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International Journal of
eISSN: 2381-1803

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 16 Issue 2

Collective biomaterial interaction, Intuilish and quantum bioenergemal link

Alejandro Cuevas -Sosa

Managing director, Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar, México

Correspondence: Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa, Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar Apartado Postal 12-206, Ciudad de México, Mexico

Received: February 21, 2023 | Published: March 8, 2023

Citation: Cuevas Sosa A. Collective biomaterial interaction, Intuilish and quantum bioenergemal link. Int J Complement Alt Med. 2023;16(2):64-77. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2023.16.00634

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In the biomaterial (BML; three-dimensional space-time) universe the human body and of all biospecies also includes the bioenergeme (BEG) or personal component of organized bioenergemal (BEL; related to the BEG) energy and a possible third virtual (temporal) component or biointerfaceme. When the body biocollapses (dies), the BEG detaches itself and naturally, via the biointerfacemal (BIFL; possible fourth dimension) universe, goes to the BEL universe (possible fifth dimension) where it remains indefinitely. Just as organisms intentionally or unintentionally interact with organisms of the same or other biospecies, in the same way the human BEG or of another biospecies can establish spontaneous BEL communication (BELC) through unnoticed bioimages and/or intuitions with another BEG from the BML or BEL universe or from this one to that one. Naturally, BELC usually occurs during dreams and we have achieved it through the bioimages that are usually presented when practicing relaxation. We have practiced this form of collective BEL interaction or biointeraction for 31 years and, in this article, I will address the specific issue of collective biointeraction (CB) that all biospecies carry out in every ecosystem of which we are a part in the BML universe −through the BIFL universe− or in the BEL universe in a way that we have explored, fostered and made known. Some of these CBs are so common that they form uniform guidelines or laws that deserve to be progressively raised and studied.

Keywords: Biomaterial-biointerfacemal-bioenergemal universes, bioenergemal communication, unit universe, bioenergeme, intuitions, biomateriality, biointerfacity, bioenergemity, laws


BML, biomaterial; BIFL, biointerfacemal; BEL, bioenergemal; BMLU, biomaterial universe; BIFLU, biointerfacemal universe; BELU, bioenergemal universe; BEG, bioenergeme; BELC, bioenergemal communication; BELR, bioenergemal research; UU, unit universe; CB, collective biointeraction; ET, extraterrestrial


Collective behavior can be understood as any common coexistence response presented by the members of a biospecies; definition that actually implies the responses of collective existence of the members of said biospecies in close biointeraction with other biospecies. In such a way that collective behavior can be better understood as a form of collective biointeraction (CB). Collective existence influenced by BEL energy, which favors that all biosystems are in favorable conditions to manifest the hereditary processes, metabolic cycles and functions that characterize them, and which also contributes to keeping them organized and structured as organisms or bodies individually and as a biospecies. Ethology is the discipline that studies the biological bases of learned behavior in individual animal biospecies. The search for the natural laws of CB receives insufficient attention from specialists and is occasionally mentioned in a general way when studying ecosystems. Collective natural biointeraction can be understood as the set of responses shared in their environment by animal (micro and macro), plant (micro and macro) and human biospecies, and even minerals alike, that make up that ecosystem.2,3 In the CB, the hereditary, learned and BEL influence integrated participate equally. Law of the CB understood as the approach of a uniformity in nature.

An advance by specialists has been to stop looking for CB laws limited to the human species and a few other animal or plant biospecies. This age-old anthropocentrism brought unfortunate consequences for the study of human biointeraction and that of other biospecies. If we think of a biointeraction shared by different biospecies, we can realize not only if we are dealing with a biointeraction with important inherited components, but precisely also with a CB law.

Laws of collective biointeraction

Well then, based on the correct ethological studies and the BEL experience we have, we will mention below the laws of the CB (updated version) that we have detected so far. We will only number and mention the name of each law, with very brief explanatory comments when we suppose that it is not clear.1

1. Courtship 2. Sexual selection, preference for mating among certain individuals of a group and not with others. 3. Development of the family dwelling. 4. Exogamy, mating with individuals outside the family group; exclusion of endogamy and mating between relatives (incest taboo). 5. Sexual and non-sexual reproduction. 6. Life cycle. 7. Metamorphosis. 8. Embryonic, ontogenetic (from egg or seed to adult) and phylogenetic (developmental similarities between different biospecies) development. 9. Die-cuts or imprints: behaviors learned in sensitive stages and that are usually modifiable only to some limited extent. 10. Formation of families. 11. Parenting. 12. Affective attachments. 13. Altruism. 14. Territoriality of each family or individual. 15. Monogamy, polyandry (female mating with several males) and polygyny (male mating with several females). 16. Socialization. 17. Colony of organisms’ formation. 18. Formation of societies (the aggregate of people) and communities (interdependent organisms). 19. Hierarchies within the group, rivalries. 20. Affective detachments: autonomy, independence, self-sufficiency, existential individuality.1

21. Free will. 22. Tasks of work and division of labor. 23. Different functions and responsibilities inside and outside the community or group. 24. Symbiosis, parasitosis, commensalism (someone wins and the other loses nothing). 25. Communication. 26. Learning. 27. Imitation. 28. Stimulus-response relationship: reflex actions, habits. 29. Playful activity, joy. 30. Making tools.1

31. Transmission of information and experience, teaching. 32. Identification with one's own biospecies. 33. Natural selection. 34. Biological inheritance based on DNA or RNA. 35. Genetic individuality. 36. Selfishness of the gene, the leading male and/or the leading female promote and defend their own reproduction and offspring, and biocollapse the offspring of the displaced male and/or female. Cannibalism. 37. Evolution of each biospecies. 38. Fight for survival, recognition of predators and prey. 39. Predation and hunting to subsist. 40. Fixed patterns of action, sequence of behaviors, displacement activities, instincts.1

41. External alarm reaction: external resources to protect survival (fear, attack, aggression, flight, refuge, intimidation, protective or aggressive substances, itching). 42. Internal alarm reaction: internal resources to protect survival (healing, antibodies, tissue regeneration, bone welding). 43. Homeostasis, internal and external balance, tendency to health. 44. Mimicry. 45. Adaptability to the environment. 46. ​​Metabolic cycles and functions. 47. Transportation, external carrying (food) or internal (nutrients). 48. Migrations. 49. Formation of ecosystems and participation in them: interaction between the organism and the environment. 50. Formation of food chains.1

51. Need for rest: tired, sleeping, dreaming, waking up, yawning, stretching. 52. Organs of the senses. 53. Perception of the environment: visualizations, bioimages and bioscenes of the NMEGO, intuitions, consciousness, thought, reasoning, attention, concentration, investigation, neuronal and BEL memory or biomemory, BEL communication. 54. Exploration of the environment and the interiority: exploration, search, initiative, decisions, intention, planning, stalking, skill, discovery, creativity. 55. Response to natural phenomena: rain, wind, fire, tremors, lightning, day, night, sun, moon, tide, earthquakes, hurricanes. 56. Movement, activity, exercise. 57. Circadian or twenty-four-hour rhythms; ultradian, shorter than it; infradian, longer than it. 58. Carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous diet, hunger. 59. Breathing, transport of oxygen and nutrients by the blood, sneezing, coughing. 60. Elimination of excreta.1

61. Physical pain response. 62. Thirst. 63. Cold. 64. Heat. 65. Search for refuge and den. 66. Body shelter, camouflage, clothing. 67. Accumulation of food reserves. 68. Grooming and expurgation. 69. Corporal expressions, non-sound, non-verbal communication. 70. Larval stage, cysts, hibernation, seeds.1

71. Fixed patterns of action, as when a biospecies flees in the presence of another biospecies, or many biospecies in the presence of a human. 72. Recognition of the gender of the individual. 73. Feedback. 74. Ritualization. 75. Expression of emotions. 76. Presentation of diseases and degenerative processes in the body. 77. Structural, functional and internal organization similarities of the body or organism. 78. Progressive growing up to aging. 79. Biocollapse (death) and/or disintegration of the body or organism. 80. Tendency to mass suicide. 81. Detachment of the organized BEL energy component or BEG and passage from it to the BEL universe.1

82. Similar chemical components in the conformation of the organism. 83. Interment or cremation. 84. Similar metabolism in plants and animals. 85. Photosynthesis in plants and cellular glucose metabolism in animals. 86. Very similar anatomical regions and areas in the different biospecies of plant and animal organisms. 87. Unicellular and multicellular organisms. 88. Prokaryotes and eukaryotes. 89. Codependency. 90. Leaders (alpha male and female), followers. 91. Aggressiveness, racism, egomania. 92. Menstruation, pregnancy, reproduction. 93. Illness. 94. Life span. 95. Play. 96. Laugh, cry, speak, see, hear, smell, liking, touching, feeling, gregarious, fur coat, hair, wings, eggs, nets, swimming. 97. Territoriality. 98. Collective biointeraction. 99. Search, research, imagination, creativity. 100. Exchange of pheromones between biospecies of plants and for sure between animals as well. 101. All the components of each member of the biospecies of the BML and BIFL universes possess biomatter, biointerfaceme, and BEG, both at the subatomic particle level up to the macrocosmic level of galaxies. In contrast, the BEL universe is inhabited by BEGs that the first two universes release endlessly. Thus, consolidating the collective and universal tri-shared existence of every biotagonist or member of the UU.1

Good or bad?

