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Volume 3 Issue 1 - 2016
Preparing and Using KELEA Activated Water to Enhance the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway in the Therapy of Multiple Illnesses
Institute of Progressive Medicine, USA
Received:January 27, 2016 | Published: January 28, 2016
*Corresponding author: W John Martin, Institute of Progressive Medicine, 1634 Spruce Street, South Pasadena CA 91030, USA, Tel: 626-616-2868; Email:
Citation: Martin WJ (2016) Preparing and Using KELEA Activated Water to Enhance the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway in the Therapy of Multiple Illnesses. Int J Complement Alt Med 3(1): 00059. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2016.03.00059


The alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway provides a unifying theory to explain many of the more effective modalities of Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM). Yet the ACE pathway is still not widely understood within the medical community. A better appreciation of the ACE pathway will likely follow the successful outcome of clinical studies based on various means of enhancing the ACE pathway. This article is intended to encourage such studies by updating information regarding the ACE pathway. The article also discusses the role of an external energy force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) in the activation of water. KELEA activated water will likely prove to be extremely useful in the therapy and prevention of multiple illnesses. Additional support for undertaking comprehensive clinical studies is provided from ongoing agricultural and industrial studies on KELEA activated water.

Keywords: KELEA; ACE Pathway; Stealth Adapted Viruses; Cancer; CFS; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Autism; Morgellon’s; Herpes; HIV; Neutral Red Dye; Phototherapy; Enercel; Water; Agriculture


KELEA: Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction; ACE: Alternative Cellular Energy; ICE: Insufficiency of Cellular Energy; AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; HSV: Herpes Simplex Virus; HZV: Herpes Zoster Virus; HPV: Human Papillomavirus; HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus; UV: Ultraviolet; SCMV: African Green Monkey Simian Cytomegalovirus


The basic premise of the ACE pathway is that the body utilizes a source of cellular energy beyond that which is extracted from the metabolism of food [1]. The ACE pathway has also been termed the third cellular energy pathway of Nature, with photosynthesis being the first and food metabolism being the second. The ACE pathway is expressed as an acquired dynamic (kinetic) quality of the body’s fluids. It results from the absorption of a natural environmental force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) [1].

KELEA was likely utilized in the early development of life, especially because of its activating effect on water. Specifically, KELEA increases the kinetic activity of water molecules by loosening the normal intermolecular hydrogen bonding between water molecules [2]. KELEA can have a direct energy impact on water molecules with separated electrical charges, adding to the increased kinetic activity [3]. Furthermore, the added energy can potentially contribute to the abiotic synthesis of hydrocarbons [4]. While regular water is relatively ineffective in directly absorbing KELEA from the environment, it can do so if placed in the vicinity of certain KELEA attracting dipolar (electrically charged) compounds. It can also occur by placing water nearby to various oscillating electrical and magnetic devices. Of special interest to humans is whether the fluctuating electrical activity of the brain and possibly muscles, including the heart, may also act as an antenna for KELEA and for its transfer to the body’s fluids [5]. It also seems that KELEA can contribute to aspects of higher level brain functioning that may not be normally supported by the cellular energy obtained from the metabolism of food.

KELEA Attracting ACE Pigments

The body can produce additional KELEA absorbing materials in response to illnesses in which there is an insufficiency of cellular energy (ICE) from food metabolism. This can arise from inadequate delivery of oxygen or blood to the tissues; impaired biochemical processes within cells; and increased energy demands, as occur with infections. The KELEA absorbing materials produced by the body are typically electrostatic and can self-assemble into particles, fibers and/or threads. These commonly pigmented materials are referred to as ACE pigments. They can be detected in saliva and dried perspiration of patients and can also be seen attached to hairs. The extensive, widespread production of skin irritating ACE pigments has become a defining feature of a chronic illness referred to as Morgellon’s disease [6]. Patients may misinterpret the electrostatic activity of the materials as evidence of parasitic infestation. This can lead to the diagnosis of delusional parasitosis [7], especially because many of the patients display other signs of cognitive impairments [8].

