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This article is about the possibility to see with the mind. Is it real? What science says about it? Who could see with his Mind? What it can be used for? It could be used for diagnosis and it can be used for healing. It also increases our chances for survival by warning us what is coming. The article reveals that the seeing with the mind is done through the Quantum Computer located in the Subconscious, which operates with the waves of our nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF) located in the Subconscious.

Keywords: seeing with the mind, subconscious, our quantum computer, our nonlinear electromagnetic field

Can we see with the mind?

Can we see with our mind? And who are the people able to see with their mind?

We answered these questions based on recent studies in.1 Person, who could see with his mind, was blindfolded. Even when there was no signal from the eyes to the brain, the person could still see the object. He was seeing the object as three-dimensional and he could even see the backside of the object and see it when behind a screen.1

We explained in1 how seeing with the mind could be used for diagnosis. However, the possibility to see with the mind has been known for millennia. We just refuse to believe it exists because not everybody can do it. Yogi (Yoga means united with God) claimed they could see with their mind. Buddha could see with his mind. ‘Buddha’ means ‘awaken’ - awaken to see and understand things nobody else could. He lived 6 centuries before Christ.2

Buddha could see with his mind

Buddha studied consequently with three Tao Masters how to meditate and get united with God. Finally, he succeeded and he started seeing revelations, which is seeing with the mind. In his later years, Sakyamuni Buddha made the statement that the Universe is infinite in greatness and depth. It is so immense that it does not have an exterior, which means infinity in greatness. At the same time, it is so tiny that it does not have an interior, which means infinity in depth.2

Sakyamuni Buddha saw with his mind (2,600years ago) that in the Milky Way there are 3,000 planets inhabited by intelligent beings. This is what the Power of Mind can do. It can take you to places nobody has been before and thousands of years before a human foot will leave a footprint there.2 Just think how many years it would take us to develop the technology necessary for this, and how many thousands of years it would take us to visit all inhabited planets in the Milky Way, and Buddha was able to see this just by sending his mind there.

Buddha did this by shutting his conscious (this is what meditation does)3 and letting his Subconscious demonstrate itself. Our Subconscious rules and regulates all our organs on the holographic principle (we know this from acupuncture).2 Since only coherent waves could create holographic images, obviously our Subconscious operates with the waves of our weak Nonlinear Electromagnetic Field (NEMF), which is located in the Subconscious, and which I measured for almost 40years.2

What contemporary studies say about seeing with the mind and the fast response

Dr. Valery Hunt, when comparing her EEG measurements (measuring the activity on the surface of the brain) with her EMG measurements (measuring the activity of the muscles on the body surface) came to the conclusion that our fast response is not related to the brain and the nervous system, but it is related to our weak NEMF. As a final point, she concluded: “The Mind is not in the brain, it is in the energy field”,1 i.e. the Mind is manifestation of our weak NEMF located in the Subconscious.

I reached the same conclusion more than two decades before her. I created in 1983 a nonlinear mathematical model to explain how acupuncture works. The model theoretically predicted that from each treated acupuncture point beside the electric impulse (which was measured), waves must run along the acupuncture meridian.4 A Hungarian scientist experimentally found these waves in 1984.5

Based on this and other measurements of the effect of acupuncture treatments, I wrote a book Modern Aspects of Ancient Acupuncure,6 which is the only book that explains how acupuncture works. In it, I also explained that should our stress response depend only on the nervous system, which is very slow, we would be dead long time ago. If we are still alive, it is because of our ability to respond fast through the waves of our NEMF running on the surface of the body.6

Thus, the waves of our NEMF increase many times our chances for survival by increasing the speed of our response. But this is only one side of what our NEMF can do. Our NEMF also allows holographic (three-dimensional vision)1 and can see behind a screen (because the waves are nonlinear).1 This could allow seeing with the Mind the danger in advance and be prepared for it. Our NEMF operates as a quantum computer at Subconscious level.7

The quantum levels of our aura (NEMF) – ancient vision and contemporary studies

Buddha was able to see with his Mind the quantum levels of the human NEMF. He described all 12 quantum levels. Beside the seven basic levels related to the seven body chakras, there are five more possible levels. And he warns: when shifting to a higher level, do not expect to see the same picture with more details. The picture of the world could be totally different at the new level and you need to be ready to let the previous vision go and embrace the new vision.2

According to Buddha, the higher is the quantum energy level, the higher is the ability to see with the Mind (which is obviously part of our NEMF) and obviously the higher is the frequency of our NEMF. To the same conclusion came Valerie Hunt based on her measurements of muscle activity (EMG) ruled by our NEMF. She found that clairvoyants have frequency 400 Hz. People capable to connect with other dimensions in trance had frequencies 800–900Hz, while some individuals can have frequency up to 200,000Hz.1

