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International Journal of
eISSN: 2381-1803

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Opinion Volume 16 Issue 1

Bioenergemal links, placebo effect, ageing and biocollapse

Alejandro Cuevas -Sosa

Managing director, Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar, México

Correspondence: Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa, Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar Apartado Postal 12-206, Ciudad de México, México

Received: December 12, 2022 | Published: January 26, 2023

Citation: Cuevas-Sosa A. Bioenergemal links, placebo effect, ageing and biocollapse. Int J Complement Alt Med. 2023;16(1):1-10. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2023.16.00625

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In addition to biomatter, the human body includes a bioenergeme (personal component of organized bioenergemal energy; BEG) and also a possible third virtual (temporary, potential) component as well or biointerfaceme. From my experience regarding bioenergemal communication (BELC, relative to the BEG) practice with BEGs that are either at the BEL universe (where the BEGs arrive after the body biocollapses, dies) or at the biomaterial (BML) universe (space-time), it is possible to biocommunicate with human BEGs regarding topics of mutual interest. Of course, any BEG can establish BELC from the BEL universe to any BEG at the BML universe and vice versa or between themselves there or here. In the biodialogue that we establish through any relaxation validated technique, the bioimage of a BEG would be a living and acting virtual biointerfaceme, just like the rest of bioimages that are formed during it or in dreams.1

  1. The biomatter is not essential to live, the bioenergeme (BEG), of course, continues to live without it.
  2. Fever, for example, is systemic and affects the biointeraction and balance between the body and the BEG.
  3. The body performs as a particle (the incalculable dimensions of the BML universe place it this way), the BEG behaves as a wave, giving rise to a wave-particle quantum duality.
  4. Consequently, the BEG provides and preserves life –based on biomatter in the BML and biointerfacemal (BIFL) universes– in each and every one of the components or biotagonists of the unit universe (UU), including all scales.
  5. The gravitational collapse determines the end of the cosmic bodies and propitiates the formation of other structures of the cosmos; the human biocollapse releases the BEG to join the BEL universe, while in the BML universe the corpse disintegrates.
  6. The parallelism between gravitational collapse of cosmic components and biocollapse of terrestrial organisms is not only admissible, but could not occur otherwise. 

Keywords: biomaterial-biointerfacemal-bioenergemal universes, unit universe, bioenergemal communication, link, placebo, force of gravity, gravitational collapse, quantum collapse, biocollapse, quantum entanglement, unit universe, bioenergeme, biospecies, bioenergemity force, biotrino, bion, intuitions, intuilish, bioenerscience, intuiscience, bioenergemal energy, dark energy, ageing


BML, biomaterial; BEL, bioenergemal; BIFL, biointerfacemal; BEG, bioenergeme; BELC, bioenergemal communication; NMEGO, neuromindego; BML-BIFL-BEL link, biomaterial-biointerfacemal-bioenergemal link; UU, unit universe; ETs, extraterrestrials; Ints, intuitions; BELE, bioenergemal energy



BEL communication of February 21, 2016. We invite the BEGs of Louis de Broglie, Hendrik A. Lorentz, Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, Nathan Rosen, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger and Vlasko Vedral. Intuitions of January 28 and 29, 2016. Ruth comments that they are joined by many more physicists, including several Nobel Prize winners.

BEL research and quantum entanglement. First part. 1) A form of quantum entanglement could result from the permanent intuitional interaction between the most diverse BEGs from subatomic particles, from atoms, from molecules, from complex macroscopic structures to cosmic components and the BML, BIFL and BEL universes in its whole up to and including the unit universe. 2) 1. BEGs biointeract exchanging intuitions. 2. Intuitions are perhaps waveform BEL messages made up of BEL energy or bioenergy, and surely together with intuitional energy. 3. The BEL quantum entanglement, quantum bioentanglement or simply bioentanglement between the most diverse biotagonists of the unit universe would result, then, from the exchange of BEL energy between the BEGs of the BML and BEL components through the BIFL universe. So, it would be a BML-BIFL-BEL link. 3) That is, the BEL energy would also be an option to explain, if they are different, the cause or possible means by which the BML-BIFL-BEL link –quantum bioentanglement– between particles and macro biotagonists occurs. 4) When the biomatter biocollapses and the BEG survives, the theoretical quantum phenomenon of biocollapsing and surviving at the same time occurs. 5) That is why life does not 'die' and 'death' is not such, it is an entelechy. What happens is the passage of the body from an organized BML state to one in which the BEG is the one that remains organized and alive. Meanwhile, the body disintegrates. 6) The BML-BIFL-BEL link that we propose results from the exchange of intuitions between two particles or bodies, it would be a form of BEL communication between them, exchanging intuitions and intuitional and BEL energy between each. 7) In the body-BEG or biomatter-BEG union, we have postulated a BEL communication –BEL interaction type– and/or a possible form of BML-BIFL-BEL link –BEL quantum entanglement–, both events –perhaps variants of the same– mediated by the biointerfaceme. Hence, it would be a BML-BIFL-BEL phenomenon. 8) In general, in the multiple BML-BIFL-BEL interaction could occur BEL links or biolinks at all scales. 9) Until encompassing the biolink –BEL quantum entanglement– permanent and universal that comprises the three universes: BML-BIFL-BEL, giving rise to the UU.1

10) The three-shared existence of every biotagonist of the UU to which we have made reference represents a possible example of the permanent BML-BIFL-BEL link that presents itself in every individual of any biospecies, of all scales, and in any universe in which it is found. 11) According to experts, quantum events are timeless and spaceless and, based on BEL communications with you, that is how we have described the BEL universe.1 12) That is, the BEL universe appears to be a bioenvironment –perhaps quantum– with multiple BML-BIFL-BEL links, permanent or voluntary, between the biotagonists or BEGs that compose it. 13) BEL communication, biovectorization –functional rapprochement between BEGs and sharing of BEL energy and intuitions–,2 intuitionability –BEG's ability to intuit–, bioenerscience –BEL and intuitional knowledge–, bioenergemity –BEGs at the BEL universe–, Intuilish, intuiscience –intuitional understanding– and other BEL, BML and BIFL events described, such as dreams or BEL communication, would be a possible reflection of BML-BIFL-BEL links. Which gives rise to the three-shared existence already described. 14) Biointeraction between BEGs could involve some form of biolinking, throughout the UU. Or, put another way, the BML-BIFL-BEL link would result –or would be a consequence– of the biointeraction between the BEGs, in all the components of the UU and at all scales. As well as between the three universes that compose it. As we have described for the events and functions in which the BEL energy participates in the three universes and that the BEL research has described in detail.1 15) The various BEL functions that we have described are possible examples of BML-BIFL-BEL links between the three universes. Or perhaps the quantum entanglements referred to by physicists implicitly carry, without yet being understood in this way, the three-shared existence that is familiar to us thanks to the BEL research. Undoubtedly, the BEG is an intuitioneme or entity capable of intuiting [2016].1,3,4 What do they make us intuit from the first part?

