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eISSN: 2379-6367

Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal


 V Dhanapal
Sanjo College of Pharmaceutical Studies, India
Research Interest: Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacological & phytochemical screening, Pharmacy administration industrial business Management, Forensic Pharmacy
 Salahuddin Mohammed
University of Mississippi, United States
Research Interest: Behavioral Pharmacology, NeuroAIDS, Cognition (Learning & Memory), Psychometric Analysis, Circadian rhythm/ Sleep
 Swapna Yellanki
Alkermes, United States
Research Interest: Pharmacology, drug safety, adverse reactions, clinical research, oncology, neuro-degenerative diseases, and safety pharmacology
 Sadique Hussain
Jaipur National University, India
Research Interest: Pharmacology, Toxicology, Cancer, Drug Delivery, COVID
 Durgesh Ranjan Kar
Global College of Pharmaceutical Technology, India
Research Interest: Antifertility activity, CNS Activity study, Antiulcer study, Antipyretic study, Antidiabetic study, Anti hyperlipidemic study, Natural product research, Molecular Docking study
 Rosaria Schettini
University of Salerno, Italy
Research Interest: drug safety, peptide chemistry
 Mohan Kumar Ramar
Brown University, United States
Research Interest: Metabolic Research and Drug Discovery: Investigation of the pharmacological effects (on cardio-metabolic disorders) of natural products via a set of in vitro assays, and mechanistic studies on the potent compounds or extracts using appropriate animal models.
 Harshita Bhalani
University of Houston Clear lake, United States
Research Interest: Cancer Pharmacology, immunology and cellular biology, Clinical Pharmacology, toxicology