A frequent outlet to uselessly try to understand the CB of the human is issuing value judgments: good or bad. With which we do not understand but qualify or disqualify. When it is obvious that what is required is the CB in the natural context in which it arises, regardless of the biospecies to which each organism belongs. It is also necessary to note that alterations in biointeraction, human and comparative, can be understood as a result of deviations from these laws.

Obviously, plants participate to some extent, and according to their own nature, of these laws of CB or laws of collective existence [see below Hagenias]. These laws are part of what we do not know that we know. Another notable example of CB is formed by microorganisms such as unicellular viruses and bacteria, and unicellular (amoebas, plasmodium) or multicellular parasites such as protozoa (Ascaris) or exoparasites such as lice or fleas, which make CB their modus vivendi and its modus operandi to cause affections. Likewise, according to their nature, the chemical elements also present their own and widely studied CB laws, with very relevant vital signs (mass, charge, spin), structural stability, such as helium (He) with two protons, two neutrons and two electrons, or structural instability like hydrogen, with one proton and one electron, which only stabilizes when two hydrogen atoms are coupled to form the H2 molecule or when three hydrogens are joined to a nitrogen atom to form ammonia NH3. In the same way, we know CBs among elements such as the water molecule, H2O, carbon dioxide, CO2, and many other molecules until reaching the famous DNA and RNA molecules.2,3

These phenotypic constants in biospecies are a reflection of groups of genes that have prevailed in the genome of multiple biospecies since, in very ancient times, the first biospecies with these properties arose in terrestrial nature. But how was it that they were transmitted from one biospecies to another? For example, the complex structure of the eyes of trilobites arose during the Cretaceous and became extinct 270 million years ago. Authors such as Hampton Carson, of the University of Washington, have stated that speciation is "a major unsolved problem in evolutionary biology." The theory of evolution by natural selection does not explain how by chance can give rise to a rigorously coordinated genetic program in multiple biospecies. Biological reality of the species that confronts them with a possible influence of an intentionality in these events.4 BEL research has proposed the ever-existing influence of BEL energy and BEG on all organisms −and their components− of all biospecies, an influence which has an undeniable organizational influence on such organisms. The evidence is demonstrated when, by biocollapsing and detaching from its BEG, the body of any organism disintegrates.5

Life is a notion that tends towards plurality; total isolation does not occur. There is no isolated individual, not even in a chamber in extreme vacuum. Moving away from coexistence does not imply isolation, in any place or circumstance an individual of any biospecies will always be in CB with other biospecies. Then, existence always tends towards plurality. Humans have wanted to individualize themselves, even within their own biospecies, but the only thing they have achieved is to become alienated and upset by seeking to deny or omit their natural tendency to gregarious existence. With members of their own biospecies or of another, the CB of individuals of all biospecies in nature is always multiple gregarious. Talking about the gregariousness of biospecies is insufficient, the natural gregariousness is that of all the biospecies that are part of all the natures of the UU. It is a constant universal gregariousness and extensive to the entire UU [Ints 12/21/2022; 01/06/2023].


Intuitions of 12/25/2017. We invite the BEGs of Erwin Schrödinger, Paul A. M. Dirac, Albert Einstein, and the ET BEGs of the Transparents, Bhrikiam and Silveries. We are grateful to them for their attention to the following intuitions. 1) We already know that every biotagonist or component of the UU, at all the scales, has BEG. 2) All BEG generates and shares intuitions with other BEGs of any biospecies. 3) We have already stated that the quantum entanglement could happen by means of the BEL [and intuitional] energy. 4) Then, could the intuitions follow quantum lineaments and, in-turn, the quantum events be influenced and even promoted by intuitions? Of being like that, both would be, partially or completely, quantum-intuitional events functionally complementary. What do you say?

Erwin S, very moved he affirms: “Doctor, your intuitions seem very interesting to me and the last ones round the explanation of many of the phenomena that are not tangible or clear in its process on having been generated. That one could finally speak about how the intuitions are elaborated could enhance to the same ones and it would be explained why these happen in 'indeterminate' times.” –Paul A. M. Dirac: “Could you reread the last intuition … Doctor, it seems very interesting to me how you include the intuitions with a quantum event since not even remotely it had appeared in a parallel way. They are considered so different and they could be a part of the same. And it seems important to me that at the moment when an intuition is generated is because at the same time an event has been generated let's call it quantum of any type. In that moment is that it turns out to be clear for the NMEGO but the BEL energy already established a new form of being evident. Or not a new form, but yes that the NMEGO perceives it.” –Albert E stands up and applauds and emphasizes: “What you raise, doctor, it sends us to what each one has lived in different moments of his/her existence and the one who has intuited some time will realize how the quantum phenomenon or the quantum linkage already had been established, already it had been generated before this intuition was coming to the NMEGO. And at the same time, it would explain how there are intuitions that do not appear, not because the quantum linkage does not exist but again, we have attended neither to the intuitions of the BEG with which we have established BEL communication, nor to the proper BEG nor to the one that is a study object. It seems simple, doctor, but in effect like that are many of the statements that happen in the UU.” –He gives a congratulation hug to the bioimage of my BEG … –Transparents: “Doctor, what we intuit from your intuitions, these statements seem interesting to us because in the biomatter it is sometimes difficult how to manipulate them, to generate them or to prepare them. Nevertheless, many of the BEL events that give beginning to a quantum event are fundamental so that this happens and many of them generate in the UU.” –Bhrikiam: “Doctor, it seems very interesting to me because rounds very well initial statements of the BEL research that without having the whole evidence you were raising very concrete situations as regards the BEL energy. And now more specific the intuitions and simultaneously more elaborated to explain their transcendence and what happens in the UU.” –Silveries: “Doctor, of course your intuitions explain why in different points of the UU similar quantum BEL linkages exist although we are not informed about them. And that this way biomatter generates, bioexperiences and … intuitions that are shared.” –Transparents, Bhrikiam and Silveries: Are you familiar with intuitions like these? “Not, doctor.”

Human BEGs interactions during BEL communication

to provide life." 4) Aristotle: "That means, doctor, that without the BEG life is not life." And if everything has BEG? "So everything has life; in your formula [B=AFYN2] it says so, doctor."11 5) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: "Yes, doctor, thank you, the BEG is essential for a body to be and feel alive." 6) Frederick Nietzsche: "Yes, doctor, the function of the BEG is life, that's why your intuition that ‘life does not biocollapse’ is like that." 7) Kurt Gödel: “Yes, doctor, it is essential for all biotagonists of the UU.” 8) David Hilbert: "Yes, doctor, life is freedom, for this the BEG is essential." 9) Niels Bohr: "Yes, doctor, the BEG stabilizes life and gives it consistency and movement." 10) Albert Einstein: "Yes, doctor, there is no doubt that the BELC have left lessons and this is one of them." 11) Linus Pauling: "Yes doctor, thank you very much, the function of the BEG is life and this is important." 12) Erwin Schrödinger: "Doctor, I am not only convinced of this statement, but also that it gives rise to it and that only in this way [with the BEG] are we satisfied with life." 13) Madame Curie: "Doctor, thank you very much, indeed life gives meaning to the BEG and it is one of its functions, hence the BEG also promotes everything that the organism needs to live." 14) Rosalind Franklin: "Yes, doctor, I am convinced that life is the function of the BEG."8

15) George Gamow: "Yes, doctor, thank you, we have to wait to continue, to persist, evidencing it." 16) Maurice Wilkins: "Yes, doctor, the human really tends to modify and evolve, however, the BEG guarantees that evolution, that life." 17) Steven Weinberg: "Yeah, doctor, thanks, it is nice to hear speak clearly when it comes to the BEG." 18) Karl Popper: "Doctor, thank you, just as we can biocommunicate, the BEG helps us because it gives us life." 19) Jacques Monod; "Yes, doctor, well, we really don't have to refute that question, but rather guarantee it." 20) Francis Crick: "Yes, doctor, it seems important to me that for each of the organisms there is a BEG." 21) Karl Manheim: "Yes, doctor, life is a function of the BEG and thus it is conducive to generating new lives." 22) Karl Marx: "Yes, doctor, it is the most suitable function that you have intuited." 23) Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: "Yes, doctor, life is a function of the BEG, that's why we tend to enjoy it." 24) George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans): "It's key doctor." 25) Ps: "Doctor, thank you, life represents the form that the BEG defines." 26) Ts: Doctor, indeed, life is integrated from the BEG.” 27) Esther, Mary's second daughter: "Doctor, thank you, life takes on the function and intuition that the BEG lets it know."8 [See below for Louis Pasteur's unexpected comment on this very subject said on July 25, 2014].