Louis de Broglie: Doctor, it is gratifying to me how you describe each intuition and relate it to the explanation that, although we have accepted, this time you did it in more detail. It is very gratifying how the capacities of the BEG come together and explain what happens with the biomatter and its own BEL and intuitional energies, considering so much the intuitions as that biomatter that is in biointeraction and BEL communication. –Hendrik A. Lorentz: Although it is true that you have been explaining this process to us, this time I am struck by how you define each moment and how those intuitions occur and how are they intertwined. Just as it can be the intuition that has to do with something very simple and make a very small biolink, such as a word, or more extensive, such as a thought or the explanation of a process where the biolinks are more complex. Where the BEL energy is surely very active and new biolinks can be promoted. Very interesting, doctor. –Albert Einstein: Doctor, now I understand how important it is that we as NMEGOs have known these approaches because although it is true that our biomatter is no longer there, the BEG can carry out these biolinks. Now with this explanation, we can understand the importance of our participation in dreams and other intuitions that occur from these biolinks and the ease that the BEG has to intuit in BEL communications. Very interesting, doctor. –Niels Bohr: Yes, doctor, thank you. We know that biolinks are important and once again you have shown us their relevance. In such a way that it would explain why ancestral extraterrestrial communities can also biocommunicate and independently of space-time. –Erwin Schrödinger: Yes, doctor, thank you. It seems to me, doctor, it comes to complement very well your intuitions to what we have bio-observed to what happens with biomatter and with the BEG in BEL communication. It strikes me, of course, doctor, the way in which you outline the different biolinks and that strengthens the very intuitions that have been so demerited. This also greatly enriches why it is sometimes convenient to work as a team, not because of the NMEGOs, but because of the BEGs that complement intuitions. –Vlasko Vedral: Yes, doctor, thank you. That explains why those biolinks occur and end up appearing. They are always like in activity. And even in sleep or in the silence of a dawn. Hence, life itself is so active regardless of the NMEGO and its disabilities. –Bhrikiam: It is remarkable, doctor, how the explanation is being given from the micro biospace to the UU. At that distance, of course, other biolinks will be promoted, which is why it is even more enriching and your intuitions help to explain in such brief moments and in all that biospace that is found in BEL communication. –The Agramians helped a lot at the beginning of the BEL research, especially for the approach of the BIFL universe. –Transparents’ BEGs: Doctor, we are very impressed with how you explain that intuitions happen as BEL energy links. It means that also among other biospecies they are being realized, hence new biospecies can also arise as more elaborate intuitions. –How are you doing? –Doctor, everything is calm. –Silveries’ BEGs: Doctor, we like to listen to your intuitions and it strikes us how there can be so many similarities from one society to another. However, there is distance and even ignorance between them.1

Second part [Ints 01/31/2016]. 16) That is, all the BEGs of all biospecies (minerals, plants and animals, including humans), as we have verified, can biovectorize with our BEG and NMEGO and use the BEL and brain functions that individualize us.2 In this way, these BEGs, no matter how elemental or developed the biospecies of which they were or are part (including those of other humans), receive the opportunity to manifest the property common to all of them: that of being able to generate and transmit intuitions and, in turn, intuit-capture the intuitions that other BEGs intuit-generate. With the expressive scope and complexity of ideas that the human NMEGO and BEG with which they biointeract facilitate them. 17) If so, it can be assumed that the intuitions of a BEG that belongs or belonged, for example, to a subatomic particle, to an atom or to a molecule; to a bacterium or a protozoan; to a multicellular organism or to a boulder; to a satellite or a planet; to a solar system or a galaxy, in all cases, the brain and the BEG of the human, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, offers the option that not only other human BEGs, but also other non-human BEGs –at all spatial scales– are in a position to make us intuit-grasp the intuitions that are specific to their BEG and, furthermore, those BEGs of any biospecies and at any scale will be able to know and share the intuitions that the human BEG intuits-generates and intuits-captures of other BEGs, human or not, of any terrestrial or extraterrestrial biospecies. 18) The human BEGs of the BEL universe have been demonstrating that it is possible to rely –parasitizing– on the NMEGO and the BEG of the terrestrial humans, and even do it to influence them and promote themselves as they wish by transmitting the intuitions that interest them become known or arise in another BEG and, perhaps, in its corresponding NMEGO. This has been done by religious figures’ BEGs for millennia. 19) In the same way, the terrestrial and extraterrestrial human BEG can biointeract and biocommunicate with the BEGs of other biospecies –at all spatial scales– and share the intuitions that both BEGs generate-capture.1

20) The human NMEGO and BEG –among others– terrestrial and extraterrestrial favor that the human BEGs –or of any biospecies, with obvious limitations– that are already in the BEL universe or that still exist in the BML universe, 'speak, write, hear, listen, taste, smell, feel, think, reason, feel, intuit or believe', according to the NMEGO and BEG abilities of the human with whom they are biocommunicating. Experts, women and men, in the study of the most diverse biospecies and physical, chemical and biological mechanisms, are aware –as they have also let us know– that their findings are often the result of possible biointeraction and BEL communication with the biospecies and physical, chemical or biological mechanism they have been studying. Even more in the experts in biocreative activities of the most varied artistic, musical and cultural expressions in general. 21) Hence, the NMEGO and the BEG of the terrestrial human or of any other extraterrestrial civilization intuits –and this intuition makes them suppose– that the human biospecies of any place is the most important in the BML universe, since, according to this, it can be known herself and know what surrounds her. What NMEGO facilitates is for the personal BEG to biocommunicate with the BEGs of the most varied biospecies, at all scales and from any universe –BML, BIFL or BEL– and with their help explain the aspects of those biospecies that interest her. 22) Ignoring that the BEGs –with or without NMEGO– of the other biospecies biointeract in the same way, biocommunicate with each other and practice their Intuilish. 23) The human BEG and NMEGO make it easy for the most complex to intuit-grasp or to intuit-grasp an explanation for what they ignore, and that the BEG of the simplest biospecies, like a particle, intuit-grasp the complexity of the events in which it participates by biocommunicating with the human and making him intuit-capture it. 24) Thus, erasing the BEL differences that could apparently exist between particles, an atom, a cell, a multicellular organism or a cosmic biotagonist, because thanks to the more complex NMEGOs and BEGs, the less complex organisms or biomaterials –with their respective BEGs– they would remain at the same BEL level during the exchange of intuitions with whichever other BEG was involved. 25) So, bioenergemally there is no strict difference between BEGs of the most diverse biospecies –at all scales– and the intuitions that they could generate and/or capture. What limits or facilitates the flow of intuitions is the biomatter of which they form or were a biostructural part. 26) That is, the biomatter is what makes the difference. And this gets confused when it supposes –in the human– that only its degree of development and complexity of its organization are the most outstanding. Disdaining the function that the BEL energy of all BEG has and the functions –some of which we already know; life, for example– that it confers to all forms of biomatter. 27) I suppose that these are some of the scopes of the BEL communication between diverse BEGs or, in other words, of the BML-BIFL-BEL link. 28) This is the aid and function that the Intuilish can provide. 29) All these events occur, of course, permanently between non-human BEGs –with or without NMEGO– and at all spatial scales, facilitating among them the performance of their functions, the conservation of their biostructure and the most varied BML-BIFL-BEL transformations. This transformation also alludes to the emergence of new biospecies.1,2

