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Advances in
eISSN: 2377-4290

Ophthalmology & Visual System


 Iman Eissa
Cairo university hospital, Egypt
Research Interest: Ophthalmology
 Scientist Simone L Li
Akron Children’s Hospital, United States
Research Interest: Depth perception and spatial vision; psychophysics and computational modeling of human stereopsis
 Syed Nasir Ali Shah
Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Research Interest: Ophthalmology
 Researcher Hashim Ali Khan
SEHHAT Foundation Hospital, Pakistan
Research Interest: Ocular imaging, retina and uveitis
 Researcher Shelley Durazo
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, United States
Research Interest: Ocular drug delivery
 Assist. Prof. Caryn Labuda
Midwestern University, United States
Research Interest: Ophthalmology
 Srikanth Reddy Janga
University of Southern California, United States
Research Interest: Ophthalmology, Autoimmune Disorders, Cathepsins, Lymphocytic infiltration, Lysosomes, Acinar cells, Stem cells, drug targeting using Nanoparticles