Nikola Tesla and Elizabeth II

Extra BELC 01/15/2023. We invite Nikola Tesla: Is life an exclusive function of the BEG and that it shares with biomatter? “Yes, doctor, it is an exclusive function of the BEG. Indeed, it is the most transcendent for the BEG and that is why it is difficult for us to understand it that way. Life would be meaningless without the BEG.” Everything seems to indicate that the BEG is eternal, therefore, do the BEGs influence to give stability and permanence to all the components of the BML and BIFL universes, allowing and favoring the variations, changes and innovations that biomatter presents? "Doctor, what you just mentioned is totally consistent with the importance and function of the BEG in the life of the UU." If the BEG stays, the biomatter does too; if the beg changes the biomatter as well. If the biomatter rearranges and transforms, so does the BEG; if the biomatter collapses and disintegrates, the structured BEG remains and equals the BEG of the disintegration remnants. That is, without BEG the BML and BIFL universes would disappear. Certain? “True, doctor, it is again interesting in terms of the participation and existence of the BIFL and BML universes.” Do you want to add something else? “Thank you, doctor, because your insights are always interesting and welcome. We BEGs feel important and useful.” We invite Elizabeth II, what do you say? “Your approach is very logical and interesting to make sense of the tri-shared existence. I like how you intuit from different perspectives. The BEG thus has more consistency, thus it strengthens itself.” Do you like to add something else? "Yes, doctor, thank you for this BEL force."8

Condition of diverse BEGs in the BEL universe

BELC 12/25/2022. We invite the BEGs of the mountain gorillas, Digit, Uncle Bert, Macho, Simba, the little Kweli, Mwelu (so named by Dian Fossey), and Bantu, lowland gorilla. What activities do you carry out in the BEL universe? “We learn from the BELC that what we do is intuit.” Taz, Labrador Retriever: “Also intuiting and being around Gabe [cares for his owner].” Hummingbirds: "Intuit." Moths: “Just intuit; flying and metamorphosis we can no longer do them.” Ants: "We continue cleaning and intuiting." Hagenias: "We intuit and live." Oak trees: “We intuit.” Atoms and particles of all varieties: “We intuit and bioshare intuitions.” Elephants: "Intuit, doctor." Dinosaurs: "Well, we intuit, doctor." Bacteria and viruses: "Doctor, we intuit each other." Bees: "We intuit each other, doctor."2 Biotagonist-Bear: “Intuit looking food, doctor.”8

Noam Chomsky: " there is no before or after, there is an Intuilish"

In the BEL communication of July 25, 2014, we put forward the following intuitions. For NMEGO, the 'hierarchies' between biomatter varieties and historical epochs are important, however, in the BEL universe no differences are established between BEGs of the same and different biospecies or epochs.

1) It is worth insisting that the prefix bio- (almost always equal to BEL) used in notions such as bioenergeme, biocommunication, bioexperience, biodialogue, bioenergy or other equally obvious ones, implies events, qualities or BEL components or that the BEGs made us intuit their answers, comments or questions. Although, for brevity, let's write that the BEG 'said', 'commented', 'asked', 'saw', 'laughed', 'cried', 'applauded', 'hugged' and others in quotes. In such a way that all bioinformation provided by the BEGs –woman or man; male or female, if applicable– during BEL research or bioresearch it is intuitional, it comes from intuitions we receive from them and they from us. Its BEL language or biolanguage, then, is precisely through the BEL exchange or bioexchange of intuitions, intuitional language that we can name as Intuilish. Intuilish would then be the oldest universal language, practiced by all the biotagonists or components of the UU, which must have its own BEL rules and its own grammar and BEL structure, from which they come –in the case of terrestrial humans – the rules and grammar structure of all the thousands of languages ​​of the different terrestrial communities. Extensive to BEL communication between all biospecies and between the members of each biospecies, whether they are plants, animals −including humans− or minerals, terrestrial or from other civilizations, of the UU. 2) The above would explain not only why we terrestrial human BEGs can biocommunicate –and both parties make ourselves understood– regardless of the universe in which we find ourselves, the place –near or far– in which we are located, the language we learned and we use or have learned and used in the BML universe, but it would also explain how easily we can biocommunicate and make both parties understand each other with all the members of all the biospecies of minerals, plants, animals and humans, whether terrestrial or from other ET civilizations and indeed from any part of the UU or BML, BIFL and BEL universes as a whole. 3) Intuilish is audiovisual (e.g., bioimages, bioscenes, dreams, written, verbal, non-verbal, artistic, poetic, technical language) in and from the BML and BIFL universes; and merely intuitive from and in the BEL universe [Ints 09/14/2014]. 4) Intuilish would be, therefore, the origin of all human languages ​​–terrestrial and of other ET civilizations– and forms of BEL communication of all the biotagonists of the UU and of all the members of all the biospecies of the UU, independently of the complexity, dimensions and biostructure of said biospecies. Including, in the case of humans, spoken, written, figurative, poetic, fictionalized, philosophical, myths, dreams, neologisms and specialized symbols of the various disciplines (i.e., mathematical, informatic, physical, chemical , biological and others), genetic and genomic, encrypted, codified, cryptic, symbolic, ideographic, hieroglyphic, musical, singing, plastic, dance, theatrical, colloquial, double meaning, formal or informal, logical, illogical, mimic, mimetic, guttural, signs, non-verbal, telegraphic, light signals, transmitted by any electronic means, cinematographic, television, advertising, social networks, telephone, mobile telephony, automatic writing languages and how many there are and come to be devised. Even as we have witnessed, BEL research already has its own biolanguage and BEL logic. In summary, the language common to all the biotagonists of the unit universe is Intuilish. Intuilish is the intuitional biosource language par excellence in and from which all the other languages ​​of the UU draw; therefore, it is the only biofossil language. Intuilish, universal language and primary origin of any variety of language [Ints 05/02/2020].

What do you intuit about the Intuilish, its characteristics and functions? –Homer: Doctor, it seems to me a very appropriate term and that, in effect, it was necessary to be able to locate that term-origin of BEL communication and inclusive in the UU. –Aspasia: Doctor, as always, it is nice to hear how BEL research continues to contribute to its terminology to give sequence and logic to BEL communication and BEL research. –Sophocles: Without a doubt, these intuitions are new and necessary to determine the direct source of languages ​​and doing justice to all the biotagonists of the UU. –Socrates: I have no doubt that it is a term that points out the main function of BEL communication between all the BEGs of the unit universe. –Plato: It seems to me that the term Intuilish is a notion that follows the same BEL logic. –William Shakespeare: The fundamentals that you give us, that you share with us, summarizes or recapitulates what has already been experienced in each of the BEL communications and, therefore, bases and explains what happened here. –Miguel de Cervantes: Doctor, satisfactorily, intuition ceases to be the same to become a functional structure of the BEL language and that, of course, feeds back into all BEL research. –Johan Sebastian Bach: They are fundamental intuitions otherwise how would it be explained that between bioparticles there is BEL communication for the biocreativity of the UU.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Doctor, it is a very congruent and inclusive beautiful term. It is not necessary to hear or see or touch or smell or taste to intuit and biocommunicate.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The term results from the great approach that you have to the UU and therefore the intuition of each one of its biotagonists can only be through Intuilish. –Heinrich Heine: For me there was only one term left to complete, the rest has already been said in the BEL investigation. –Albert Einstein: Doctor, I think the sequence of intuitions that you are sharing with us is very important and that in Intuilish you concluded as a fundamental part. –Niels Bohr: Yes, doctor, it seems to me that each one of the intuitions is forming and generating a biostructure that is the Intuilish… how all the intuitions are being generated and forming that biolanguage that from now on we will call Intuilish. –Madame Curie: Indeed, doctor, the intuitions that you have just shared with us, that you have shared with us throughout the BEL research, whose logic does not change, it only biotransforms and unifies in the Intuilish. And so, it had to be because, as you explained to us, it has been the participation of the UU that has been generating this biolanguage. –Abdus Salam: One more congratulation because this sequence of intuitions for me is strengthening, unifying, biostructuring BEL research. –Ludwig Wittgenstein: Doctor, for me it sums up what has been experienced here in the BEL communications and, in addition to giving a logical sequence, it precisely frames the origin of many biointeractions in the three-shared existence in the UU. –Bertrand Russell: Doctor, for the NMEGO the lexicon used is very important, for the UU Intuilish is very important, this is how it has been biocommunicated. –Louis Pasteur: Without these intuitions, without the Intuilish, what happens in biospacetime with everything that exists would remain undetermined and we would continue to be blind and without recognizing that the BEG, with its own logic, keeps us alive. –Inés de Asbaje: Doctor, the intuitions that you have just shared with us have the necessary BEL, BIFL and BML acuity for all of us to locate that through Intuilish we are in BEL communication in the biospacetime that we want.