30) In fact, the BML-BIFL-BEL bond or quantum bioentanglement –to achieve this I suppose they apply Intuilish– has been described –for the moment– between subatomic and atomic components.1,3,4 31) Not because the most complex biospecies, such as the human, could not participate in the same BML-BIFL-BEL link, for example, by sensing-generating-capturing intuitions or biocommunicating. 32) What happens is that the human himself –as usual– has excluded himself from that possibility –which he barely knows and understands– considering it preposterous and that the logic of his NMEGO finds it –still, although less and less– nonsense. Although the BEL communication –or BML-BIFL-BEL link, as you like– is found repeatedly between mother and children, between identical twins or in the intense affective attachments that some people establish with each other, with their pets or plants, with their material 'goods', in their creative work or research and other equally varied examples. 33) However, all the BEL events that the BEL research has described could be understood as eloquent examples of quantum entanglement –such as BEL communication, biovectorization,2 the appreciable and intricate Intuilish, intuitionability, biocreativity, bioenerscience, bioenergemity, intuitions, intuiscience and so on–. It is the intuitioneme in action [2016]. 34) All these events, we know, are proper, induced and mediated by the BEL energy. 35) Approaches that are a consequence of the human BEG and NMEGO. However, the BEG is the relevant one and the one that transcends, that is, the organized BEL energy and its BEL functions, not the biomatter of which it formed or forms a part. 36) All BEGs provide each other with bioinformation through the exchange of intuitions that are their own according to the events in which their biomatter participates. 37) But not only, they also share functions, such as biomemory, mixed BEL and BML experiences, and options to remain or transform, for example into a new biospecies.2 38) Thus, they form a very dynamic functional-structural conglomerate that gives rise to and accompanies the three-shared existence: BML, BIFL and BEL, which we have called the unit universe or triverse. 39) Apparently, in one case, the biolink –quantum entanglement– would start from the BML universe ó would continue through the BIFL universe at superluminal speed until ó a) rejoin the BML universe again (with this form of biolink the simultaneity of intuitions ð ideas ð investigations) ó or b) pass to the BEL universe and from there, in another case, ó via the BIFL universe again ó biointeract with the BML universe. In other words, BEL communication, BEL interaction, intuitions or, in general, BEL energy could be biointeracting with the three universes on a regular basis. 40) Then, the BEL communication –or, for example, the BML-BIFL-BEL link– must be homogeneous when it occurs between BEGs of the same biospecies. Or heterogeneous if it occurs between BEGs of different biospecies, which would be the most common. Forming a simultaneous and diversified BEL-BIFL-BML network or bionetwork of BEL-BIFL-BML links-relationships-properties-structures, the result of which is the formation of the UU and their structures and functions.1 What do you make us intuit from the second part?

Louis de Broglie: Doctor, it seems to me that this is where empathy arises. These events are defined in this way and in the different biospecies according to that biolink. Perhaps this could also explain that in human groups there is the biolink that, unlike other biospecies in which certain biolinks are not established, certain behaviors or intuitions are not going to be propitiated, it is what you call that establishes the difference. And for the same reason, the intervention of the BEG is necessary, since the NMEGO does not have that function. –Hendrik A. Lorentz: Yes, doctor. It impresses me how the example that you give of the ant and what it can intuit, those biolinks help to know or learn what has to be done because a new connection has been established. –Albert Einstein: Doctor, in effect it complements the first part and enriches it and helps to understand, for example, how it is that in the face of a need for the NMEGO, it is when certain biolinks happen. Let a solution be sought and those biolinks of intuition be established. –What would happen if you traveled at the speed of light? –Yes, doctor, how do you explain, for example, the parasitism in that intervention. –Niels Bohr: Yes, doctor, they caught my attention, there are very interesting things that you explain, but above all the difference between what a single BEG can do and when there are several BEGs with their own nature. Necessarily that teaching of the unit universe and the three-shared existence that it also explains. –Erwin Schrödinger: Yes, doctor, how important is what you just mentioned and within our terrestrial context to realize how the biolinks became more complex to give rise to new biospecies that you once mentioned as biovectorizations. They drew a lot of attention because they are very explanatory processes. Hagenias [BELC 6/27/2008] had a remarkable participation, following its example, the biolink and the BEL communication will make the BEG intuit and contribute its intuitions. Doctor, no matter how hard you try to search and even if the human continues to find new elements of biomatter, what he is really looking for in that option is this biolink that you are proposing. –For example, the Agramians and the Transparent ones are recognized as very, very old civilizations and had not thought about the participation and existence of the BEL energy and its functions, nor in the BIFL and BEL universes. –Very important because that is why they are limited in explaining what is happening. –Vlasko Vedral: Doctor, I was very impressed by the way in this second part how you emphasize biomatter and its functions and the importance that humans have given to biomatter and precisely that the NMEGO has limited itself to exploring new possibilities that would be the intuitions and then the intuitions no longer understood with the limitations that the human NMGO has had up to now. The intuitions as you put them are responses of the BEG that are therefore more complex. They are not mere occurrences nor are they random approaches. For the same reason, doctor, I wanted to make you notice. –Bhrikiam: Yes, doctor, thank you. Doctor, what you are saying about the biobehavior of the BEL and intuitional energies, as you now call them, are very important at the very moment when biolinks occur, even at the quantum level. That is, how the biomatter was generated. And how it will continue to biotransform based on biolinks and the exchange of intuitions. Hence, it is no longer so important how it started and how it continues from presentiate and bioenerscientiate. –BEGs of the Transparents: Yes, doctor, thank you, we are glad that the BEL communication is talking about what is constantly happening throughout the unit universe and perhaps this promotes what has not yet happened and is about to happen. This is how intuitions are given. –BEGs of the Silveries: Doctor, hence Intuilish is the best way of BEL communication because it is a biolanguage that it covers the main elements for the intuitions that occur in the unit universe.1,3,4

Any other BEG would like to comment? –Abdus S: Doctor, in the BEL research it has also been building its own theoretical-practical biostructure in which it is flexible, very firm and without biospace-time limits. It has gone from the foundations to the very conformation of the three-shared existence. –Group of many doctors who have collaborated throughout the BEL research, the doctors who helped Inés de Asbaje, professors, researchers, –in addition– Louis Pasteur and many more, also including several Nobel Prize winners: We really liked their intuitions and we want to share with you that in effect now we have discovered how the biointeraction between patients and physicians took place, especially diseases, the ailments of the organs themselves that made us intuit where the difficulty was occurring and even how to establish a treatment. This happens in a variable BML time but that bioenergemally is optimal when the NMEGO is not desperate or needy. –Guild of actors, directors, musical authors, musicians of all genres, interpreters, writers: Octavio Paz, Jorge Luís Borges, Alfonso Reyes, Juan Rulfo, Ludwig Wittgenstein, poets, plastic artists, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Lucy Jiménez, and many other BEGs: Doctor, the way you explained intuitions is so simple and logical that in effect we realize how important intuitions are and how they biolink humans with other humans and other biospecies and that we can find that harmony, even if it is momentary. That is, in what remains an intuition. –Group of national and international journalists from all print and electronic media, and many more BEGs: Doctor, we support all your intuitions, although we are the ones who give the most importance to the NMEGO, without a doubt the BEG takes the transcendence. –You fulfill a very important function that must be protected. –Thank you, doctor. –Group of physicists, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Abdus Salam, Madame Curie, other guests, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, biologists, and many more BEGs: Doctor, how you have intuited that the BEG responds to all the biospecies of the unit universe is interesting now considered at the biolink level and renumbering, perhaps the same events, but with a different explanation. The BEL energy has its own logic and way of reacting and biocommunicating. –We told them about the example of Digit from more than ten years ago when he took Leonardo da Vinci's palette and using his crooked left middle finger, he filled it with red paint and stained the bioland of the bioscene red. On that occasion we commented that it was a symbolic way of alluding to the blood that different biospecies have poured into the different ecosystems. And Octavio Paz added that sometimes it was necessary to symbolically represent what was meant when it could not be expressed openly... Dian commented that the biolinks that water establishes with most of the Earth's biosystems were known. Other biologists added that plants usually establish biolinks of various kinds to biointeract.1

Ruth told me later that it is because of these biolinks that non-verbal language predominates, daily there is: “More BEG than NMEGO, more Intuilish than everyday language.” Hence, in human communication ~70% is through the so-called non-verbal language, which would be a form of BEL communication through a biolink to exchange intuitions.1

Placebo effect

BEL communication of March 27, 2016 [Ints 3/15/2016]. We invite the BEGs of Oliver Sacks (neurologist), Vilanayur S. Ramachandran (neurologist), Roger Bartra (social anthropologist), and Rita Levi-Montalcini.

