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eISSN: 2378-3176

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal

Clinical Images Volume 7 Issue 2

Isolated genital psoriasis a new case report

MH Farih,1 S Mrabat,2 FZ Mernissi 2

1Departement of Urology, University Hospital Hassan II, Morocco
2Departement of Dermatology, University Hospital Hassan II, Morocco

Correspondence: S Ennaciri, Department of Urology, University Hospital Hassan II, Morocco

Received: February 26, 2019 | Published: April 10, 2019

Citation: Farih MH, Mrabat S, Mernissi FZ. Isolated genital psoriasis a new case report. Urol Nephrol Open Access J.2019;7(2):38. DOI: 10.15406/unoaj.2019.07.00240

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psoriasis, genital, squamous


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, affecting both sexs at any age. Genital skin can also be affected by the psoriasis and is relatively commun.1 The presentation of genital psoriasis (GP) may mimic other diseases and can be confused with sexually transmitted infections.2 GP is often cause of discomfort and may even empair the patient’s quality of life and specially sexual life.3 We report a case of genital lesions revealing a psoriasis. A 20 year-old man with no family history of psoriasis presented with itchy genital lesions evolving for the last two years on relapsing-remitting course. Clinical examination showed erythematosus and squamous plaques in the penile and scrotal skin, as well as a well demarcated erythema of the inguinal folds. Dermoscopy showed dotted vessels with a homogeneous distrubition. There was no phanerian or mucosal involvment. The patient was treated with potent topical steroids with a good outcome (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Erythematous and squamous plaque in the scotal and penile skin.



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