ACE pigments will fluoresce brightly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This fluorescence can be enhanced using certain dyes, including neutral red dye. In addition to the enhanced fluorescence, the combined use of neutral red dye and UV illumination increases the attraction and transfer of KELEA to Morgellon’s disease patients with therapeutic benefits, including improved cognitive function (unpublished).

ACE Pathway Based Therapy of Herpes and Papillomavirus Infections

This particular therapeutic procedure evolved from earlier studies on treating skin lesions caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV), herpes zoster virus (HZV) and human papillomavirus (HPV). ACE pigments are present within these skin lesions and on the surrounding areas of uninvolved skin as shown by neural red dye induced UV fluorescence [9,10]. Serous fluids extracted from HSV skin lesions will also fluoresce with added neutral red dye. Direct UV illumination of neutral red dye treated herpes and papilloma skin lesions expedites the healing of the lesions and greatly reduces the likelihood of subsequent recurrences [10]. So too can UV illumination of serous fluid from the lesions placed onto neutral red soaked paper towels that are overlaid onto the skin lesions. Even with intervening non-transparent paper toweling, the underlying herpes skin lesions will begin to show UV fluorescence when directly exposed to UV light. Distant herpes skin lesions and other skin areas can also become directly UV fluorescent during the treatment of a localized herpes skin lesion [10]. It is clear, therefore, that energy other than fluorescence is being emitted from the UV illuminated herpes serous fluid on the neutral red dye soaked paper towels. This energy is able to activate the body’s ACE pathway.

Since neutral red dye can potentially mutate herpes viruses, efforts were made to avoid using materials collected from active herpes skin lesions. Prior studies had shown the clinical efficacy of a stated homeopathic formulation originally called HANSI (homeopathic activator of natural system immune). Based on the author’s studies, the name of the HANSI being produced in the United States was changed to Enercel. Although the product was supposedly homeopathic, it had detectable amounts of Lidocaine. This finding along with other studies, led to the realization that Lidocaine and many other dipolar chemicals can be used to instill a dynamic (kinetic) quality to fluids and that such fluids can be used with neutral red dye in the UV phototherapy of herpes skin lesions. The UV illuminated fluids do not need to make direct contact with the skin lesion but simply overlaid onto the lesion. Indeed, the treatment can be applied to areas of normal appearing skin on which prior herpes outbreaks had occurred. The underlying skin area will begin to show direct UV fluoresces during the therapy. Moreover, the likelihood of subsequent herpes recurrences is markedly reduced (unpublished).

Stealth Adapted Viruses

The detection of virus infections in patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) provided the initial impetus for subsequent studies on the ACE pathway [11]. The striking feature of the different viruses cultured from CFS patients was their apparent inability to evoke an inflammatory response; the hallmark of most infectious diseases. This was confirmed in animal inoculation studies, including studies in cats [12]. The viruses were apparently not being effectively recognized by the cellular immune system. Molecular analyses attributed the lack of immune recognition to the deletion or mutation of the relatively few components in most viruses that are normally targeted by the cellular immune system. The viruses were designated as stealth and the immune evasion mechanism called stealth adaptation [11,13].

There was major public health ramifications to the reporting that some of the cultured stealth adapted viruses unequivocally arose from African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV) [13,14]. This concern related to an earlier public health decision to continue to use SCMV infected monkeys in the production of polio vaccines. There was also the prospect that the testing of a contaminated experimental polio vaccine in Africa could explain the origin of HIV [15]. Rather than pursuing the author’s finding, public health authorities essentially chose to deny the evidence for stealth adapted viruses.

Positive stealth adapted virus cultures were regularly obtained from the testing of blood samples from many patients with major neuropsychiatric illnesses [16]. Examples have also been described of diverse neuropsychiatric illnesses occurring among family members, consistent with a transmissible infectious disease [17]. Stealth adapted viruses can be particularly devastating to children leading to major behavioral disorders [18], including autism [19].