Placebo: it is a ritual practiced, for example, by a doctor, who, by applying an artificial substance, through the effect of speech and simulation, produces curative effects.5 –In patients with some amputation, the treatment of the phantom limb that Ramachandran devised, in my opinion, is a good example of the placebo effect. What do you opine? –Oliver S: Yes, doctor, of course, it is an excellent example, because it finally covers the function that was needed. –Ramachandran: Yes, doctor, there is no doubt that the BEG makes us intuit what in this case is of great help to the human who finds himself in that pain. –Roger B: Yes, doctor, it seems to me that you are just talking about the replacement that is useful for the NMEGO. –Rita Levi-M: Yes, doctor, thank you, I find it very interesting because the nerve connections are already found, only now they can continue to function in view of the patient. –The different displays of affection could also imply a placebo effect and in multiple biospecies. –Oliver S: Yes, very common in the different biospecies that these displays of affection are presented to substitute or replace some paternal figure, such as the mother. We know that in the mother figure this replacement is very useful. Also, the father figure or any fraternal figure that is compensated. –Ramachandran: Yes, doctor, very necessary, it is that opportunity that the patient requires to even secrete some substances such as neurotransmitters and can be rehabilitated. That could have happened in the concentration camps too, doctor. –Roger B: Yes, doctor, it seems very important to me. We had not raised it that way, but in effect it has that reaction. In some humans a smile is enough for that placebo effect. –Rita Levi-M: That's right, doctor. –Two months after a woman had a total hysterectomy, she dreamed that she was menstruating, the strange sensation of menstruation woke her up, she remembered her surgery and fell asleep again. It is, say, a phantom menstruation in a dream, perhaps with a placebo effect too, in this case originating from nerve connections that developed after more than 30 years of regular menstrual cycles. What do you say of this ghost period and its placebo effect? –Rita Levi-M: Yes, doctor, surely there are other hormonal situations that make the person compensate the effects only for the effect of remembering or reviving. –Even the dream could have coincided with ancient menstrual cycles, Rita. –Doctor, this is how it is established in neural connections. –Oliver S: Yes, doctor, I agree with Rita and with you how phantom-processes are present even after surgery or removal. For example, people who become blind continue to experience sight. –Ramachandran: Yes, doctor, this approach is very interesting because it allows in turn to connect it with the placebo effect, as if one event and another were related. –Roger B: Doctor, we also had not located it like that, but it seems to me that it is more frequent than the patients may comment. They might assume that it is just a dream, that it is irrelevant.1

BEL communication of July 1, 2016. We invite the BEGs of Rita Levi-M, Oliver Sacks, V. Ramachandran and Roger Bartra.1 Intuitions of June 29 and 30, 2016. 1) When an adult concentrates, the BEG takes control of this state, therefore, the immediate time passes without "feeling" it, very quickly. He even forgets to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. 2) When a boy or girl concentrates on a game, their BEG also behaves in this way, equally, the immediate time advances without the boy or girl 'feeling' it, equally fast. They are very entertained –concentrated– playing or in another activity. They say they are not hungry so as not to suspend what they do or what they play. They refuse to go to sleep and resist the urge to go to the bathroom. 3) For adults and minors, under circumstances of intense concentration, time passes very quickly. 4) Intermediate time or longer periods of time –say weeks, months or years– passes faster for an adult than for a minor, boy or girl. The NMEGO of minors is learning the peculiar daily way of measuring time: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, etc. Cumbersome for them and time consuming. But if the minors concentrate on some activity, the BEG predominates and time continues to pass, as always in these cases, quickly. 5) When sleeping, 'time passes without feeling'. 'In the blink of an eye' 6, 7 or 8 hours has already passed. Stage in which existence is in control of the BEG and with the NMEGO reduced to a minimum and at all ages equally.1

What do Rita Levi-M, Oliver S, Ramachandran and Roger B opine? –Rita Levi-M: Doctor, it is interesting how you consider the way in which the BEG behaves, whether when sleeping or while awake, and how it manages to keep a person concentrated regardless of age. And maybe that's because the intuition in some children doesn't have so many rubbish thoughts and junk knowledge that prevents them from doing it. –Oliver S: Doctor, like Rita, it is interesting to add to the functions of the NMEGO the importance that the BEG has to be able to concentrate and stay alert even if the NMEGO rests. The NMEGO calms down and the BEG flows and stays alert. –Ramachandran: I really like the way you approach the moments, especially the moments in which the human adult or child needs enough time and level of concentration. And how the BEG provides it. –Roger B: Doctor, I also like how you summarizes the relationship established at a particular moment by the NMEGO and the BEG and intuitions can flow, whether in sleep or when awake.1,5

Does anyone else want to make a comment? There are many BEGs of physicists; they applaud and say: –Those biodialogues now appear different. Indeed, because as if what was stated in the BEL investigation was being confirmed. –Sounds interesting, right? –True, doctor, from the moment you intuit it, but it doesn't stop there and continues in the BEL communication.1


  1. When speaking of the biocollapse of the human body, I establish a similarity with the gravitational collapse of an astronomical body, such as a star, in which its matter accumulates in the center under the influence of its own force of gravity, which happens when other internal forces leave to exert pressure high enough to counteract gravity and keep the massive body in dynamic equilibrium. When star’s initial mass is no more than 8 times mass of the sun, the remains of the star can oppose the force of gravity (a) through the pressure exerted by electron degeneracy (pressure exerted by electrons moving at high speed) and thus give rise to a white dwarf star, which could finally fade away; b) when between 8 and 25 times mass of the sun is the star’s initial mass, through the pressure exerted by proton-proton repulsion whose strong force still resists gravity forming a proton star, if this process ceases then even could emerge a neutron star; and c) if star’s initial mass is greater than 25 times the sun’s mass and there is no longer enough force to oppose gravity, the star could collapse into a black hole. That is why it is affirmed that gravitational collapse is an important mechanism for the formation of structures in the universe.3,4,6-8 Being the human body much more complex in structure and functions than any astronomical body, at the end of its existence in the BML universe, it biocollapses through a process essentially similar to the gravitational collapse of some components of the cosmos. It shouldn't have to be any other way; nature has no preferential treatment [Int 08/09,13/2022].

For BEL research, when a black hole ends its activity, it is likely that it will leave an opening in space-time (BML universe) that allows access to the BIFL universe and becomes part of it [Ints 11/29/2022].

