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International Journal of
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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Mini Review Volume 12 Issue 2

Acupuncture meridians and the vortices and anti-vortices of the human nonlinear electromagnetic field

Maria Kuman

Holistic Research Institute, USA

Correspondence: Maria Kuma, Holistic Research Institute, 414 Barcelona Knoxville, TN 37923, USA, Fax 865-309-4901

Received: October 25, 2018 | Published: April 11, 2019

Citation: Kuman M. Acupuncture meridians and the vortices and anti-vortices of the human nonlinear electromagnetic field. Int J Complement Alt Med. 2019;12(2):87-90. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2019.12.00454

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Both Man and Sun have the same donut shaped nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) with the same dynamics. Our Sun has a chain of clockwise spinning vortices sucking energy in alternating with counterclockwise spinning anti-vortices throwing energy out. The human NEMF has also a chain of vortices sucking energy in, alternating with anti-vortices throwing energy out. However, while the dynamic of the Sun is physics because the energies are colossal, the dynamic of the human NEMF (which is the same, but weak and difficult to measure) was mocked with the name metaphysics and thrown out of physics. ‘Metaphysics’ means ‘beyond physics’ in Greek. However, with time all phenomena, which our physics couldn’t explain, became a bad thing - metaphysics. Meanwhile, physics was further developed and nonlinear physics could explain the so-called metaphysics, but the physicists seem to be afraid to touch the mocked metaphysics. The chain of spinning alternating vortices and anti-vortices of the human NEMF were called ‘chakras’ in ancient Hindu texts, which means ‘spinning wheel’. The chakras just need a sensitive enough equipment to measure them and the author had developed such equipment. Also, the chakras could be photographed in high frequency electric field, which multiplies the chakras’ photons and makes their photographing possible. It is called Kirlian photography. Isn’t it time to include the chakras in our nonlinear physics?

Keywords: chakras, hormones, personality, behavior, behavioral problems, autism, bipolar disorder, endocrinology, psycho-endocrinology, psychology, psychiatry, metaphysics, nonlinear physics


In nonlinear physics, vortex is an energy center, which spins clockwise (rightward) and sucks energy in. This is because according to the rule of the forded fingers of the right hand when the folded fingers show rightward direction of the currents, the thumb shows inward direction of the magnetic field. The anti-vortex, which spins counterclockwise (leftward), would throw energy out because following the rule of the folded fingers of the right hand, when the spinning is counterclockwise (leftward), and the currents are in the leftward direction of spinning, the thumb shows outward direction of the magnetic field.

The Sun and our human bodies have the same type of donut-shaped NEMF.1 Not only is the fields’ shape the same, the dynamic is the same. Our Sun has a chain of vortices spinning clockwise (rightward) and sucking energy in alternating with anti-vortices spinning counterclockwise (leftward) and emitting energy out. One chain of alternating vortices and anti-vortices is along the equator in the northern hemisphere, while in the southern hemisphere the chain is alternating in opposite order anti-vortex – vortex, etc.

If we split the donut-shaped NEMF of the Sun along the equator, the NEMF will reshape as two donuts and we will get two donut shaped fields with chains of alternating vortices and anti-vortices spinning in opposite direction along the axis of spinning of the donut. The two donut-shaped NEMF, resulting from the split, are the human’s male and female NEMF, whose chains of vortices and anti-vortices are along the backbone (Figure 1) and always spin in opposite directions.

Figure 1 The six body chakras and their corresponding energy levels.

The human body breathes energy in through the vortices and energy out through the anti-vortices. Each of these six alternating spinning energy centers along the backbone rules an endocrine gland. They are called in ancient Hindu texts “chakras”, which in the Sanskrit language means “spinning wheal”. The seventh chakra on top of the head is called “point of union” because it unites the energies of all 6 underlying chakras.

It can be seen on Figure 1 that the seventh chakra on top of the head really unites (and rules) the function of the six chakras lying under it.2,3 In the Chinese acupuncture this point is called “Bai Huei”, which means “Point of Union”. Figure 1 depicts vertical cross-section of the donut, the seven spinning energy centers along the backbone called basic chakras, and the seven levels of our NEMF related to them.