Studies on Children with Autism

Virus cultures confirmed that CFS is part of a widespread spectrum of chronic, debilitating stealth adapted virus infections that primarily manifest with neurological and psychiatric symptoms. The brain is viewed as being especially susceptible to symptomatic illness because of its spatial networking of specialized functions. Even more so, the viruses could affect the developing brain through transplacental passage during pregnancy. Virus cultures confirmed stealth adapted virus infection in children with autism [19].

The phototherapy protocol using UV illumination of activated solutions with neutral red dye on paper towels was highly effective in treating a series of autistic children [20]. Moreover it evoked distant direct UV skin fluorescence in addition to local UV fluorescence in the skin on which the towels had been placed. Similar patterns of both distant and local UV fluorescence occurred with solutions placed into sealed Ziploc bags and laid onto the skin [20]. While not understood at the time, the earlier solution being used lost its effectiveness to the disappointment of parents of later participating children in the clinical trial. The loss of activity was later realized to be due to the increased volatility of activated water molecules. This issue can be addressed by the long term storage of activated solution in sealed containers.

Homeopathy as a Misnomer for KELEA Activated Water

Since its inception, homeopathic remedies have been promoted as being specific for treating symptoms that would be evoked if a normal individual were to be given a high dosage of the particular component used to manufacture the homeopathic remedy. This unproven principle is referred to as the “Law of Similars” [21]. Even though Enercel was referred to as being a homeopathic and is successed (repeatedly jolted) before administration, its breath of therapeutic actions extends to many illnesses. As an example, two 3 ml intramuscular injections of Enercel were shown to be very effective in suppressing diarrhea in children in El Salvador [22] and were equally effective in suppressing childhood respiratory illness. Intravenous and inhalational Enercel was also effecting in suppressing both HIV and tuberculosis in AIDS patients in Ukraine [23]. Enercel has also been widely used in the therapy cancer patients with excellent results [24]. A major advantage of using Enercel over other activated water products is that it is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is suitable for formal, large scale clinical trials. It has also been produced as a drinkable KELEA activated water for extended clinical trials.

Methods of Activating Water

Water can be easily activated by the addition of various dipolar compounds, either as insoluble or soluble materials [25]. The soluble materials can be subsequently removed by either progressive dilutions as in homeopathy or by zero residue filtration. The activating materials can be broadly grouped into mineral rich materials, commonly used by farmers as soil amendments. They include humic/fulvic acids, zeolites, volcanic rock pellets, shungite (a product from Russia), magnesium oxide, mica and actual minerals. It also includes various sources of naturally activated water. A second category includes certain pharmaceuticals, including Lidocaine, procaine, Dilantin, ascorbic acid and niacin. A third category is for gases, including hydrogen, ozone, chlorine dioxide and electrolysis induced Brown’s gas. The next category includes various foods, such as Moringa oleifera, Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei), cocoa and extracts and tinctures from different herbs and plants. The many reported clinical benefits of products such as moringa are more likely attributed to their water activating property than to their nutritional content [26]. A final category is simply the addition of previously activated water.

The second major approach to water activation is placing the water within energy fields that can increase the levels of KELEA. Several of the compounds that can be added directly to water can also be somewhat effective if placed nearby to water. Even placing a container of activated water within a larger water tank can slowly lead to the activation of the entire volume of water. More intense water activating fields can be established using opposing fluctuating lights [27] and electrical currents [28]. These latter methods are also useful for directly treating groups of patients. UV lights and other devices can also be used with activated fluids to establish a field effect, especially with the prior addition of either neutral red or acridine orange dye. Electro-acupuncture may also function via localized KELEA activation of the body’s fluid.

Possibly, the most exciting approach to activating the body’s water is through the electrical activity of the brain and possibly muscles, including the heart [5]. Water was activated by being brought into a laughing yoga class. Conversely, emotional stress may actually have a deactivating effect on the bodies’ fluids.