Seeing with the mind of famous mathematicians of our time

But let’s go back to Buddha. ‘Buddha’ means ‘awaken’, but in some books it is translated as ‘enlightened’, which is not quite right. In Greek, ‘mathematics’ means ‘enlightened’. I asked a lot of mathematician during my lifetime what mathematics means, but I was never lucky to find one who knew that ‘mathematics’ means ‘enlightened’.2

The greatest mathematicians of our time, Poincare, Galua, Gauss, etc. saw their theories as revelations or intuitive envision of their minds. For that reason, their theories were 50 to 100years ahead of their time. As a result, only 50 to 100years later do their work found appreciation and practical application.2

These intuitive envision or blissful insights are jumps to the future and they are manifestations of the work of the Quantum Computer in our Subconscious Mind, which works with the waves of our nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF).2,3 This Quantum Computer does not obey the causality principle and for it the time is discrete and allows jumps to the future and the past.7

The seeing with the mind of tziolkovski

Another famous person who could see with his mind was Tziolkovski. He must be considered the Father of the astronautics. He was a teacher in Kaluga, Russia, but he was a big dreamer of space travel. However, he was not a daydreamer. He worked hard toward the goal of his dream – building and experimenting with rockets, which one-day would allow us to leave the Earth.2

He was so eager to leave the Earth and see how the Earth looks from space that he went with his mind there 60years before it was actually done. Tziolkovski wrote a science-fiction book in 1896,8 in which he describes the black sky, the non-twinkling stars, and the colors of the Earth. They were exact description of what the first astronauts saw and described 60years later.2

There are illustrations in his book of rockets docking to a space station and astronauts doing repair work outside the station when tied with robes to it - things that turned into reality 60years later. Tziolkovski was born on September 17, 1857. The first satellite to orbit the Earth, ‘Sputnik’, was longed on October 4, 1957 when Russia was celebrating 100-year anniversary of the birth of Tziolkovski.2

It was done by Korolev, who was a dreamer of space travel since childhood with the enthusiasm, intuition, envision, and boldness of Tziolkovski. After ‘Sputnik’, and sending in space a rocket with the dog ‘Laika’ in it, Korolev sent the first astronaut in space, Yuri Gagarin. However, Russia knew nothing about Korolev until he died. Everything was kept secret. After he died, he was buried with honors at the Kremlin’s wall.2

Only then did the Russians learn what this man has done for winning the war with Germany. He created the rocket guns “Kathusha” firing 16 burning rockets at a time, which were destroying everything in their way. These “Kathushas” turned the Germans back and wined the war against Hitler. And only after his death did the Russians learn that the same man was the creator and the dynamo of the Russian space program, which made Russia being first in the cosmos.2


Thus, seeing with the Mind is done through the Subconscious or more precisely with the waves of our NEMF, which operates as a Quantum Computer, and from the Subconscious rules and regulates everything in the body. It is time in the conclusion to say that our emotional brain is in the Subconscious, which makes our emotionality the bridge between our Conscious and the Subconscious.

The more emotional an individual is, the easier it is to bridge the Conscious to the Subconscious and make them work as a whole piece. It is called Supper conscious and allows a free access and use of the powerful Quantum Computer, which has huge memory storage and a very high speed of computation. We know this from hypnosis, which puts the conscious to sleep and allows access to the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious.

The Subconscious rules and regulates the function of all our organs and everything else in the body. So, we are not consciously aware about the functioning of our organs. It is deliberately done so because when you are using your Conscious Mind solving a life important problem, you don’t want to be bothered with information about the functioning of your organs.

From acupuncture we know that all organs are holo graphically represented on the ears, feet, palms, and irises, which makes it obvious that our Quantum Computer in the Subconscious operates on the holographic principle. Since holographic images can be created only with coherent (laser type of) waves, it is obvious that our Quantum Computer operates with the waves of our NEMF, which are of this kind.

I spent almost 40years of my life measuring this weak NEMF, which is a thousand times weaker than the body bio currents. It is weak, but it rules and regulates everything in the body from the Subconscious.1 Such weak NEMF is present in the whole material world – alive and not alive.9

Since in ancient Yoga texts, meditating to put the Conscious to sleep and have access to the Subconscious was called “united with God”, our NEMF in the Subconscious must be the so-called ‘Spirit’ that comes from God and therefore our Quantum Computer, which operates with the waves of our NEMF, is a gift of God.

However, the more spiritual you are (or the closer to God you are),10 the higher is the frequency of vibration of your NEMF and the easier it is to have access to the Quantum Computer and to be able to use it. One of the features of this Quantum Computer is to be able to see with your Mind. It is a powerful ‘Pegas’, which can take you far ahead in the future or far back in the past and there is no limit for it.



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