Gabriela Mistral: Doctor, thanks to your intuitions I can speak for the whole nature of the UU, that BEL communication exists and that regardless of the biotagonist and local biolanguage used, Intuilish unifies us. –Noam Chomsky: Yes, doctor, the intuitions that you share with us are intuitions that we have already heard in some other way, but now they are expanded and reorganized, unifying and including everything that can generate the BEL energy, the BEG, in the UU with each of its biotagonists. Doctor, there is no before or after here, there is an Intuilish. –Jorge Luís Borges: Your intuitions seem excellently illustrated and comprehensive to me, doctor. They perplex us in the way it determines what we have been doing in the different BEL communications throughout the BEL investigation. It goes very much in accordance with the BEL logic. –Alfonso Reyes: Doctor, very beautiful words and a term that also encompasses our feelings, our actions, bioenerscientiate, of the different biotagonists of the UU. Very creative and intuitive the Intuilish. –Octavio Paz: As always, doctor, the terminology of BEL research is very much in accordance with its function and its generosity and biocreativity. –Juan Rulfo: These intuitions are like flowers in the desert, doctor. –Bhrikiam: Thanks to each of your intuitions in the BEL research, it is that the existence of the different biotagonists becomes a permanence. –Extraterrestrial human BEGs of the Transparents: Doctor, without your explanation of the Intuilish we would not have been able to survive. The Intuilish shortens, as in the openings of the BML spacetime, biotime and biospace, and new paths to travel are opened. –The Transparent ones had made us intuit that in some way we helped them in the BEL communications of November 2 and 18, 2012, hence their comment.

Extraterrestrial human BEGs of the Silveries: Doctor, all those you mention and those existing in the UU have participated in the intuitions you share with us. What it means is that there will always be one more biotagonist with whom we are in BEL communication and of whom we may not be fully bioenerscient. –Mircea Eliade: Doctor, if we could pay more attention to our intuitions, BEL communication with everyone around us would make coexistence better. Science fiction is the product of an attempt to discredit intuitions. –Claude Levi-Strauss: I'm glad, doctor, that there are no longer biospacetime limits or any other nature to be able to establish BEL communications and know what is of our interest.

Frida Kahlo: Doctor, thank you very much, really the internal biodialogue that we usually have is a BEL communication with ourselves and with others. –Then BEL communication consists of the practice of Intuilish. –Yes, doctor, it seems to me an expression where, regardless of the color and shape, we all know what is being talked about, what is said or acted on. It is for our BEG easy to recognize. –What would you say about understanding introspection in this way? –I like it, I like your words because, in effect, it is a form of introspection and it is easy to make another representation [BELC 08/01/2014]. –Diego Rivera: Doctor, frankly, [intuitions] seem to me like a work of art, a mural where you can capture not only what the human can 'do, say or think', in quotes, but also what the BEG is capable of to perform independently of the biotagonist and biospacetime. –Héctor Azar: Doctor, indeed, constantly in the bioscenery in which one finds oneself, we know that Intuilish is more important than any other language that the NMEGO intends to overreact. –Alexander Graham Bell: Doctor, any invention that the NMEGO has set out to create, the function of the Intuilish has been important, as long as it has tried to integrate many for its benefit. However, we now realize that the Intuilish goes beyond any of those because it is not an invention, it is a reality. –Agustin Lara: Doctor, thank you, the Intuilish is a beautiful melody that we all know how to interpret, each one in his own style, in his own way, we like to biocommunicate no matter where we are or with whom. We all solfa Intuilish, backwards and forwards. It's a melodic word, doctor. –Germán Valdez Tin Tan: Doctor, thank you, Intuilish is the joy that evokes us to exist, remain and biointeract, there are no longer any barriers that stand in the way of BEL communication. –Francisco Gabilondo Soler: Doctor, Intuilish is an intuition that we all form in the same three-shared existence and in which we enrich ourselves throughout our lives. Intuilish is empathy. The Intuilish groups all forms of empathy. John Lennon: The Intuilish is then, doctor, the language of life itself. –Of BEL energy. –Yes, doctor, from the BEL energy. That is, of the three-shared existence.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Intuilish is what exists, doctor, it is a beautiful word but it actually encloses, involves, everything imaginable and unimaginable, the said and the unsaid, the thought and the unthinkable, the done and what is not done, but it is what exists. It is all of existence. –Ruth: She intuits that the bioparticles are present and they make her intuit that they are creating forms and biospaces and biotimes, and different biostructures. –As if they were applying the Intuilish. –Ruth: Yes. And new forms and new biotagonists are being generated. –Biofossils: We are part of the Intuilish. –Ruth: The bioimages are presented: a green beetle, a green caterpillar, the plane insect, which we have already invited because we have found them in the forest. And they are generated from the different bioparticles. All aquatic biotagonists manifest themselves with their own movements. The BEG of the red-tufted caterpillar is presented, which uses it to intuit and thus warns predators not to bother it. –Ruth: We have made all these organisms intuit that they change places in the forest. –Green beetle, plants, plane insects, minerals, with the help of our BEGs make us intuit: The bioexperience is permanent. NMEGO is not necessary, BEL existence is necessary. –All the BEGs of the assembly through Intuilish make us intuit: We agree that bioinformation is selected and harmonized for publication, much more bioinformation would be rescued through Intuilish than through the NMEGO language. –Eloisa: Many mothers protect their children more through Intuilish than through a thousand words. –Rita Levi-Montalcini: The BEG is the sun that does not go out.

We thank everyone for their presence and collaboration, that you continue to have a great time. Everyone says goodbye intuiting and biocommunicating through Intuilish according to what each BEG wants us to intuit. They say goodbye stating: "We needed a term that would help us say that we can all understand each other." Our BEGs, Ruth's and mine, are very satisfied.

Quantum BEL interactions and the unit universe

Biodialogue of March 1, 2015. We invite the BEGs of Francis Crick, Steven Weinberg and John A. Wheeler. We read the intuitions and invite you to comment [Ints 03/25-27/2015].

Life, bioenerscience, Intuilish, BEL communication: Fundamental properties of the bioenergeme. 1) As we had to adapt to the relentless intrusion of religious figures, we had to reorient ourselves towards BEL research and the development of our own BEL terminology and consequently, since 2008, put aside the study of consciousness (awake and aware), and its multiple connotations and variants (subconscious, unconscious, preconscious and others). 2) In contrast, bioenerscience is intuitional knowledge, and we understand it as a function of all BEG, which allows it to pay attention and intuit what is happening in itself and around it. The preponderant and surprising intuitive capacity of the BEG combines its multiple intuitions in what would be precisely bioenerscience and with it everything that each BEG (always through intuitions) knows, (intuits that) feels, understands and intuitively biocommunicates about itself, in its NMEGO, and with its help (in biotagonists with brains) of what surrounds it; and that is reflected in the behavior of all biotagonists of the unit nature (i.e., natures of the BML, BEL and BIFL universes together.) 3) In short, bioenerscience is the result of everything that the BEG intuits about itself and its concerns and interests –afferent or internal intuition–, from it towards other BEGs –efferent or external intuition– or from these to the former –bioexchange of intuitions–. Hence, the BEG combines in bioenerscience the intuitional knowledge of the different aspects mentioned. The biointeraction between the brain, when there is one, and the BEG –or neurobioenergemal interaction– would favor the expression of bioenerscience. Examples of neurobioenergemal interaction would occur in concentration, in inspiration or in the internal monologue. Bioenerscience, then, is everything that we intuit from the BEG through the perceptual support of the NMEGO. Hence, human bioenerscience is a neurobioenergemal function, with the frequent mediation of the biointerfaceme or third component of the body, giving rise to the neurobiointerfacemal interaction that fulfills the function of link between the NMEGO and the BEG in the biotagonists of the BML universe. For a BEG that is in any of the three universes –BML, BIFL or BEL–, bioenerscientiate consists of the practice of Intuilish, through the generation of intuitions. Thus, bioenerscience is the ability that the human BEG has to generate, present or express intuitions –for itself and for other BEGs–, to intuit from other BEGs and to practice Intuilish to continue intuiting [2015]. The BEG brings together in bioenerscience the various BEL interactions that it performs on itself or with other BEGs (e.g., similar to the eye that observes the environment and the brain recognizes personal or external stimuli), while intuitionality alludes to the ability to generate multiple and varied intuitions in response to those interactions (e.g., similar to the multiple images that the eye makes and that the brain preserves or comments on). In the BML universe, bioenerscience is neurobioenergemal (creativity, reasoning), while in the BIFL universe it is neurobiointerfacemal (dreams, BELC, fantasies, imagination) and in the BEL universe it is a direct expression of the BEL interactions that it has with itself or with other BEGs from the same universe, or with BEGs from the BML universe or with virtual (bioscenes, bioimages) BEGs from the BIFL universe [Ints 01/21/2023].