  1. The force of gravity helps keep the structure and functions of the body in balance. For example, during space flights –without gravity– an astronaut loses 1 to 2% of bone density per month, he/she also loses up to 20% of his/her muscle mass in a stay of 5 to 11 days in space and blood pressure tends to decrease the longer it remains in these conditions.7 That is, the human organism is adapted to the gravitational conditions of the Earth. And the BEG also collaborates so that the organism maintains a functional steady-state on the earth's surface. I wonder what kind of bond exists between the body and the BEG being both adapted to the conditions of the terrestrial environment. This joint must be light enough so that, in acute conditions of an accident, illness or deterioration due to aging, the BEG can be easily detached. This biomaterial-bioenergemal bond must be sufficiently flexible –of the type of hydrogen bonds– and in no way covalent. However, we would have to describe a new form of BML-BIFL-BEL mixed and trishared link in its own right; stable enough to tolerate fluctuations in the stability of the body and flexible enough so that the BEG detaches when the organism proves unable to sustain the body-biointerfaceme-bioenergeme trinomial. The BEG even avoids unnecessary suffering to the body, and to itself, blocking the body's pain in an extremely aggressive and unavoidable situation. Such is the case of a fire, drowning or, as the BEG of other biospecies has let us know, during the skinning of some animals in the places where this occurs.1 It remains to be discussed what causes the BEG to pass immediately to the BEL universe when it detaches itself from the body [see below].
  2. Embryogenesis also creates the BEG as a personal component of organized BEL energy and without the compounds and basic elements that make up an organism (atoms and its measured state or eigenstate of energy, molecules, bones, teeth and so on), such as the human, losing their intrinsic component of BEL energy. The BEG is a personal surplus of organized BEL energy, which, upon being released organized when the body biocollapses, is transferred to the BEL universe, an event that results from a process similar to that which occurs when, for example, the electron transfers energy to another particle, be it an electron or not, an event known as quantum collapse.6 I take this example as a model too. It seems an excessive approach, I don't think so, nature is characterized by having universal mechanisms, common to the bodies that are part of it and at all scales, without fanciful local exclusivism and there is even less room for terrestrial or extraterrestrial anthropocentrism [Int 08/15/2022].

This is an essay on decoherence in which the process of change in the behavior of a system that can be explained by quantum physics can also be explained by principles of classical physics, and vice versa.3 The following intuitions will take, only as a descriptive model, the influence of the force of gravity on the entire organism and its adaptive response to the same force of gravity, and, as a complement, the balancing, cohesive and stabilizing participation of the BEL energy, organized as BEG [Ints 08/08/2022].

Gravitational collapse, BEG and biocollapse

Intuitions of February 29, 2016. The gravitational force of attraction and positive charge, the BEL energy (possible dark energy of repulsion and negative charge) and biocollapse. 1) Force of gravity (+) of attraction. 2) BEL energy, possible dark energy (–) of repulsion.3,4 3) Biomatter+ (attraction) plus BEG (repulsion). 4) While the biomatter is young it can hold body+ and BEG together: Body+ (attraction) and BEG (repulsion). 5) But as the years go by, the multiple G+ force of attraction between quantum components would weaken and the BEL (dark E) energy of repulsion would exceed the G+ force of attraction. 6) It would be a steady-state or homeostasis, but it would also wear out, age the tissues and organs of the entire body. 7) Until due to natural causes (conflict between force G+ of attraction and BEL energy or dark energy of repulsion) and/or due to illness or external causes, it would end up destabilizing that balance (BML-BIFL-BEL) between the two forces and the person biocollapses. (The body-BEG bond is always fragile, it isn’t covalent, is like hydrogen bridges.) 8) Then, let us say, the body is disintegrated by the G+ force of attraction without control, due to the absence of its counterpart, the BEL energy (E) of repulsion that stabilizes and regulates it within and around the body. 9) While the BEG detaches or is released –perhaps– by –its own– BEL energy (E) of repulsion and the weakened G+ force of attraction.1,3,4 10) As a universal principle, only the bodies and forces of the BML universe with BEL energy in their components are activated in their functions and stabilized in their structure, at all scales, from the nanoscopic to the macrocosmic. If they did not possess it, they would biocollapse and the bodies would disintegrate or the forces would dissipate, just like a corpse or an explosion, respectively [Int 08/25/2022]. (Although the concepts of homeostasis and steady-state have subtle differences, I use them as equivalents in this article.9)

11) The wear of the body, its aging, could be the result of these two forces in stable equilibrium, the attraction of gravity and the repulsion of BEL energy or, perhaps, dark energy. And the biophysical wear that the development, maturity and aging of this BEL-BIFL-BML system implies. 12) 1. Biomatter is not necessary to live, the already formed BEG can continue to live without it. Life does not die, the body biocollapses. 2. Fever is systemic, it affects the link and homeostasis between the biomatter and the BEG. 3. The body fulfills the particle function (for the enormous dimensions of the BML universe, of course it is), the BEG the quantum wave function, they form a wave-particle event. 4. Hence, the BEG is the one that gives and sustains life –of course, with the steady-state support of biomatter in the BML and BIFL universes– in all the components of the unit universe and at all scales. 13) Perhaps the dark energy that physicists are looking for corresponds to the BEL energy that we have described. So what physicists are really looking for would be the BEL energy. It seems that BEL energy and dark-E share some sufficient characteristics in common. It overflows every place of the BML universe, governing everything in it, commanding how the BML universe operates and how it is supposed to evolve.6,8 14) To find the BEL universe, however, experts would first have to consider the possible need for the existence of the BIFL universe. 15) The same would apply, for example, to explain the half-life of atoms or molecules, of other organisms or of any cosmic biotagonist and of the known BML universe. 16) In fact, it is likely that the half-life of an atom is the result of the half-life of some of its subatomic quantum components having already been fulfilled. 17) In turn, this alternative opens the possibility that the BML universe is made up of successive sections of similar dimensions, which would emerge as the previous sections are born, grow, mature, age and biocollapse. 18) 1. Each section of the BML universe that biocollapses remains as a section that adds to and expands the BIFL universe, while the released BEGs arrive in the BEL universe. 2. Each successive section of the BML universe that biocollapses does so accompanied by its respective section of the BIFL and BEL universes. 3. I support the first possibility. 19) Also, this first alternative would help to understand why the existence in the BEL universe is indefinite, since nothing destabilizes the BEL energy (or dark E of repulsion), nothing opposes it. 20) The BIFL universe –within the UU– fulfills a function similar to the quantum biointeraction forces that have been described (i.e., gluons, photons, electrons).1,3,4

21) The BML and BEL universes are the 'spaces' and components with which the BIFL universe biointeracts and keeps them united and thus, in turn, in biointeraction. 22) Once again, we arrive at the meeting of other possible manifestations and implications of the three-shared existence. 23) It is like the NMEGO, immersed in a BML space-time universe –and the multiple forces that are inherent to it– and in biointeraction and biolink with the BEG. And vice versa, the BEG, with spaceless and timeless BML properties, immersed in a space-time context –in the body– typical of the BML universe. Even though it is already in the BEL universe, the BEG is still biolinked with the BML space-time context with which it also biointeracts. 24) The body-BEG biobalance, always fragile, can be: a) in steady-state; b) in imbalance (due to illness, accident, coma, intense fever) and c) without balance or in broken balance, the biocollapse of the organism is precipitated with the separation of the BEG and the disintegration of the biomatter [Ints 03/07/2016]. 25) Aging is a consequence of the progressive weakening that the body-BEG quantum balance presents from birth. 26) At birth, the body-BEG quantum biobalance is almost at 100% of its stability and functionality (it is a quantum biolink that is always vulnerable), and over the years, however, the climax that it reaches in youth, gradually it weakens until at the moment of biocollapse it ends, it is interrupted. 27) The greater the strength of the body-BEG quantum bond, the greater the health and youth (regardless of age) and the fewer signs of old age. 28) The lower the strength of the body-BEG quantum bond, the lower the health, the older, and the higher the risk of biocollapse (regardless of age, e.g., severe depression, progeria or old age from birth). 29) Given that we are made up of diverse atoms, the life expectancy –or average life, let us say– of all organisms will have to be similar to –or be strongly influenced by– the average life of the atoms –and their subatomic components and molecules– that they make up. An organism is not a guarantee that the half-life of atoms and their subatomic components will change, lengthening or shortening, and thus their life cycle. Consequently, every organism will age in direct relation to the decay of the atoms that make up that organism until it biocollapses. For example, radiation speeds up this process and can not only alter tissues but even destroy them. In other words, it modifies atoms, atomic interactions or molecules or cells and, surely, even subatomic components and their quantum biointeraction. The same effect must be had by toxic chemical agents and pathogenic germs and their toxins. As well as the fever or pyrexia that they cause,13 surely accompanied by an increase in the kinetic activity of atoms and particles and chemical reactions of molecules, as studies in physics demonstrate by increasing their temperature in physical systems.10,11 30) When we say that tissues are made up of cells and these are done of diverse components and we study the morpho-functional mechanisms that they participate in and give rise to, as well as their alterations. It is not common for the atoms that are participating to be mentioned and even rarer for the possibility or probability that some of these atoms and/or their subatomic components are altered to be alluded to. We would need to inaugurate the discipline that studies the existence and frequency of atoms –or their subatomic components and/or their quantum biointeraction– that emerged altered from their formation –or that with age are altered or fail in an organism– and the effect that these alterations have in the events in which those atoms participate. In this case, we would be forced to consider the existence of the pathology of atoms and subatomic components and their quantum biointeraction. Pathological atomic physics and chemistry would be developed for the study of all types of systems, biological or not. Thus, erasing the schematic and obsolete division between 'organic' and 'inorganic' biomatter, in quotes. Isotopes, of hydrogen (H) for example, would be a common example of these anomalous subatomic variants of atoms.1,3,4

