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Advances in
eISSN: 2377-4290

Ophthalmology & Visual System

Editorial Volume 4 Issue 1

Reflections on two years of advances in ophthalmology & visual systems 

Kishore Cholkar

RiconPharma LLC, USA

Correspondence: Kishore Cholkar, RiconPharma LLC, 100 Ford Road, Suite 9, Denville, New Jersey 07834, USA

Received: January 31, 2016 | Published: February 1, 2016

Citation: Cholkar K. Reflections on two years of advances in ophthalmology & visual systems. Adv Ophthalmol Vis Syst. 2016;4(1):26. DOI: 10.15406/aovs.2016.04.00096

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Human eyes are one of the most complex and important sensitive organs. Eyes help to maintain a connection between the external environment and the body. Several diseases affect eyes and interfere with the visual system. Moreover, this may lead to loss of vision if treatment is not initiated immediately. Diseases affecting the anterior segment of the eye (cornea/conjunctiva) may be diagnosed and easily treated with concentrated drug solutions. However, diseases that affect back-of-the-eye tissues (vitreous, retina/choroid) is most challenging to treat. There is an utmost need for a strong, reliable and interdisciplinary communication amongst scientists across the globe for ocular disease diagnosis and treatment.

In August 2014, MedCrave Group launched Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual Systems (AOVS) as an open access journal with a lot of positivity and energy to collect, archive and spread eminent innovations and research information to the scientific community. Since then, this open access journal is actively involved in publishing complete and reliable source of peer-reviewed research for various ocular related information as articles. Moreover, this journal’s publications are not limited to basic science but also include clinical findings and other medical diseases correlating ocular diseases to diabetes and thyroid disease, which have greater impact on vision. I would like to thank the editorial board for their valuable contribution and support for the journals success. This journal in itself is interdisciplinary with a novel, impeccable idea of connecting the ocular disease diagnosis with advanced instrumentation and providing the literature for ocular disease treatment. We expect the readers to have more in-depth and current information with sound interdisciplinary knowledge about the advances in ocular disease diagnosis and treatment.

The journal “Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual Systems” focuses on reliable and high-quality research/discoveries and innovations. The journal publishes the most current developments as research papers, review articles, short communications, case reports, mini- reviews, opinions and letter to Editors. On the research side, today, AOVS also encompasses drug delivery with polymers, hydrogels, lens, chemical synthesis, prodrugs, molecular imaging, nanomedicine and many others. Moreover, applications of fundus photographic systems for diagnosis, documentation and follow up treatment for back-of-the-eye retinal diseases such as macular edema, vitreous& retinal hemorrhage, macular degeneration, role of transcription factors in diseases are a part of AOVS publications.

Several features of AOVS have been viewed very positively by the authors. One is the financial support by the MedCrave Group for quality research in the form of grants or scholarships. The second feature is the interdisciplinary research publications, which draw attention of the scientists to the contents of the journal article. Third feature is the communication and relationship of the editorial office/group with the authors all over the world. Most importantly, manuscripts accepted for publication in AOVS are made immediately available to the worldwide scientific communities as a part of MedCrave family of journals and rapid publication on the internet.

During the next coming years we expect the journal to introduce new features such as graphical abstracts, short videos and questions and answers from the eminent scientists in the ocular research. In addition, this journal may begin inviting guest editors to assemble a “Featured Topic” section. Moreover, we expect that the journal may be a part of “Pubmed” and “SciFinder” to circulate and make available its archives to the entire scientific community. With the successful launch of AOVS and new insights in various interfaces of ocular biology, chemistry, engineering, medical, physics and mathematics, ophthalmologists may be able to familiarize and update their knowledge and skills. We hope that this journal has been and will continue to be a key forum for ocular researchers and ophthalmologists. I feel honored and grateful to the journal for their support in developing and publishing quality research on ocular diseases, diagnosis, drug delivery and treatment. Also, I hope that the journal, in the future, may publish articles with special emphasis on recent patents. We thank the authors, reviewers and audience for their outstanding support in the past two years and look forward to working with you in future to make AOVS a leader in publishing cutting edge research in ocular research.



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