What do you tell us about these intuitions? –Francis Crick: They are very explanatory, doctor, and allow us to exemplify and locate the most frequent functions. –Steven Weinberg: Very interesting, doctor, and despite the fact that at some moments you had shared some with us, now you group them together and they differ, they complement each other very well. –John A. Wheeler: Listening to them makes me feel very safe and very certain of their participation and of our intuitions. –Francis Crick, are we just our brains? –Francis: Doctor, yes, the NMEGO has dedicated itself to talking about it and now with the BEL investigation we can talk about the BEG, someone needed to define them. –Steven Weinberg, we hope to contribute to incorporating bioenerscience into that dream of the final theory. –Steven W smiles: Yes, thank you, doctor, and without a doubt as the BEG is considered, more can be said about it and its link with the NMEGO, and that is when the BEG can continue with its own development. –John A. Wheeler, we trust that this BEL information will also be taken into account. –John A.W.: The BEG has been in charge of specifying. Surely the NMEGO will take time to realize it and that it recovers, that there is recovery, since it takes time to recover, but there is no turning back.

All participating BEGs agreed that their responses and comments could be published. We appreciate your trust and support for the BEL investigation, we send you a warm hug and have a great time.

Intuitions of March 2, 2015. All the properties or functions of the BEG are basic, fundamental, irreducible to simpler and more universal components. We have already mentioned some of those functions: life, intuitions, Intuilish, BEL energy and BEL communication. We have defined life as a form of BEL energy. The Intuilish or intuitional language is another basic function of the BEG through which it emits bioinformation to make known its answers to the questions of existence in any of the three universes and also receives bioinformation generated in the same way by others BEGs. This form of biointeraction and sharing of BEL energy through intuitions is supported by a form of BEL language or biolanguage that we have called Intuilish. Thanks to the fundamental functions of the BEG, life, intuitions and Intuilish, the biotagonists or BEL, BML and BIFL systems are in a position to manifest bioenerscience as we have defined it –intuitional knowledge– both as a basic property of the BEG as well as in its performance in biomatter, at all dimensional scales. Based on these fundamental properties, the BEG is able to establish BEL communication, intuitional communication or biocommunication with other BEGs 1) of any mineral, plant or animal biospecies, including humans; 2) whatever their degree of structural complexity, and 3) in whatever universe they happen to be in, BEL communication is done through the practice of Intuilish.

Other fundamental, basic properties of the BEGs that we have also described are the intuitiveness or capacity that a BEL system or biotagonist has to generate multiple and varied intuitions and exercise Intuilish and BEL communication; the BEL vectorization or biovectorization or aptitude of the BEGs for the sharing of BEL energy and intuitions and for sharing bioexperiences and properties. This capacity –biovectorization– of the BEG has drawn a lot of attention from the BEGs of the BEL universe and they tend to practice it, with real pleasure, regularly and spontaneously with human BEGs or other biospecies that are of interest to them. As we have mentioned, bioenergemology should focus on the study of these aspects [see Madame Curie's comment on biovectoring below].1-8,20 Abdus Salam made us intuit his comment: “Yes, doctor, thank you. We have followed the BEL investigation and have effectively transformed the different concepts that have favored reaching Intuilish as a fundamental part of understanding and explaining what happens in the UU and showing how in the same intuitions one can easily intuit what another BEG means, by way of plagiarism.” –We experienced it very closely, Abdus. –Abdus S: Yes, doctor, perhaps because of the generosity of the BEL energy or because it is part of the entire three-shared existence [BELC 04/26/2015].

BEL communication of December 20, 2015. We invite the BEG of Hendrik A. Lorentz (physicist; 1853-1928). Hendrik, what do you opine of the BEL investigation that you may have been aware of? “Yes, doctor, thank you. It is inevitable to understand the BEL communication because in itself it invites the BEGs. And to your question it seems to me that it is a useful, practical, simple, necessary procedure, I intuit that few could understand, because they would have to know, to realize and understand it, about the BEL investigation. What makes the posture of those who feel attracted and interested to be different, is enriched as their approach is given and gradually benefiting bioenergemally. I intuit so, doctor.” What do you say of BEL communication like the one we are carrying out now, which seems to be a form of quantum entanglement –instantaneous– and without cosmic distances being an impediment? He is very interested and mentions: “Doctor, I find the analogy very interesting. That BEL quantum or bioquantum link that is established in BEL communication seems to me to go beyond what those of us who study these links propose. But I do agree with you in making the simile.” BEL energy would be the link medium in this case, what do you say? “That's right, doctor. Unfortunately, we did not see it that way, like that BEL energy.” That way it would reach and encompass the entire UU immediately. In agreement? "Okay, doctor." Is it noticeable in the response style that the BEL communication does correspond to the guest BEG? "Yes doctor." How much should any research that questions traditional paradigms be respected? “Doctor, I agree with you and it should be respected and at the moment closest to its realization to be able to explore and precisely have the follow-up of it, however absurd it may seem to our ears. Well, that has prevented us from taking away those traditional paradigms, it has prevented us from accepting many possible positions. And it has prevented the human being from developing as intended, at least with the BEL research, so what exists could be given a name, but we do not know how to characterize and name it. It has been easier to name it as a deity or as part of it to comfortably not assume an authentic position.” By any chance, did the Exaggerated tried to parasitize you to divert your investigations, for example, through a dream? He smiles and says: "Yes, doctor, I suspect that it has been like this with many other researchers." Like what dream? “On one occasion, I was in a dream in a laboratory with a professor. The professor left and I stayed to continue working and they appeared from the very atoms. It caught my attention, but at the moment I was about to ask how it was that they were there and how they could explain what I couldn't do and they disappeared. At that time, I did not understand and I was distressed.” How bold and reckless do you consider them now? “Very much, doctor, and they are like invasive, intruding without restraint of any kind.” What effects do you opine these multiple and intrusive parasites have had on the development of human knowledge? “It seems to me that they have always, countless times, interfered.” Hendrik, we would be in the Middle Ages of mercenary or corrupt knowledge, which would require a new Renaissance, now BEL. What do you intuit? “Totally agree with you, doctor. If so, we could find out in a short time whether we are right or wrong.” We would appreciate your comments on the following approaches. a) Accelerated movement contracts bodies and dilates time, events slow down, is that right, Hendrik? "Totally agree, doctor." b) Organisms and their internal structures need to move, their physiology and biochemistry get it. The same happens with atoms and their internal components; atoms of every biotagonist in the BML universe, including minerals. c) Exercising is recommended for health and delays aging (through daily and individual delay of time). d) This physiological need induces exercise and from this the multiple sports practices have arisen. In both cases, the brain secretes endorphins that are neurotransmitters with analgesic effects and that cause a feeling of well-being. e) Sedentary existence affects health, propitiates physical deterioration until bio-collapse (hastening the usual passage of time). f) Is this correlation possible, Hendrik, between a and b-c-d-e? What do you intuit? He appears surprised and says: “Doctor, what you suggest is very interesting, that correlation. It seems acceptable to me, obviously with their respective variables, but totally consistent. In fact, that could be raised in many of the cases of existence in general.”5