Just as in the case of the Sun, the six body chakras are a chain of alternating vortices spinning clockwise (rightward) and sucking energy in and anti-vortices spinning counterclockwise (leftward) and breathing energy out. These six spinning energy centers are very important because they rule and regulate the six endocrine glands, which produce and release into the bloodstream hormones, which rule and regulate all the processes in the body. “Hormao” means “exciting”. The name came from the first substance emitted from an endocrine gland, which was found to be exciting in very small amounts (mg per liter blood). It was called “hormone”. However, to be able to regulate, the endocrine glands must also produce inhibiting hormones and they do. However, the substances that inhibit in very small amounts were also called hormones (which are not right).

In ancient Chinese books on acupuncture, both kinds of substances (exciting and inhibiting) were called “Essence of Life”. This would be the right name for them because they both excite or inhibit in amounts mg per liter blood, which justifies the name “Essence of Life”. Their balance determines our state of health (physical and mental), our psychic balance, and our type of personality.

The six spinning energy centers of the human body

Ancient books on acupuncture claim that the acupuncture meridians are like rivers, but along them energy (Chi) runs instead of water. In the way the rivers flow into sea, the acupuncture meridians flow into 6 seas, which are spinning energy seas. From the contemporary retrospection, these spinning energy centers are the alternating vortices and anti-vortices of our NEMF. Let’s briefly list some of the spinning energy center of our NEMF, which are a chain of alternating vortices and anti-vortices along the backbone. In ancient Hindu texts these are the so-called chakras (spinning wheels). On Figure 1, they are consequently numbered from the tailbone to the top of the head:

The first chakra is located at the tailbone. It resembles a spinning tornado and it is the facing downward hole of our donut-shaped nonlinear energy field. It is called ‘ground chakra’ or ‘earth chakra’ because it connects us energetically to the center of the earth. Since the center of the earth is red magma, the first energy chakra is red in color. It rules and regulates the function of the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys, which produce and secret into the bloodstream the hormones cortisone, adrenaline, and noradrenalin.

When the energy of the fist chakra is high, the person is well grounded and stable. If such a person happens to experience a financial crisis or other disaster, usually it is not for a long time. Soon he will be on his feet again proceeding with another business and being successful again. The seventh chakra is located on top of the head and it is a spinning energy center open upward. This upper spinning hole of our donut-shaped NEMF connects us to the cosmos and the atmosphere. It integrates the energy of all six chakras lying under it when the body is erect. The rest of the chakras are horizontal with two funnel openings - one in the front and one in the back. Such is the second chakra located one inch below the belly button. It is called sexual chakra because it rules and regulates the function of the sexual organs. While the first chakra relates to our instincts to survive, the second chakra relates to our instincts to multiply.

The sexual chakra is orange in color and controlling behavior usually depletes its energy. Controlling people, who are trying to be in control of their own lives and the lives of everybody around, usually have depleted sexual chakra because the chakra is leaking energy. Sooner or later they suffer cancer or other diseases of the sexual organs. The third chakra is related to the solar plexus, which is a nerve ganglion with radial neurons spreading like the rays of the sun. This is the Sun of our body, and since our sun is a yellow star, it is yellow in color. It rules the functioning of the pancreas, liver, spleen, and stomach.

When the energy of the third chakra is low, the person has low will power, low self-confidence, and has difficulty making decisions. When the energy of the third chakra is high, the person has high self-confidence, makes decisions easily, and has strong will power. He is the man or woman of success. More information about chakras can be found in the books of the author: M. Kuman, Yoga – Health Benefits, Science, and Wisdom2 and M. Kuman, Find Your Soul Mate – Secrets of the Soul.3

Russian measurements of the intensity of emission from the spinning energy centers

The Russian scientist, Acad. Goskov, held water in front of different chakras at distance 20 cm for 40 minutes and then used this water to germinate wheat. The number of germinated wheat was a measure of the photon emission of the chakra.

The emission of chakras #3, #4, #5, and #6 was investigated and it was found that the emission of chakra #3 (Solar Plexus) and chakra #5 (Throat Chakra) was maximal and had maximal influence on wheat germination.4 Amazingly, in ancient Hindu text these two chakras are called “Chakras of Communication”. Also, It was found that the emission of these four measured chakras is anisotropic, i.e. having maximal intensity in front and in the back. Amazingly, ancient Hindu text claims that these four chakras are horizontal with channeled emission in front and in the back.