Medical Conditions Potentially Amenable to Therapy with KELEA Activated Water

KELEA activated water, also referred to as ACE water, will potentially help alleviate many of the common illnesses attributed to deficiencies of the second or food metabolism-derived cellular energy pathway. Clearly this can apply to inadequate oxygen delivery due to respiratory illnesses, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It also directly applies to the restricted blood supply in cardiovascular and in cerebrovascular diseases. Since enhanced activation of the ACE pathway can help compensate for metabolic disorders, it can be beneficial in acquired metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and toxic poisoning. Indeed, numerous accounts have been forwarded to the author regarding improved control of blood sugar levels in diabetic patients receiving activated water. Cancer is also viewed as a situation in which either apoptosis or maturation can occur if the cells can access additional cellular energy. A striking feature of Enercel induced tumor remission is that it is essentially painless, consistent with apoptosis. Thus, unlike radiation and chemotherapy, apoptosis does not evoke an inflammatory response, a major cause of tumor associated pain [29].

The other big category of potentially treatable illnesses through activation of the ACE pathway is infectious diseases. Infections place increased demands upon the body’s energy supplies and cells require energy to successfully compete with a pathogen. Promising therapeutic results have been obtained with herpes viruses, papillomaviruses, HIV and tuberculosis [8,9,23]. Activating the ACE pathway is the optimal method for suppressing illnesses caused by stealth adapted viruses. The potential benefits of activated water in treating hepatitis B and C virus infections, Ebola virus and the recently emerging Zika virus should also be pursued.

Another situation of increased energy demands is in wound healing. An attractive feature the reported use of activated water is the minimizing of scar formation. This is consistent with an anti-inflammatory effect being mediated by the ACE pathway. Obesity may also resolve since the ACE pathway can seemingly reduce the craving for excessive food intake.

A potentially unique benefit of consuming KELEA activated water is the restoration of higher levels of brain functions, which may not be responsive to cellular energy from food metabolism. These benefits may be in addition to the suppression of possible brain infections caused by stealth adapted viruses. Activating the ACE pathway may also help delay aging if it is primarily due to impaired mitochondria functioning.

It is important that clinical trials using water activated by various methods be pursued in all of the above medical conditions and the results be publicly available.

Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Benefits of Using KELEA Activated Water

Confirmation of the biological benefits of using KELEA activated water has been obtained in studies comparing crop productivity in control and test fields growing rice, sugarcane and other crops [30]. The water in the test fields was simply activated using cartridges containing pellets of materials processed from volcanic rocks. In addition to the increased productivity, there was less rodent infestation in the treated fields. An outbreak of turgo virus in one of the rice studies and of Downy mildew in one of the sugarcane studies were both reduced in the treated plots [30]. KELEA activated water has also been successfully used to control pink rot fungus in palm trees (unpublished).

Farm animals also fare better when provided KELEA activated water. Benefits have been repeatedly documented for cows in terms of milk production and chickens in terms of weight gain and egg laying. Unquestionably, all farming operations should include procedures for activation of the water being used. Again, it will be useful if there was on ongoing compilation of comparative outcomes using different water activating methods and applications.

Industrial Applications of KELEA Activated Fluids

Water is widely used throughout many industries and especially in the transfer of heat. Water can also have a corrosive effect when passaged through metal pipes and can form deposits onto pipes. Enormous savings are to be expected from the easier transfer of heat to and from activated water and for its lowered corrosiveness and scale formation in metal pipes [30]. Many additional benefits can potentially be realized from using activated water, including improved tensile strength of concrete, more even spreading of paints, etc. [25] Activated gasoline and diesel fuels have shown more complete combustion and at lower temperatures than regular fuels. Again, it will be useful to coordinate finding in health and agriculture with those in industry and to continue with more basic research on KELEA.

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An understanding of KELEA as a means of activating fluids has the potential to dramatically reshape many existing health, agriculture and industrial practices. The opportunity exists for widespread participation of many individuals in these various endeavors. Clinicians treating patients are particularly well situated to evaluate and compare different therapeutic modalities. They can also help refine many of the emerging concepts, especially as they relate to the body’s self-healing mechanisms.


The Institute of Progressive Medicine is a component of MI Hope Inc., a non-profit public charity.


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