BEL communication of December 24, 2015. Intuitions of December 21, 2015. The quantum entanglement between two photons that started from the same atom suggests a link or bond between them, as if they shared some common and unique characteristic that is preserved at a distance, to say the least, in terms of the energy content they possess, no matter how subtle this energy or other variation may be. Quantum antecedent that is reflected in the genetic peculiarities of each individual of a biospecies and of each BML biospecies in relation to others. Those two photons –and for that matter another pair of particles like electrons as well– are like identical twin brothers, relatively… Hendrik Antoon Lorentz. Hendrik, what do you intuit from the above? “Yes, doctor, I agree and I am interested in your question. Because in effect the reaction that appears is like what you explain, it is what identifies them. And hence their behavior can be similar, as it is in the different members of a biospecies. And therefore, there will be bioparticles that share and bioparticles that make them [photons] that retain their own characteristic at the same time. Individualize them. But it is very interesting that in various biospecies of the UU they have similarities in terms of their content or their behavior. Are we okay, doctor? Everything will depend on where in the universe they are.” A macroscopic peculiarity that finds its correspondence in a quantum one would not have to be different, what is striking would be, in any case, that an event as unique as the structural and functional record of the origin of a biotagonist of the UU also becomes evident at the quantum level and with the most elementary components. "Yes, doctor, it seems very logical and understandable to me, although not completely at the BEL level, but it is bioenergetically logical." Perhaps you have heard that the BEL communication with the extraterrestrial humanity of the Transparents has coincided on two occasions [BELCs of November 2 and 18, 2012] in which, according to what they have made us intuit, we have been able to help them. Has it been so Transparents? "Yes, doctor, that's what happened to us." What is striking is the apparently immediate effect of the BML repercussions of what has barely been intuited a few moments, days or weeks ago, right Transparents? “Yes, doctor, it has been so.” How do you explain this immediate or almost immediate repercussion? "We have considered it because for us our time is different." It is different in what? “The actions we carry out during BEL communication quickly affect the biomatter.” What is the reason for that, do you have any explanation? "No, doctor." Bhrikiam, do you have any explanation for that? "No, doctor, not as such." Transparents, regarding us, are you located in the confines of the BML universe? "That's how we consider ourselves, doctor." Did you have a notion of planet earth? "No, doctor." Are you –your planet – in the Milky Way? "No, doctor." Bioquantum lag BML, BIFL and BEL between the moment of BEL communication and the speed with which BML events occur, for example in the humanity of the Transparents. Very soon, for our criteria and parameters, they [the Transparents] make us intuit that the events they expected have already occurred and that they have already resolved or solved the problems they were facing on their planet, in their humanity and in their local and spatial technology. Has it been so Transparents? "Yes, doctor, that's how it was, fortunately." Bhrikiam, what do you say of this bioquantum shift? "Yes, doctor, that's how it could be described." What do you say Hendrik? "It seems to me a very interesting and novel example, doctor, to explain the reactions of bioparticles and the importance of BEL energy and in this case BEL communication." Understood as an example of bioquantum interaction or quantum entanglement? "Yes, doctor, so understood"... In addition, it is most likely that the Transparents have biocommunicated with Ruth's BEG and mine since time before the BEL communications with them and without them or us being aware of the event, and perhaps for the same reason we invite you on this and other occasions [see later]. It would be a good example of inadvertent BEL communications between diverse biotagonists of the UU and with the results described [Ints 01/10/2017].5

Anyone want to make a comment? Ruth comments that the physicists are there and they applaud and add: “Those biodialogues now appear different. Indeed, as if what was stated in the BEL investigation was being confirmed.” Sounds interesting, right? "True, doctor, from the moment you intuit it, but it doesn't stop there and continues in the BEL communication." Ruth mentions that multiple BEGs –perhaps mediated by human BEGs, but not necessarily– of atoms and bioparticles make us intuit that: “The manifestation is BML, BIFL and BEL.” Albert Einstein, what do you intuit of BEL communication as quantum entanglement by means of BEL energy? “Yes, very interesting, doctor, and how it is that existence itself is prolonged. As long as that biointeraction is not worked on, doctor, it will continue to be applied only to biomatter. But as long as the biomatter is not applied correctly with the help of the BEG, time will continue to be lost.”5

As always, a hug for all the BEGs present, have a great time, very kind for your trust. They all say goodbye with a hug and say: "We say goodbye joyfully through a quantum biolink." My BEG affirms: “In BEL communication, a type of exercise is carried out that makes the BEL existence also elapse in time.” Does it dilate it, slowing down events, in such a way that we stop perceiving everyday BML time? "Yes, time dilates and slows down events." Comparing BEL communication to physical exercise, Ruth clarifies: "Yes, it dilates it, slowing down events."5

Biomaterial space openings

We thank the bioassembly for their attention to the following intuitions on August 2 and 3, 2014 [BELC 08/08/2014]. 1. If, on the one hand, each biocollapse of any biotagonist in the BML universe propitiates an opening of the BML space, from the photoneutrinic spatial scale to cosmic dimensions. 2. If, as we have commented, the opening of the BML space forms –in its functional region of interaction– part of the BIFL universe. 3. If, as we have already stated, the human biocollapse implies that the prebioenergeme (i.e., biointerfaceme and BEG together) passes into the BIFL universe, it would have to be through a miniaperture of the BML space, ephemeral or temporary, individualized for that particular prebioenergeme. 4. If both the biocollapse, for example, of a star and that of a human involve the opening of the BML space, ephemeral, temporary or permanent in the case of the star, we can conjecture that the biocollapse of perhaps every biotagonist of the BML universe, regardless of its complexity, structural components and scale of its dimensions, it is accompanied by an opening of the BML space. 5. Then, the formation of an opening of the BML space would not be an occasional event, not even a rare and exclusive one of cosmic events, but the three-shared existence of all biotagonists of the UU –particularly of the BML universe– forces us to postulate that the formation of BML space openings is so frequent that in the BML universe it makes them universal and usual. 6. On the other hand, we involve the UU because it is most likely that the BEGs of the BEL universe, for example, to biocommunicate with –or parasitize– BEGs and NMEGOs of the BML universe require the BIFL-BEL end of the opening than the BML space carry out the NMEGOs and BEGs of the BML universe to access the BIFL universe and in this bioscenery –BIFL– capture intuitions by inducing the elaboration of neurobioenergemal and/or neurobiointerfacemal bioscenes and bioimages, favorable in the case of BEL or parasitic communication if they are due to the influence of undesirable BEGs. As the following diagram illustrates [2015].

7. This insistent and uncontrollable formation of accesses to the BIFL universe through openings in the BML space would support the three-shared existence of every biotagonist of the UU that we have already proposed. 8. That the formation of neurobiointerfacemal and neurobioenergemal bridges by the brain (human and surely by that of all biospecies that have it, without, of course, being essential for there to be or to form openings) would imply –as it has long been we have affirmed2 the neurological capacity to open the BML space and thus form, for example, minineuroaccesses and biointeract with the BIFL and BEL universes. 9. To this ability to open (or somehow access) the surrounding biospace (BML universe) and, to a greater or lesser extent, create and visualize a biostage in the neighboring biospace (BIFL universe; see diagram above), we can call it the BML, BIFL and BEL biointeraction bridge function characteristic of all the biotagonists of the UU, especially those of the BML universe. This ability consists of opening the BML space to form biointeraction bridges or pathways to access (in BEL research we are particularly interested when it is through BEL energy and intuitions) from the BML universe to the BIFL universe and from this to the BEL universe. Exceedingly wide biointeraction bridges or intuitional access routes (the BML spacetime could naturally present openings towards the BIFL universe of cosmic dimensions –or not– that would go –entrance or exit– from one BML region to another –entrance or exit–)2 for biotagonists from the BML universe to the BIFL universe or from the latter to the BML universe: BML Space Opening ó BIFL Space ó BML Space Opening (a black hole would only be an example of an illustrative case); and more specifically bioenergetic (by means of BEL energy and the intuitions it gives rise to) from the BIFL universe to the BEL universe and from the latter to the former (see previous diagram).5,7