31) I wonder. Will there be anomalies such as deficient gluons, defective quarks, hypo or hyper-energized electrons? 32) Will there be atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, iron, incompetent for some cause(s)? 33) Will there be photons that, although very fast, are notoriously slow, (very) subluminal? 34) Atoms are not made with a mold, perhaps there are not two atoms of the same type –of the same biospecies; e.g., two hydrogen atoms– exactly alike, identical. There must be the same internal (quantum) and external (phenotypic) structural and functional heterogeneity found in all mineral and organism biospecies. The same happens with molecules, such as water, which has various physical states or phenotypes; thus, snow crystals are similar, but each one is individual, no two snow crystals are identical [Int 03/30/2016]. 35) But we are also proposing the existence of the subatomic isotopes of an atom with vital signs –charge, mass, spin– apparently normal, but perhaps not so much. That is, these variants exist and have been recognized, the question is to what extent these subatomic variants accompany, participate in or contribute to the aging and/or biocollapse of an organism. As well as to cause some pathological alterations in that organism, such as the dysfunctions that the organs present with age or the uncontrolled tumor growth of some of them. 36) All this possibly related to illness, aging and biocollapse.1,3-6 37) If we ask ourselves what attracts the BEG so that it instantly arrives in the BEL universe, we would have to postulate the existence in this universe of a bioenergemity force with a great capacity to capture and attract all the BEGs –and the free BEL energy, if any– released for all biocollapsed bodies in the BML and BIFL universes. Bioenergemity force similar to intuitional energy, which has similar properties in terms of the ability to capture-generate intuitions [Int 08/08/2022].

Ruth, everyone applauds and says: Doctor, they are many very coordinated intuitions, very well related, that lead hand in hand to a very important knowledge for humanity. Sufficient explanation of the development and biocollapse process of the human but that would also apply to biomatter in general. –Abdus S: The large number of intuitions has caught my attention, doctor, and in particular how you state that biomatter and the BEG biointeract at all times. The way in which you explain the alterations in which the biomatter can be found and of course how you describe the explanation of aging. It is a very complex task that physicists and biochemists would have, according to what you propose, doctor, to open this new field of study. As always, congratulations, doctor. –Albert E: Very interesting each and every one of your intuitions, doctor. –Niels B: Surely there will be someone who can detect those alterations that you raise. The important thing is that you have confidence in your BEG and to what extent the BEG has participated in balancing those quantum disturbances and biointeractions. –Bhrikiam: Yes, doctor, it seems very simple and at the same time very complex how a biomatter can be maintained for a longer time with a certain stability. The explanation that has to do with biocollapse and aging was still pending and you already gave a possible solution. Perhaps it has more to do with that encounter with the BEG so that life endures and can continue to see that it exists. –Bhrikiam, comment if you have found an explanation for aging. –No, doctor, as such no. We have only pointed out visible changes on the biomatter. –BEGs of the Transparents: Doctor, the approaches you make are very interesting and there is no doubt that at the level of biomatter it is supported even in a way that is already known, but without a doubt the biocollapse continues to be an enigma. –Is aging also an enigma for you? –Yes, doctor, aging is not considered and rather ignored. –BEGs of the Silveries: Doctor, we also agree on that because aging is not within what should be explained or studied, they are also ignored processes and not enough attention is paid to them, much less an explanation. We are more interested in the new generations than those that are, for us, about to disappear. –Which implies that, in your society, they assume that when a body biocollapses, it disintegrates and that's where everything ends, is that correct? –Yes, doctor, that's right. –Rita L: Doctor, I would also like to comment that in all these alterations that you mention and with what we intuited a moment ago about phantom phenomena, the BEG is essential. The same happens in aging, the BEG is having a greater participation, despite the fact that the functioning of the biomatter is less and that is when it slows down and the BEG reactivates. That is why we feel that we are with "a lot of energy" even though we can no longer perform many actions in the same way. –Madame Curie: In fact, much research has been carried out in a condition in which the biomatter can better establish that biointeraction [with the BEG]. Hence the percentage of dark energy is higher. Which cannot be measured because it is intended to be measured with an instrument that is not suitable for bioenergy. –Even timidly they begin to pose metaphysical events. –Yes, because it is what is known… Your intuitions, doctor, are leading to a more intuitive stage of the human, even if they call it something else. –Ludwig W: Philosophy has dealt a lot with the subject of old age, but like the ‘scientists’, in quotes, they only remain looking for the answer on the surface. Not in the background as is bioenergy. –BEGs of those who have dedicated themselves to the 'religious' life, clarify that they are not 'clerics': Doctor, now we understand that the human error has been to humanize bioenergy in order to understand it. It was the mistake because the human being is not just biomatter or just bioenergy, as you have just explained in your intuitions, doctor. –Actors, actresses, writers, the entire art community: Doctor, we want to pronounce ourselves in favor of old age, in favor of the BEG where its lucidity, its fullness and the recognition of life itself begin. This would mean that humanity is also going through a stage of reflection, but has not yet reached its old age. However, it is interesting that it is preparing for it. –They are joined by doctors, journalists and scientists, researchers and many other guilds... Let us remember that this stage of terrestrial humanity is interesting since the extraterrestrial humanities are surely millions or billions of years older than the terrestrial one and they remained in a stage of the exclusively BML development of the NMEGO… After the various guilds were united, there are now numerous indigenous populations. –Doctor, in effect, for us old age was a very representative symbol of wisdom, but neither did we know nor did we know how to explain why we intuited like this or that. We only locate that surely older, more antiques, wiser were the stars of the cosmos. We now realize that 'worshiping' was not the way to go for that explanation. –So you and the hallucinogenic plants contributed to the search for the BEG. –Yes doctor. –Ruth: The entire bio-assembly makes us intuit as if it were a very special moment in life, as if life were being revalued… The BEL energy is thus strengthened, that sensation is given with those intuitions. –It is as if the BEL energy itself agreed. –Eloisa, the rest of the BEGs support her: Doctor, it is a fundamental part of the BEL investigation, we realize that. It is an important goal. As if the primary objective of the BEL investigation was rounded off. –Ruth: All the BEGs of the terrestrial and extraterrestrial biospecies manifest themselves showing the stages of their development and allude to their own old age.1

