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International Journal of
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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 13 Issue 1

Concepts related to the possible negative impact upon human health by the continued consumption of concentrated vegetable oils

Edward F Block

Block Institute for Astrobiological Studies, USA

Correspondence: Edward F Block, Block Institute for Astrobiological Studies, 375 Dula Springs Road, Weaverville, North Carolina, USA

Received: December 10, 2019 | Published: January 22, 2020

Citation: Block EF. Concepts related to the possible negative impact upon human health by the continued consumption of concentrated vegetable oils. Int J Complement Alt Med. 2020;13(1):28-29. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2020.13.00488

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Today in the USA processed human food, offered for consumption as maufactured by various corporations and offered up in the supermarkets, is truely unfit for maintaining optimum health. The reasoning for this opinion is described in the text.


While being a retired research scientist, the author continues to read the literature of contemporary science. At this time a view of eating habits and concepts relating to eating habits has emerged within my consciousness. This work describes the lessons learned about hominid, i.e., human, food consumption from watching Chimpanzees consume the flesh of the monkey that they had just recently torn apart, limb from limb, while also still sitting in the tree from which they had been chewing the leaves while foraging for food in the arboreal forest of Africa. Read the chronicles of Jane Goodall which describe these types of events.

Chimpanzees are the closest non-hominid cousin which humans have in the Great Ape Family, Hominidae. Less than 5% difference exists in the genome of chimpanzees and humans.1 The hominid ancestors of human beings moved from living in arboreal forests to that of the savana some millions of years ago.2 However, they brought their nutritional requirements with them into the plains and modified their diet accordingly.

It is of importance to describe what actually occurs with chimpanzees that actively seek out, kill and consume a monkey. Chimpanzees are mainly tree foliage consumers of plant material and the fruits obtained from trees. Time to time they will sidle up to a monkey, one of a pair on either side, while on a limb and obstensibly picking and eating foliage. The pair will suddenly grab the monkey, tear it apart limb from limb and start to consume the flesh, fat and organs of the monkey that they have just killed all the while continuing to eat the foliage of the tree in which they are sitting. Chimpanzees and Gorillas will also spend a good amount of time finding and dining on termites and various grubs.3,4


At this point, it is a matter of viewing the events just described with a bit of knowledge and understanding.

  1. Nowhere in nature will you find concentrated vegetable oils in a natural state/form, you will find only animal fats! True the Avocado might be an exception but they did not exist in ancient Africa, Europe and Asia. It originated in the State of Puebla, Mexico.5 Olive trees did oil the soil and man discovered how to artificially process the olives to get the oil from them for use in human cuisine.
  2. Certain Vitamins require fat in the diet to be able to move from the gut to the blood stream, Vitamin A is an example.6 Vitamin A is found in foliage which does not have extensive amounts of fat. It is necessary to eat foliage with fat for the fat soluble vitamins to pass into the bloodstream.
  3. Vitamin B-12 is only obtained from consuming meat and Vitamin B-9, Folate, from consuming foliage, i.e., plant leaves and also legumes.7,8 The other Apes get their vitamin B-12 from eating termites as insects are also a source of Vitamin B-12. I suppose that we humans could also get it from eating mealworms, the new food of our times. The author has found that when eating a meal comprised of a large serving of meat in any form, eating a large salad (without a lot of vegetable oil with it as dressing) or taking 300-400% of the minimal daily requirement for Folate will reduce the tendency to need to nap or sleep after the meal. Also, the tendency to become depressed a few hours later is reduced. Your liver needs the folate to properly process the protein and your nervous system needs the folate to maintain metabolic and hormonal balance.9
  4. Cholesterol is too large and complex to be able to move across the cell membrane. The cholesterol in your blood is made in your liver.10 One of the processes in refining vegetable oil is to cool it until the Vitamin E and cholesterol drop out of solution. Thus, the vegetable oil offered for human consumption may not have the Big Corporation alarmist bugaboo cholesterol in it but that does not mean that it is safe to eat. Also, the Vitamin E is then sold as a food supplement.


From the above, we may take away from the information offered and make the following conclusions.

  1. Stop the consumption of ALL concentrated vegetable oils and the manufactured products for human consumption that contain concentrated, refined vegetable oil within them (and maybe with the exception of propery processed olive oil). This is especially true for all soybean products and products with soybean oil within them. Soybean oils are high in phytoestrogens and are a direct cause of osteoarthritis as these phytoestrogens disrupts the normal balance of hormones within the body. Estrogens promote cartilage and bone growth. Too much estrogen is the cause of the osteoarthritis.11 All vegetable oils have phytoestrogens in them. In pictures of ancient Chinese culture, you find people eating food products made from wheat, rye, barley, rice and vegetables but NEVER from soybeans.
  2. The issue today with animal fats is the fact that there is a glut of un-natural substances in them due to the feeding practices of the animal production industry. You do not know what is in the meats that you consume and the USDA is in cahoots with the big food corporations. Perhaps one of the best foods that you can rely on to be of better quality is locally produced eggs from free range chickens. Egg yolks are supposed to be orange, with vitamin A, and not a sickly yellow. Chickens get their Vitamin A from eating plant material which large scale egg producers do not provide their chickens that live in cages. Also, egg yolks are supposed to stand up and not lie flat. It goes without saying that grass fed animals produce the best meats, liver and organs.
  3. The author estimates that at least 95% of the food products found in a typical grocery store are inimical to your health and the reason that obesity is a health issue without peer in America today. Eating organic is more expensive than eating normally presented big corporation food products but it is so much better for your body. Almost all of the food products produced today have in them food addatives that will cause what is termed "Dampness" within the body, according to the tenets of Chinese Medicine.12,13 The constant consumption of these products results in obesity and illness. The Hominid ancestors of the people of today were able to forage for their food within a completely natural environment and without man-made contaminants within them. For the people of today, that is an impossible scenario and all that we are able to do is to reduce those contaminants as much as possible. It also helps to look at the foods that our great-grandparents ate and then try to emulate their eating habits instead of choosing the foods provided by television advertisement.
  4. The meat that you are able to buy in the typical grocery store will have meats available with fats adhering to them. Use these fats in your diet. Bacon grease is a good source of fat. Cook at low temperatures and do not scorch the fats till they are brown or black. These oxidized fats are not good for you. This is the reason that Chicken Soup is so good for you, the fat is still of a good quality and not burned. Cook with butter, it is superior in every way to vegetable oil. Stay away from fried foods, especially deep fried foods. Almost always, the oils used to cook in deep frying are rancid (oxidized) and bad for your health. They are also most always hydrogenated and a "Trans" fat. Trans fats disrupt the LDL/HDL ratio to an un-healthy state.14
  5. Perhaps it should be said for you the educated consumer to stop being the lazy, easily lead and gullible in making the food product choices available to you in these days and times. Please educate yourselves and learn what your individual body needs for food and not what your ego wants! I am reminded of the adage, "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink"!



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