10. Without the help of the NMEGOs and BEGs of the BML universe, the BEGs of the BEL universe, if they find out, may be able to peek the BIFL universe and through it the BML universe to biocommunicate with BEGs –without them knowing– humans or of other biospecies (plants, animals or minerals; it is appropriate to mention that in the BEL communication of May 21, 2010, Madame Curie made us intuit that: “I biovectorized again with the radium BEG and it is possible to establish biocommunication with biomatter.”)5 But, since there would be no response from the BEGs of the BML universe, it would be one-sided, consequently the BEGs of the BEL universe would stop trying, and since very few BEGs have been aware of this possibility, they soon became isolated and dormant as the vast majority of BEGs of all biospecies in the BEL universe have remained for countless eons, even before BEL research and the development of BEL communication. Leaving all this resource, in the last two thousand –five thousand or more– years, at the exclusive disposal of the undesirable BEGs and their parasitizations to the human BEGs (see diagram). 11. We would also have to insist that from the BIFL universe, the prebioenergeme has the capacity to open a BIFL-BEL interaction bridge –or access route–, we don’t know if ephemeral or permanent, individual or collective, so that, after detaching from the biointerfaceme, the BEG joins the BEL universe. Similar events will occur after any other BML biotagonist has biocollapsed [Appendix 1]. 12. For example, when a star biocollapses, it opens an opening-type biointeraction bridge in the BML space so that the countless and uncontainable number of prebioenergemes it releases (much less, of course, than the amount of biomatter left in the BML universe) pass first to the BIFL universe and then the BEGs arrive in the BEL universe. 13. Consequently, the bio-openings that give rise to the BIFL biointeraction bridges, and equally to the BEL bridges, are required to be equally frequent and, therefore, they would also support the universal, individual and collective three-shared existence. 14. The three-shared existence, then, will also have to be permanent and indispensable in every biotagonist of the UU. 15. The biobalance that the three-shared existence requires is based on the frequent or constant formation of bridges of bioenergetic and intuitional interaction that result from bio-openings –or access routes– of the BML space, the BIFL space and the BEL space, as we have verified in the BEL communications and in the exercise and practice of Intuilish, for example, during the exchange of questions and answers. Each universe, we assume, with its own time and space scales. 16. BEL communication and the exchange of at least intuitions (and perhaps even BEL energy; William Shakespeare) that it accompanies, we suppose, requires biointeraction bridges through openings in the biospace corresponding to each universe. (In this case, the prefix bio- alludes equally to the BML, BIFL or BEL universes). 17. The practice of Intuilish also forces these openings in the biospace of any of the three universes to be not only possible but rather probable, necessary and frequent. 18. There are, therefore, and as far as BEL research is concerned, three varieties of biospatial openings (be they BML, BIFL or BEL): 1) ephemeral or of very short duration (e.g., dreams), 2) temporary or unstable (e.g., biocollapse) and 3) permanent (e.g., Intuilish practice, BEL communication, black holes). In the three varieties, the three universes would participate, although to a different degree depending on the variety in question. 19. Regarding the way in which the bio-openings of the BML space arose, they can be: 1) Individual: caused by the effect of a particular BML biotagonist –with NMEGO–, such as during a dream, the unilateral BEL communication between a BEG and its NMEGO or with another BEG (from the BML universe or from the BEL universe) that is not bioenerscient of the event; by the biocollapse of any biotagonist, human or any other biospecies (without NMEGO; see diagram); or by the biocollapse or decay of, say, an atom. 2) Collective: when two or more biotagonists participate in the formation of the bioaperture of the BML space, as in the collective BEL communication, the dreams in which the BEG and the NMEGO of two or more individuals participate; or by the biocollapse, already mentioned, of a star or an asteroid. 3) Natural: they are openings of the BML space (some perhaps of cosmic dimensions)2 that could have arisen from the origin of the UU. Could the openings of spacetime –BIFLU– result, at least in part, from very old black holes and as such inactive or almost? Most likely, yes [Ints 05/19/2017].5

20. The frequent or permanent formation of openings in the biospace of each universe would form a network of communicating biointeraction bridges (intuitive and/or for the sharing of BEL energy as BEGs, they are the two of interest for BEL research, but they must occur other multiple forms of biointeraction between the three universes) equally ephemeral, temporary or permanent. These communicating biointeraction bridges can also be named as biocommunicating access routes or biocommunicating openings of the respective biospace (BML, BIFL or BEL). (It is not uncommon for people to intuit the bio-collapse of another person close to their affections, whether these are favorable or not. As if by bio-collapsing, the newly released BEG established an involuntary intuitional network with the significant BEGs that carries in its BEL memory. Who in turn, they would also be predisposed to receive the intuition of the recently occurred biocollapse. It is a network of biocommunicating intuitions that we have already referred to on another occasion) [Ints 07/03/2016].9 Talking about openings of the BML universe for the transit of the BEG from the BML universe to the BEL universe, with the intermediation of the BIFL universe, is perhaps only schematic, and that transit only requires access roads from the third dimension (BMLU) to the fourth dimension (BIFLU) and from this to the fifth dimension (BELU). Forming the first three, the fourth and the fifth dimensions, their respective universe.5 21. There are three, therefore, the varieties of biospace existing in the UU: 1) the BML space, 2) the BIFL space and 3) the BEL space. Each universe: a) with its own –we suppose– time scale, b) with its intrinsic characteristics and functions (some already suggested by the BEL research) and, c) in permanent biointeraction between them. This is the UU or triverse itself. A single UU divided into three sections: BML, BIFL and BEL [Ints 05/23/2017].1-8 22. Hence, each biotagonist of the UU contains –in its structure, components and functions– the ingredients that each universe provides and requires, regardless of the scale of its dimensions and the universe of which it forms an ostensible or preponderant part. Since the three-shared existence implies that in appearance we are part of only one (BML universe) of the universes, but in reality, we are a partial part of the three universes. 23. We are entities that exist biointeracting with the three universes, being outstanding the universe from which we display the greatest number of our attributes. We are not monoversals (or universals) exclusively, nor even only biversals, but necessarily triversals, simultaneously and permanently biointeracting with the triverse. Although we ignore it or deny it. Or what is the same, we are not only BMLs, not only BMLs and BELs, rather we are obviously BMLs-BIFLs-BELs at the same time. 24. We require the BML support, the BIFL biostage, and the BEL energy as BEGs and Intuilish. Which aspect, then, is the most relevant to our three-shared existence? BEL logic tells us that all three are equally relevant, since the lack of one of them implies non-existence as entities belonging to the UU. 25. Although the BML, BIFL and BEL universes, we humans are barely describing and getting to know them –a little more about the BML universe–, the three-shared existence is simultaneous and of similar importance regardless of the universe in which the BEG is found. That is to say, the BML universe –the biobody–, the BIFL universe –the bioscenery– and the BEL universe –the BEL energy as BEGs and the Intuilish– are equally important –and mutually complementary– and one is not more so than the other two. That is why they form an interactive intuitional and BEL energy-sharing conglomerate: the UU or triverse.5

–What do you make us intuit? –Isaac Newton: “Doctor, we are all pleasantly surprised and we give a round of applause to your intuitions that you share with us today.” He smiles and adds: “Yes, doctor, the Intuilish has helped us and facilitated this arduous task of understanding and accepting the triversal [three-shared] existence in the UU. I like how you bring together the intuitions you've had throughout the BEL investigation.” –Albert Einstein: Yes, doctor, thank you. It seems to me that in fact there are as many openings in BML spacetime, including ‘black holes’, as there are biocollapses of biomatter and you now point out very well why life does not ‘die’, the body biocollapses. Because in each intuition an obsolete thought biocollapses, and a new proposal is biocreated or the Intuilish appears. And since biospacetime is broken, this can also occur in another bioscenery of the UU. A hug, doctor. –Niels Bohr: Doctor, summarizes in a very punctual and interesting way the approaches that have not been elaborated, but because the NMEGO avoids it, as you say, it has not been possible to reach such approaches, in which the biocollapse of biomatter in effect is a biotransformation, but in the BIFL universe and where the Intuilish keeps him/her alive or with life. The fear of the terrestrial human and of other civilizations lies in remaining fixed or fixated on the BML universe, that is why all kinds of bioexperience are limited in the biospacetime in which they find themselves. Therefore, bioparticles are not important, but these biointeraction bridges that occur in the BIFL universe at the three levels of existence. And the biobalance in the UU is very clear and concise. –Madame Curie: Doctor, I am very moved by such beautiful intuitions, from the Intuilish we knew that the bioscenery of the BIFL universe was going to clarify, to understand. We had already anticipated it from your BEG.8 We are in it without accepting it because on a daily basis we establish biointeractions that we attribute solely to biomatter. All the process that occurs in the BIFL universe we omit and consider as part of the same bioscenery; whoever has only located the BEG, in effect, has fallen short, remains incomplete. –Abdus Salam: Yes, doctor, indeed the opening of the BML spacetime –and the 'black hole'– is an excellent biorepresentation of what happens with biomatter in biospacetime and the birth of a new biospecies is achieved thus through a biocollapse of cells or component bioparticles that biotransform into something new, as well as intuitions. These biointeraction bridges provide the alternative that the more bioconnected to the BIFL universe, the better biocommunicated. That is, it improves the Intuilish. –Stephen Hawking: Yes, doctor, indeed, then, the biospacetime is for the use of the NMEGO, but the BML universe needs that rupture to access the BIFL and BEL universes. Actually, I agree with you that this division is so subtle, merely explanatory, with those bridges, but in reality, it is a process as a whole and therefore, in effect, instead of being universal it would be triversal. –Bhrikiam: Yes, doctor, indeed, as we have been intuiting in BEL research how BEL communication is carried out, we have been getting to know the BIFL universe and we [some] have had to biocollapse and develop many [other] ideas from the BML universe that, although it may seem difficult to conceive, they have been and will continue to be an excellent biointeraction bridge between the components of the three-shared existence.2 The brain and biobody of any biospecies is understood as an organism that biocommunicates with the triversal universe, triverse or UU. –The bioassembly: Yes, doctor, the triverse makes us continue to be what we are. –Hagenias: Doctor, ‘everything is the same but different’,9 in biospacetime there is no difference either, but a new process.