Very kind for your trust and support, a hug for all. Ruth: There is a bioscene in which there are biofossils and the BEGs of the bioassembly make us intuit: We are all fossils and our BEG is present. Thank you, doctor, for the BEL investigation. –We show the fossil of a possible liver. –Ruth: Yes, it is shown as a liver… A hippopotamus is presented with the liver… –Our BEGs, Ruth's and mine, how are they shown? –Together with the bio-assembly: Everyone sharing such a pleasant bio-experience. We all place our feet on a very clear, very clear water surface, in which is found, among many others, the shark fossil… –All the BEGs of the bioassembly: A hug, doctor… when the human vindicates the BEG, you will be able to intuit and realize many of your desires and dreams. You will be able to explore and learn more about the unit universe and yourself, knowing that what you have explored is only the beginning: 5%.1

Black holes formation

We concluded the BEL communication and immediately resumed it to make some clarifications… Bhrikiam, do you know about anomalies in subatomic quantum components? –Doctor, we know they exist, but we are so arrogant that we do not give them due importance, we ignore them. We have not done a study because it is biomatter that is discarded. –BEGs of the Transparents: Yes, doctor, they have been a reason for detection and precisely in the face of the explanations and investigations that are carried out we have found these deficiencies, but we have not studied them either, rather taking care that the processes are as correct as possible they can. We have had to study and take care of these normal processes in organisms, in biomatter, and all those that stop working properly are biocollapsed elements, eliminated. –Silveries’ BEGs: No, doctor, we haven't studied or detected them yet. We can intuit that they exist, but we have not studied or detected them. –Your technology hasn’t yet reached that level of development. –We still don't have it and we haven't been interested in doing it and it seems to us that it is possible. –For example, Bhrikiam, in the explosion of a star, what could be studied? –Bhrikiam: Yes, doctor, they are detections that can be made to know the age and state of that star. There it is not so relevant; it is more so in organisms. Now that you bring it up, doctor, that's what happens in the black hole, for the formation of the black hole. –Is the formation of the black hole propitiated by subatomic anomalies? –Yes doctor. –BEGs of the Transparents: Yes, doctor, in fact, for us, our population has decreased because we did manage to detect anomalies at the subatomic level. In such a way that to correct them we need to do it very carefully. The larger the population, the greater the risk. –And to greater longevity. Yes, doctor, we have to be very careful. –BEGs of the Silveries: We have not studied it as such [the formation of the black hole], but we intuit that it is so. –We commented on the existence of subatomic particles of bond or interaction (gluons, electrons, photons) and structural ones (quarks)… Transparent, in the formation of a black hole, how much do alterations of subatomic particles influence? –BEGs of the Transparents: It is essential, doctor, if there are subatomic alterations in particular that favor the formation of the black hole. –Bhrikiam: Generally, doctor, the subatomic particles of the links are the ones that fail, only that when the link ones are altered, it causes the quarks to be altered as well. –BEGs of the Transparents: What we have observed is that there is no bioparticle that is fundamental. It may be that the alteration starts at the structure level and then at the link level. The rule is in the composition that is what will lead to the development of the explosion of a star. But at the level of subatomic particles, the alteration can be one or the other. That is what we have observed. –Every component of the cosmos ages. –Everything, doctor. –It is reasonable to raise it, then, regarding the aging of humans. Biomatter can be biotransformed, but the same aging process will continue to occur throughout the unit universe. –Bhrikiam, Transparents and Silveries: Certain places on Earth, certain areas, in relation to longevity, call our attention. They are areas where there is a lot of energy, for example, the poles and volcanoes, at the same time that the biomatter ages. –It is restructured and transformed again. –Bhrikiam, Transparents and Silveries: Yes, and that is happening throughout the UU.1,13,14

Extraterrestrial looting of terrestrial natural resources: reconfirmed

BELC on Sunday April 26, 2015. Selected comments… 7) Bhrikiam, when you made the trip, what did you investigate? “Collect minerals and atmospheric substances. Both terrestrial and atmospheric substances.” What minerals? "Sulfur, carbon, silicon, iron..." For what purpose? “In order to know the level of necessary substances that one would have to have for a condition like on Earth.” And to supply some lack or need of yours? "Yes too." 8) What is your body doing in Agram right now? “It is part of the components of Agram. doctor, I have already biocollapsed and my body is already part of those biocomponents.” What approximate terrestrial age did you biocollapse? “Approximately 73 Earth years.” For a particular physical condition or cause? “A physical condition, working conditions.” Excess radiation? “Yes, doctor, travel wears down biomatter a lot.” How old were you when you visited Earth? “24 Earth years.” … 9) Is it tempting now to look like the terrestrials? "Yes doctor." For what cause or reason? "The experience is to see a society, let's say young, that when establishing the comparison is attractive for the study of the natural components that exist in it." 10) And bioenergemal research? "Of course, doctor, it is with respect to the BEL investigation that it is even more attractive because it is through intuitions and BEL vectorization that the extraterrestrial humanities intuit that they want to know the terrestrial humanity."2 … 17) Your planet is a fossil planet, your organism is a fossil organism and, on your planet, fossils, as you have stated, do not exist and if they do exist, you are not interested in them. When one of you biocollapses, you immediately recycle it and reuse the biomatter that your body is made of as compost. Is it so? "Yes, doctor, that's right, you know us well." BEGs from various humanities ETs: "Doctor, we realize that we not only have to extract from the Earth its biomaterial resources but also learn to understand the three-shared existence."1,13,14

In April 2005, an extraterrestrial spacecraft entered the crater of the Popocatepetl volcano, visible from Mexico City. We call these ETs Populous, they are similar to the Agramians, with a larger head. −Why do you enter the crater of the volcano? “Doctor, we are doing an exploration to find out what temperature it is at in depth and those substances that are eliminated are important components for us…” Like what? "Iron, sulfur, silicon..." Reconfirmed, the ETs visit Earth to plunder the earth's natural resources, they are not interested in anything else, nor do they come for another purpose.1,13,14

Innovative BEL instrument and the effects of the absence of BEG

BELC 09/10/2022. On this occasion we invited the BEGs of Linus Pauling, Stephen Hawking and Mario Molina so that, on the screen of the Innovative BEL Instrument, we could observe what effect it has on certain components of the BML universe if we eliminate the organized BEL energy or BEG of each one of them. We observe from photons and electrons; atoms such as hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, silicon, sulfur or nitrogen; water molecules, DNA, RNA or hemoglobin; comets, planets or stars; to star systems, black holes or galaxies. In all cases it happened that by removing their BEG, those components of the BML universe collapsed and disintegrated until they disappeared.

This allowed us to draw three postulates. 1) As a universal principle, only in the bodies and forces of the BML universe with organized BEL energy or BEG in their components are their functions activated and their structure stabilized; this happens at all scales, from the nanoscopic to the macrocosmic. If they did not possess it, they would biocollapse, and the bodies would disintegrate or the forces would dissipate, just like a corpse or an explosion, respectively [Int 08/25/2022].