Our measurements of the spinning energy centers to diagnose bipolar disorder and other mental diseases

When measuring chakras for more than 30 years, I noticed that when the energy of the second (sexual) chakra is high, but the energies of the first and third chakras are low, expect bipolar personality. However, this could not be the case if the person is controlling and has a leaking second chakra. Measuring the chakra balance to diagnose bipolar disorder could help distinguish between irregular function of thyroid gland and bipolar disorder. The symptoms of both disorders are the same and frequently irregular function of thyroid gland is diagnosed as bipolar disorder. This makes the doctor wonder why their medications do not help all their patients.

By measuring the chakra balance, we can distinguish between bipolar disorder when the second chakra has higher energy and irregular function of the thyroid gland when the fifth chakra, called the “Throat Chakra”, has abnormal energy. Normally, the patients with thyroid problem feel worse when taking the prescribed to them medication for bipolar disorder. We are the first to diagnose mental diseases with measurements of chakras, which reflect the hormonal balance, because we have a high sensitive equipment that allows us to measure non-evasively the weak human NEMF. However, more than 40 years ago Dr. Belkin in Russia created Institute of Psycho-endocrinology at the Psychiatric Hospital in Moscow and he successfully treated mental disorders with hormones.5

Measuring the spinning energy centers to diagnose autism

At the present moment health insurance companies claim that autism is a behavioral problem, not a health problem, and refuse to pay for treatment of autistic children. However, our preliminary measurements of the chakras of autistic children revealed severe hormonal imbalance (more than one chakra out of balance). However, the imbalance was found to be different for different types of autism. It turned out that some autistic children have slow development because they cannot assimilate sugar (and turn it in glucose). As a result, their brain is starving because the brain consumes 60% of the glucose while being 2% of the body weight.

Other children showed intolerance to foods. We can measure with our equipment which kinds of food they cannot tolerate and which kinds of food will be beneficial. It is different for different children. Measurements of chakras not only allow us to see the nature of these and others behavior-related problems, they allow us to see what kind of hormonal imbalance causes the problem. However, not all autistic children have food related problems. We found that all autistic children with communication problem have low energy at their Fifth (Throat) Chakra, which is called “Chakra of Communication”. The energy of their fifth chakra is only 20% of what it should be, but these 20% give us hope that if the chakra is stimulated with acupuncture, its energy would increase and this would eliminate the communication problem of the autistic children.

Measuring the spinning energy centers for cancer diagnosis

It has been known for a long time that hormonal imbalance causes cancer. A book was published as far back as in 1976 in the US with the title Hormones and Cancer.6 Since measurements of the spinning energy centers, called chakras, give us information about the hormonal balance, and cancer is hormonal imbalance, measuring chakras should be a good and reliable way for very early diagnose of cancer, long before the malignancy would appear.

Ancient Chinese texts claim that to try to cure chronic diseases and cancer when they are established with all their symptoms would be like starting to make weapons to fight when the enemy is already in your yard. Halberg observed changes in the body temperature cycle (which is a hormonal cycle) years before the malignancy would appear.7 Based on this, we can claim with certainty that measurements of the chakras could detect hormonal changes long before the cancer malignancy would appear. (For chakras with numbers higher that 7, see the book of the author M. Kuman, Quantum Mind and Quantum Growth - Levels of Spiritual Growth).8


To learn more about chakras, contact us and enroll in our workshops or classes. We can explain chakras scientifically, and we don’t know anybody else who can measure them. By measuring your chakras, we can check your endocrine balance, which determines your physical and mental health.

If a chakra has permanently low energy, probably there is a permanent energy leak. Usually, behavioral problem is causing it. For example, controlling people have leaking second chakra. To stop the leek, the person needs to stop being controlling. Trying to fix the chakra, by just adding energy to it, would be like trying to fill a vessel with a hole on the bottom. The vessel’s hole needs to be mended first, i.e. the energy leek needs to be stopped first, which require changes in the behavior. Only after the necessary changes in controlling behavior have been made, the leek of energy from the second chakra would stop. Only then could Reiki Healer replenish the missing energy, or the energy could be balanced with acupuncture, and the health restored.



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