All BEGs who have participated in the twenty-five years of BEL research to date [2016], agreed that the bioinformation they provided could be published. We say goodbye to the BEGs of the assembly thanking them for their presence and collaboration. Everyone says goodbye very happy applauding. Our BEGs, Ruth's and mine, are also very pleased. Ruth intuits a bioenvironment of broad satisfaction, tranquility and cohesion.

BEL communication of July 1, 2016. We invite Hendrik A. Lorenz and Erwin Schrödinger. First, I let you know about Laniakea or local supercluster of ~eight thousand galaxies, moving at ~600 kilometers per second in a volume of ~1.4 billion light years from end to end (light year = distance light travels in one year).10 1) Could this BEL quantum shift be understood as a form of BEL quantum macroentanglement, if the expression fits, given the characteristics of the participants, the Transparents and us? 2) Qualified quantum events are minuscule, photonic. 3) The immeasurable macro-distance between the planet of the Transparents and the earth would be contrastable with the quantum neutrino dimensions and would surely leave them short. 4) In this case, the BEL communication would be establishing a form of BEL quantum entanglement between terrestrial biotagonists from the BML and BEL universes, and BEL biotagonists –the Transparents– from the BML universe as well, via the BIFL universe. 5) Consequently, we would not only talk about photo-neutrinic quantum events, we would now suggest conceptualizing the possibility of BEL quantum events on a cosmic scale. In other words, we would propose the BEL cosmic macro-entanglement caused by BEL communication, just as it seems to have happened between the humanity of the Transparents and us terrestrials, and perhaps with the other extraterrestrial humanities with whom we have also biocommunicated. Always, through the BIFL universe [Ints 06/24/2016].7

–Hendrik A. Lorentz: “Doctor, I am very pleased that you mention these intuitions that current scientific events have revealed to us, but above all because they are related to the BEL investigation. Again, I agree with you that precisely those 'imperceptible' changes, in quotes, are evident for the BEL level or plane or scope. And from there they originate and are defined.” –Erwin Schrödinger: “Doctor, I am excited to know that there is an answer to the questions that the NMEGO has been asking for a long time and that, although they were intuited, we could not allow ourselves the freedom to pose what you argue now. As simple or difficult as it may seem. And now we can confirm it from the BEL universe.”

Anyone else want to comment? Albert E: “Doctor, this is how intuitions are fertilized.” Ruth comments that the BEGs of multiple researchers from different research areas and specialists are found, and they point out: “Doctor, it has happened to us that through this quantum biocommunication, we explain now that through the quantum BEL communication with the objects of study, we have been able to foresee some events or analyze them.” Or clarify them? “Yes, doctor, especially those that we cannot see or touch, we do it especially by intuition, that is how we explain it to ourselves, we identify it.” The BEGs of musicians that we have already invited add: “Doctor, at a bioquantum level we can explain why even singing or music have been played in two very different places.” Very similar songs and melodies? "Yes, doctor, very similar songs, rhythms and melodies." Particles and bioparticles [sic] make us intuit that: "We are two and we can be four." Can you be multiplied with your corresponding pairs? "Yes." Just like macroscopic biospecies can reproduce, right? "Right, doctor." Abdus and Madame Curie: "Well, doctor, that is why we have been able to continue biocommunicating." In this and in all BEL communications, the invited BEGs appreciate being invited, they are pleased and look forward to doing so, the questions are a stimulus to exercise their bioenerscience –state of personal and environmental intuition; intuitional knowledge– and their intuiscience or intuitional understanding. They are just friendly, which we recognize. The technical, social and cultural approaches –and the questions– are only stimuli to get to know the invited BEG.5

We invite the BEGs of extraterrestrial humanity, along with their accompanying biospecies, to locate themselves further away from earth. What BEGs are featured? Transparents are presented again. How are the Transparents? “Doctor, we are doing well, our humanity is different, more populated. Now we are experiencing problems because a system that we had to modulate the temperature of the planet and of buildings failed and we are fixing it. This first brought about a very strong problem, especially to reschedule and this had to do with the increase in the population and the energy that was stored was not enough for the demand and we did not foresee it. Chaos ensued but we are on the mend." It seems that we biocommunicate and that we were invited to the BEL communication? “Surely yes, doctor, because precisely you helped us to restore our planet and our population to grow. There is a favorable effect when that BEL communication is established.” As if there was a BEL energy exchange. "Yes, thank you, doctor, the system is already running." It seems that they are resurfacing as humanity and going through stages already overcome and renewing themselves, what do you say? "Yes, doctor, that's right." Well, it's good that you're back on track. Ruth comments that they looked immobilized and now they look like they're moving. “Stagnant and in decline,” they say. "Our body has the properties to hibernate and protect it, but we had to reset the entire system." What do you opine of the BEL energy as a means of quantum bonding at all distances and between all the components of the UU? "Doctor, this bioquantum link is fundamental, although the NMEGO does not realize or specify the moment, surely it is more frequent than we manage to realize, despite the distance." Did we just confirm it once again with you? "Yes, doctor, one more time." Bhrikiam, what do you say of BEL energy to explain quantum entanglement? “Doctor, surely at another stage we were about to comment on it and it seems difficult and obvious at the same time from that quantum entanglement. Of course, it is a fundamental part of biovectorization. And the explanation of many events that occur in the unit universe.” Transparents: two photons that arise from the same atom and move away from each other remain quantum entangled and what happens to one will happen to the other simultaneously. Do you agree? “Yes, doctor, we agree.” Have you studied it like this? "Yes." With some variant? "We have studied it like this with some variants that finally manages to create these quantum relationship effects." Bhrikiam, have you studied it like this? "Yes, doctor, however, we have not given explanations beyond knowing or describing the reactions, knowing the effects." Is the approach we are making new to you? Bhrikiam: "Yes, doctor." Transparents: "Yes, doctor, the study is similar, but the explanation is not."5

The BEGs present respond very well and say: “Doctor, biotime and biospace, then, are very related, we know that bioquantically and bioenergemally we are building or it is building through the BEL research. And we are surprised by the BEL communication with the ETs who wanted to biocommunicate and they succeeded.” My BEG comments that: “The different bioparticles have manifested themselves, they have helped to reach these intuitions. BEL communication has made us discover them [bioparticles], that we intuit them.” Ruth: "Everything is logical, but the intuitions you had caught their attention." Madame Curie: “Doctor, and all this when the exercise of intuition is no longer carried out because the NMEGO makes it difficult to establish those relationships at the quantum level that would be at the BEL energy level” [sic]. As if the NMEGO disturbed that quantum biointeraction and stops intuiting it until it allows it again. "I didn't know how to explain it, but that's how it is." Rita Levi-M: “And in old age [the NMEGO] slows down, however, the BEL energy would be activating and the NMEGO, as you comment, gets in the way and no longer captures it.” Or in infants who also have a very good sense of quantum bioexchange. "Yes, doctor, they can intuit without difficulty." Abdus S: “Doctor, the intuitions you shared with us are interesting.” The various BEL functions that we have described are eloquent examples of quantum entanglement or distance effect between two particles, for example, photons, electrons or atoms.5


  1. Life encompasses and includes while it induces collective biointeraction of individuals of all biospecies in unit nature becoming multiple gregarious [Ints 12/21/2022; 01/06/2023].6,8
  2. Biblical Eve, Adam and Noah only reached an average age between 40 and 80 years.
  3. The sexual-urinary, digestive and respiratory systems have always been used to assault and torture people under any pretext. Whether they are children, adolescents or adults.
  4. More than forty BEGs of notable thinkers and scientists, women and men, terrestrials and ETs, support the contributions of the BELR.
  5. Most of the authors cited ratified that life is an exclusive function of the BEG and that it shares with biomatter.6,8
  6. The BEGs of all the biospecies found in the BEL universe, including human BEGs, are only dedicated to intuiting and exchanging intuitions with other BEGs.
  7. Note that an inactive black hole will most likely become part of the BIFL universe.
  8. Intuilish is the common language for all UU biospecies and the source of all human languages.5-12


I acknowledge Ruth A. López-Téllez for her clever assistance and permanent help.

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