2) Life is the activity that the BEG can induce and sustain in the organism to preserve its integrity and morphofunctional homeostasis, its BEL communication with other organisms and its personal BML-BIFL-BEL biolink, homogeneous with other members of the same biospecies and heterogeneous with members of other biospecies. As well as the expression of their usual BEL capacities such as the generation-capture of intuitions, the BELC, Intuilish or intuitional language, intuiscience or intuitional understanding, bioenerscience or intuitional knowledge and others.1

The BEL energy (BELE) links and unifies the three universes. It is like saying that the three universes have life, which is the really infinite one, and since it is not destroyed and is only represented in different forms (in the bodies or independent of them as BEG) that contain it, it is the only eternal, permanent, current, infinite, as BELE of the BEGs. It is the really creative, original, intuitive one, which gives explanations to the unknowns that we terrestrial or ET humans ask ourselves. The BELE of the BEG intuits, learns and memorizes through the constant exercise of Intuilish. It is dedicated to intuiting, learning and memorizing through the frequent practice of Intuilish. The concept of free energy as the thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the capacity of a system to do work does not apply to BELE. The BELE is BEG permanently be it photonic or cosmic. It is not free BEL energy because it is free activity and gives freedom and activity to the body that receives and contains it as BEG [Ints 09/09/2022].

Bodies are modified and BELE influences these bodies favoring their survival, internal organization and functioning. This is the case at all scales from photonic to cosmic. This is also the case throughout the UU. BELE is generated and protected in the bodies −which it also protects− that make up the entirety of the BML and BIFL universes. Starting from the postulate that, originally, energy-matter and BELE arose at the same time, they began their organization-disorganization, complexification-decomplexization, multiplication and permanence, gradual and common to the entire UU. That is why BELE forms infinity [Ints 09/10/2022]. Linus Pauling, Stephen Hawking and Mario Molina: “Totally agree, doctor.”

3) The total BEGs that are part of the three-shared existence are equal to


This equation tells us that the BEGs B of the UU are equal to the BEGs A of the BML universe, times the BEGs F of the BIFL universe, times the BEGs Y of the BEL universe, per nanosecond N2 every nanosecond. At all scales, from the photoneutrinic to the macrocosmic [Ints 09/19/2022; one nanosecond is equal to one billionth of a second].1

Six BEGs of terrestrial experts agreed with the equation and found it very interesting, they are Wolfgang Pauli, Paul A M Dirac, Grigory Perelman, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg and Robert Oppenheimer. Additionally, five terrestrial BEGs commented, Stephen Hawking: "Yes, this equation of yours is the final one." Albert Einstein: "Yes, doctor, of course I agree with the equation and I think it is excellent." Chien-Shiung Wu: "Yes, I agree and, indeed, the equation was well synthesized." Madame Curie applauds: “Yes doctor, I agree with the equation, it integrates the elements very well.” Abdus Salam: "Yes, doctor, I agree that the objective, the foundation, of the three-shared existence is stated in the equation." To the BEGs of the ET experts that we already know −Bhrikiam, the Silveries and the Transparents−, the equation also seemed well reasoned and very interesting [BELC 10/02/2022]. Nicola Tesla: "Very inclusive, complete, and very interesting... I posit nothing is missing" [BELC 11/19/2022].

Passive existence of human BEGs

During the BEL investigation it was surprising to find that BEGs of multiple biospecies, particularly humans, found in the BEL universe, are dormant. As far as human BEGs are concerned, this tendency to lethargy and passivity can be overcome, I do not intuit that the state of bewilderment and existential passivity has to be indefinite nor that human BEGs have to remain indifferent to their restricted existence. These BEGs would be expected to move on to other stages of existential reactivation that they themselves would have to discover and develop. For example, the three-shared existence option that prevails in the BML universe does not disappear after biocollapse, only now in their new condition the BEGs themselves will have to carry it out from the BEL universe. That is, if they look for it, they can interact with the BEGs of the BML universe as many times as they want…, but usually they don't [Ints 10/15/2022].1

In the BML universe, the participation of the BEG in the body that it accompanies −human or not− is immediate, although we remain ignorant of its existence and therefore indifferent to it, in such a way that when arriving at the BEL universe, the first sensation −as well as quietude and relief− is of bemusement discovering that the BEG exists and that it was always with us, only to be left stunned not knowing what to do as a BEG when, in the BEL universe, the automatic function in the body has already ended. A question that for the BEG itself usually remains unanswered, hopelessly bordering on existential paralysis and indifference and without intending to, sinking into lethargy for an indefinite period of time.

This passive waiting is reflected in comments made to us by two invited BEGs at the beginning of the BEL investigation after we asked them about their activities in the BEL universe. Albert Einstein admitted that he did not know “how long we would remain in the BEL universe” and that "maybe we could go into some other dimension or universe." –They don't know it because: "There are also temptations here" [sic]. –Because: “Those of us who are in the BEL universe are not gods. Passing here is a great rest, but there are no infinite powers for us” [BELC 12/22/1993]. According to Niels Bohr, the BEGs of the BEL universe do not approach the BML universe because: “If we are not called, we have nowhere to go… Few people remember us. When they are not related to us, no one calls us” [BELC 12/29/1993].1 On December 1, 1993 we biocommunicated for the first time with Madame Curie, fifteen years later, on January 2, 2008, we biocommunicated with her again and at the beginning her spontaneous comment was: “I am content to be here, I feel as if I had wakened up.” On February 10, 2008 Aristotle, very surprised, made the following spontaneous comment: “It seems important to me what we intuited from your comment because now I understand that is not the case of a ‘soul’ but of the bioenergeme and its most important functions, and they help it interact with what surrounds it. Even with atoms. I am amazed, but the exposition convinces me, satisfy me.”14 And in the BELC of 01/07-08/2023, in relation to the life that the BEG provides to the body, Aristotle made the following comment: "That means, doctor, that without the BEG life is not life." And if everything has BEG? "So, everything has life; in your formula [B=AFYN2] it says so, doctor."


  1. That body and BEG are formed at the same time during embryonic development.
  2. As a whole, the BEGs share and interact bioenergemally through an exchange of intuitions, giving rise, on the one hand, to intuitional knowledge-understanding or bioenerscience-intuiscience (or the gift of anticipation) and, on the other, to an intuitional language that I have called Intuilish. This leads us to wonder if intuitions travel faster in the UU; and consider whether some (or all) quantum entanglement might be mediated by an intuitional energy.1,3,4,6–8
  3. The BEG results from the organized BEL energy, which is possibly formed by biotrino and/or bion, its specific bioparticles.1,12-14
  4. Particles like the electron are known to carry information.10 The enormous memory of the BEG that the bioparticles that form it contain, carry the existential information that they accumulated during their time in the BML universe.1
  5. Therefore, the BEGs’ bioparticles will be able to continue accumulating information, now BEL, or bioinformation, as evidenced by the fact that the BEGs do not forget the BEL communications and, furthermore, in it, they manifest the aptitudes and information of their stay in the BML universe. These experiences that they do not forget either [Int 07/15/2022].
  6. After many billions of years, BEL research managed to rescue the BEL universe and the BEGs, ancestral and modern, which during all that time were in a state of extreme, total alienation. Alienation more serious than that of humans during their BML existence, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, in addition to the BEGs of other organisms, animals and plants, and of all natural entities in the cosmos. We gave them all a real generic name and a genuine existential status [Ints 12/07/2022].6,12–15
  7. From photons and neutrinos to galaxies and whole universes everything has BEG and its important organizational functions, summarized as follows:
  1. At the whole BML universe: a) Matter + organized BEL energy (BEG) = Biomatter. b) Biocollapse of biomatter => liberation of the BEG and disintegration of matter.
  2. At the whole BIFL universe: At superluminal speed, prebioenergeme arrive from the BML universe toward the BEL universe.
  3. Throughout the BEL universe: All the immense amount of BEGs released at each moment from the BML and BIFL universes, arrive and will remain in the BEL universe indefinitely.
  4. All the BEGs that can be found in the UU (BML, BIFL and BEL universes together) in a given nanosecond are equal to:



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