidence, aware, alert, and calm, not nervous to live in the neighborhood with so many big huge predators?!

Where have our human beings' these abilities and real good health gone?

It is true that certain percentages of wild animals fail the severe tests and certain percentages pass. However, as the most intelligent specie consuming so many natural resources and enjoying modern conditions, should we compare with those failures? We should ask how many people still possess our original abilities and enjoy this kind of good health. Many people may not be interested in that kind of real good health, however, are there any universities offering education and treatments that lead to this kind of real good health? Are there any nutrition, medicine, and sports that can lead to the real good health? The answer is no. Therefore, we can locate the chief independent variable that makes so huge difference of health between man and animals. And we can realize that nothing can replace and play the role of natural movement to achieve the criteria of good health. As not all keys can unlock a door, not any movements can unlock the life's potentials to the real good health. Only natural movement can cooperate with the movements and functions inside the body to achieve the criteria of good health.2

As the saying "The best design is the simplest design". states, the body actually is so easy to use that even wild animals can use it perfectly. However, mankind depends on tools, weapons, and medicine and deviates from natural movement, life's defensive functions have become so weak and we need to work so hard to add so many. People may believe that living longer indicates being healthier. Can we really live longer in the same living conditions or primitive environment after enjoying all benefits of modern conditions? If yes, then mankind is really healthier than before. If not, it is modern conditions, not life itself that makes living longer. So, it is hard to say that we are healthier than before and comparisons should be carried out in the same conditions.

Since mankind started to use primitive weapons like stones and tree branches, primitive tools have been developed to nuclear bombs, missiles, machinery, buildings, automobiles, clothing, medicines, etc. Humans' life time and energy have been widely used in tools and facilities with money as the chief representative. Man works on life's conditions and other species focus on life. When we are proud of modernization and automation, we overlook the greater automation that Nature offers us. Deviating from natural movement and the greater automation, we busy ourselves crazy and weaken ourselves terribly. Sunlight automatically comes to this planet, plants automatically convert and deposit solar energy in crops, coal, and oil, and the body automatically digests, breathe, deliver, diagnose, repair, and work for us. From the sun to cells, energy automatically flows. While we are busy to take the land from vegetation and other species for buildings and kill our energy suppliers. Mankind has long stay in the way of the automatic energy supply and makes trouble to the energy flow. Getting out of the way of the automation of the energy supply, life will become much easier, comfortable, healthier, and peaceful.3

What is life? Life is the body's movement. Walking, talking, and thinking are movement. Heart beating, digesting, and sensing are also movement. When all life's movements stop, death comes. Death is the total loss of the movements and disease is the partial loss of the movements. For life, the energy flow is the key. At two places from the sun to cells, mankind is in the way of energy flow and supply. The first place is the land under our buildings. The earth is a huge space station and the green land is its solar energy system. Plants live on land and transport energy to us while we take land from them and kill them. The second happens inside the body from nose and mouth to cells. It is a tough job to send energy, deliver oxygen and nutrition to millions and millions of cells. Without natural movement's cooperation, it is impossible for the delivery to all cells and organs perfectly. When traffic jams happen in the two places of energy supply, any diseases and even death can happen. When the energy delivery path is cleaned and upgraded, all cells are active and able "citizens" and strong and brave "soldiers" of us and are ready anytime to respond to the call of the mind, and the whole body will become a magic hydraulic unit. That is the real good health, the right goal of life that Nature wants us to enjoy and we have lost.


Nature offers us life and wants us to enjoy life. Mankind turns to tools and loses natural movement, the key to enjoy real good health and life. Natural movement is the unique way to cooperate with energy delivery inside the body for all cells to get sufficient supplies and strong enough to kill disease, defeat physical and mental attacks, and enjoy the automatic and hydraulic comfort inside the body. Natural movement is simple and powerful and nothing can play its role for health, happiness, and peace. Otherwise, even as successful as Steve Jobs was, he finally still found that all social fame and fortune will become dull, meaningless. Without the endorsement of Nature, nobody, no matter how successful and how rich in the human society, will be successful with confidence and satisfaction in the face of coming death.

Millions of years have passed since humans started to use primitive tools, when mankind enjoys the efficiency and convenience that tools bring about, and also weakens life and suffers from tremendous inconvenience caused by poor health. Tools like two edges of swords that kill animals and also hurt ourselves. All human activities and achievements are from life and supposed back to serve life. So far the service is terrible and has long failed to meet the criteria of real good health and fallen behind other species. Unfortunately, the world still takes the means as the goals. Capitalism, socialism, and communism are all focusing on wealth and how to distribute products. It is the time to highlight the right goal of living beyond GDP and wealth and recognize the "root" of life and all achievements. That is the automatic energy flow and supply from the sun to cells. Since mankind started to use tools, we always hampered the energy supply and the "root" of life at two places. One is buildings taking land from plants and kill our direct energy suppliers. A little change to the conventional construction can solve the major conflict between man and nature. Both ourselves and plants and other species will be happy. The other is that the loss of natural movement makes energy delivery inside the body very difficult. All schools and hospitals should start to teach natural movement to lead the world toward the right values and the right goal of living.


Today when I enjoy the automatic, hydraulic drive from the inside of the body every day and every minute, I realize the enjoyment of life, the endorsement and the love of Nature. I am grateful to my three teachers outside school, Master Han Bing-Tong, Master Zhang Shen-Wu, and Master Cai Min. They taught me nature movement and led me to enjoy the real good health and the real meaning of life.

Conflict of interest

The major interest conflicts exist between man and nature (not among humans). When the conflicts between man and nature are removed, all conflicts of interest among humans will be solved easily. The energy flow from the sun to cells is the major energy supply and the "root" of all achievements of mankind, all technology, GDP, and wealth. When we no longer interfere with the energy supply and know to cooperate with the automation, we will become easy to be satisfied and friendly to others, and most time and energy (for current one third of GDP for defense and one fourth of GDP for health care in America) can be used wisely in other aspects. The endless energy supply from the sun is our biggest interest and the huge "cake" much bigger than all our achievements, wealth, and benefits. Out of the way of energy flow, we will find that no any conflict among humans will be hard to be removed.


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