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eISSN: 2576-4578

Translational Medicine & Research


 Dr Carla Alexandra Ribeiro Da Silva
University Hospital of Coimbra, Portugal
Research Interest: Preventive Medicine, Neuroanatomy, Medical Psychology
 Dr Dorina Lauritano
University of Milano , Italy
Research Interest: Oral medicine, oral oncology, oral biology, dental materials, implant dentistry.
 Dr Georgi Tosev
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Research Interest: Noval PC and NCC therapeutics,risk adapted P-specific antigen screening
 Dr Gesa Meyer-hamme
University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany
Research Interest: Diabetes
 Dr Julita Kulbacka
Wroclaw Medical University, Poland
Research Interest: Kidney
 Dr Martaÿtroya Castilla
New Economic School, Russia
Research Interest: Oral medicine, oral oncology, oral biology, dental materials, implant dentistry.
 Dr Omer Ibrahim
Yale University School of Medicine, United States
Research Interest: Microbiology
 Dr Omer Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Mohammed
University of El-imam El-mahdi, Sudan
Research Interest: Medicine and health sciences
 Dr Peter Schwarz
Glostrup Hospital , United Kingdom
Research Interest: Mandible
 Dr Rufida Said Thabet Kamal Eldeen
Ibn Sina University, Sudan
Research Interest: Pediatricphysiotheraphy
 Dr Stuart B Goodman
Stanford University , United States
Research Interest: Orthopaedic surgery
 Dr Tabbabi Ahmed
University of Monastir, Italy
Research Interest: Medicine
 Dr Wallyÿbaffone
University of degli Studi di Urbino , Italy
Research Interest: Drugs
 Dr Zongmin Zhao
Harvard University , United States
Research Interest: Immunization & Drugs
 Dr Misbahuddin M Rafeeq
King Abdulaziz University , Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: pharmaco-epidemiological study of drug
 Assoc. Professor Barbara Budzynska
Medical University of Lublin , Russia
Research Interest: Temporomandibuar Joint
 Dr Francesco Sala
University of Verona , Italy
Research Interest: Ortho
 Dr Claudia Colomba
University of Palermo, Italy
Research Interest: Neurosurgery
 Dr Sergio Hoyos
University of Villareal, United States
Research Interest: Biomedical
 Dr Hala Alnuaim
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University , Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: Medicine
 Dr Marcello Trizzino
University of Palermo, Italy
Research Interest: Tropical diseases
 Dr Melissa E Hogg
University of Wisconsin , United States
Research Interest: Surgery
 Dr Wakiro Sato
Institute of Neuroscience, Japan
Research Interest: Immunology
 Assoc. Professor Jeannette Lechner Scott
University of Newcastle, Australia
Research Interest:
  Dr Francesco Falciglia
Bambino Gesu Children's Hospital, Italy
Research Interest: Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery
 Dr Constantinos Avgoustou
General Hospital , Greece
Research Interest: Hemorrhoidal disease
 Dr Mohammad Daneshzand
University of bridgeport, United States
Research Interest: Computational neuroscience
 Dr Younglee Kim
California State University, United States
Research Interest: postpartum women
 Dr Philippe M Tscholl
University of Zurich, Italy
Research Interest: Femoral
 Dr Joe James
Government Medical College Kozhikode, India
Research Interest: Neurology and Internal Medicine
 Dr Lars Niclauss
Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland
Research Interest: Subclavian Steal Syndrome, Transient Ischemic Attack Mimic
 Dr Irfan Ali
College of Dental Sciences and Research, India
Research Interest: Oral health, Dental
 Dr Grewal DS
Punjab Technical University,, India
Research Interest:
 Parin Shah
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States
Research Interest: Immunology, Oncology (Breast, Melanoma, Ovarian, Pancreas and Lung), Tumor Micro environment, Molecular and Cell-biology, Genetically modifying T-cells for Adoptive T-cell therapy, Cell signaling, Targeted and Immuno therapies, Targeted Drug delivery systems, delivery systems, micro RNA, Pharmacology and pharmaceutical Sciences.
 Dr Sboui Sajida
University of Monastir, Tunisia
Research Interest: Resuscitation and emergency medicine, burns and trauma, travel medicine, infectious and transmissible diseases, scientific and clinical research, parasitology, virology, microbiology, medical biotechnology, biology